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DX Antenna DTA 5000 Smart Antenna Reviews

According to our research this product appears to be out of stock at most if not all retailers. We weren't able to confirm this with the manufacturer but we couldn't find it in stock at any online retailers despite an extensive search.

Product Details: The DX DTA 5000 Smart Antenna is one of the best smart antennas around. If you are looking for a smart antenna for your converter box then you should check this one out.

The DTA 5000 antenna comes with one of the most innovative designs among all terrestrial TV antennas. The amazing thing about this smart antenna is that it automatically adjusts it direction and position to gain the maximum reception needed based off of what channel you are currently watching. This is by far the best feature you could be looking for because it allows you to get all channels in as best as they can come in without every having to adjust your antenna by yourself. It's simple, go to a channel, get your antenna at the right setting, and then set the memory on the antenna. Once this is done it will automatically remember and adjust back to that setting when you switch it to that channel. Do this for all of our channels and get the best reception possible.

This smart antenna is a great deal right now, it has an MSRP of $125 but most retailers are selling it for only $95.
DX Antenna DTA 5000
Features And Facts DX DTA-5000 Owners Manual

Facts about the DTA 5000 for use with a converter box.
  • The antenna direction can be adjusted automatically by itself to get the best reception
  • It has a built in super amplifier that allows it to pick up digital signals from far away where signals may be weak
  • It can only be used with a ATSC receiver that has a smart antenna port that is EIA/CEA-909 standard interface - Basically almost all smart antenna eligible converter boxes
  • Digital Signal from any and all directions can be received
  • Extends range 20-30 miles From What You Get With A Typical Antenna

What Does Your Purchase Include?

Antenna Unit
Antenna control box
Pole mount bracket
Weather boot
Antenna control cable.


Band Zone
  • VHF Lo: 54-88 MHZ
  • VHF Hi: 174-216 MHZ
  • UHF: 470-806 MHZ
Average Gain
  • VHF Lo Gain: 5-20 dB
  • VHF Hi Gain: 10-20 dB
  • UHF Gain: 15-25 dB
360 Degree Direction Abilities: 16 directions automatic
Impedance: 75 Ohm, F Connector
Dimensions: 4.5" x 28.9"


  1. I have been using the dts since the switch went into effect. I live in at the bottom of a fairly large hill and along a river with another large hill on the other side of the river. I had a standard rotary antenna, which worked almost as well but required adjustment every time I changed the channel. The DTS is not really rated for the terrain that I live in but it does work well and the auto adjust is absolutely great. You can set each channel and lock in the best position or leave it set for automatic adjustment and it will seek out the best position as you change the channel. I would recommend this for just about anyone.

  2. Is this an indoor or outdoor antenna?

  3. Great Antenna, but here is a issue.
    Difficult to find ATSC/reciever which has both smart antenna port that is EIA/CEA-909 standard interface and HDMI output. I say hardly any in the market. I would not recommend to anyone who is looking for HDMI output.


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