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Channel Master CM-7000 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

This has been one of the best converter boxes around as far as features, picture, and sound quality go. It has also been one of the most reliable and very few people have had technical difficulties with it. Nonetheless we figured it important to include the users manual in case anyone is having problems with the Channel Master CM-7000. For those that are this is a good place to start, although we have heard that they provide excellent call support if you are in need of help with a complicated issue.

Technical Specifications
  • Works With SD And HD Signals
  • Auto And Manual Channel Setup
  • Industry Best Programming Guide
  • Easy Install With Top Notch Customer Support
  • Closed Captioning
  • Non-Universal Remote
  • Auto Sleep Timer
  • Low Power Use
  • Composite Video Out - RCA Type
  • S-Video Out
  • Weight: 2.0 Pounds
  • Size: 8.7 x 6.3 x 1.6 (Inches)

    1. My Channel Master converter box suddenly popped out of its green signal to orange, and when I place it back into green mode, it pops back into orange. What is the problem and can it be fixed?

    2. Channel Master 7000 develops problems in not booting-up anymore (red light stays on) owners manual says to unplug unit and replug. Doesn't fix anything. Called channelmaster tech support and they didn't have any other suggestions, nor did they inform me of where I may send it to have it looked at and possibly fixed. They told me only that they would have a tech level 2 guy call me about this, but guy never called. CM is abandoning support to all that bought this unit last year. They lie about any support they offer, and the peolple you speak to know nothing at all. I want to know if the unit is shot or can it be fixed.

    3. Ditto
      I have the CM 7000 and the red light no longer changes to a green light indicating that the unit no longer boots up. Unplugging and plugging it back in worked for me last week when the problem initially started. This no works. It is dead.

    4. Most likely bad capacitors in the power supply. I have repaired several due to this including my own. See the avsforum CECB thread for more info.

      1. I have the cm-7001 . It is doing the same thing, standby light is on 00000 on screen, but nothing works. Do you think this might be the same problem. I can get no help from anyone.

    5. My CM 7000 just quit also. The only thing it will do is stay in the standby mode. Guess they thought everyone would have a new TV by now. I'm checking with friends to see if anyone has an extra box.

    6. CM-7000PAL DVR
      I delete weak stations so they don't show and set lock. The system automatically adds new stations [weak] that I have to go through and delete again. How do I prevent the adding of new stations?

    7. Add another early purchased CM-7000 to the red light status bin. Mine died last night.


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