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Coship N9900T TV Converter Box Owners Manual

Many people seem to have had issues with the Coship N9900T converter box, not that box alone but with many different brands as well. The best solution to this issues is to consult your users manual, especially the troubleshooting section. Of course most people do not keep these types of things so we have provided the manual above as a courtesy to all of those that are looking for tips. We can't provide specific support and the manual is your best bet out side of contacting the manufacturer personally.

Technical Specifications

  • Parental Controls With V-Chip
  • Detailed Program Guide
  • Fully Certified And Government Coupon Eligible
  • Certified To Work With All ATSC Formats
  • Channels 2-69 Including Multi-casting
  • Works in Spanish, French, and English
  • Favorite Channel Setting
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • Flash Memory - 2 MB
  • SDRAM Memory - 32 MB
  • Smart Antenna Port
  • Lower Energy Star Power Compliant
  • Size 295mm (W) x 217mm (D) x 54mm (H)

  • Weight 1.8Kg
  • 1 comment :

    1. Why is it there is always at least one channel that can't get a signal and a 70% chance the other channels will not come in clearly? I don't even bother to watch anymore because the box is so useless. This product sucks. It's a tool to try to force people to buy a new TV.


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