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Goodmind DTA-1000 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

For owners of the Goodmind DTA-1000 converter box the full users manual that you received with your purchase is listed above. We know that many people do not keep these when they make their purchase so it has been provided to you free of charge. If you have further questions we suggest you contact the manufacturer in order to get your questions answered. You can cross your fingers and leave a comment but we cannot guarantee any help beyond what we find in the manual ourselves.

Technical Specifications

  • Program Guide
  • 3 Language Support - English, French, And Spanish
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratio Compatible
  • Parental Controls Via V-Chip Technology
  • Detailed Closed Captioning With Adjustable Fonts
  • Works With A TV Or Monitor
  • Full VHF and UHF Bandwidth
  • ATSC Compatible With All 18 Formats
  • Auto Sleep Setting
  • Convenient User Remote Control
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