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Venturer STB7766G TV Converter Box Owners Manual

For detailed tips if you are troubleshooting or just need to know how the general functions of the Venturer STB7766G converter box work you should find the users manual above to be very useful. It provides more information than you are going to get anywhere else and should help with most problems. As an alternative you can leave a comment below and hope someone in the blogosphere is able to answer your question or you can always contact the manufacturer if you issues is really sticky.

Technical Specifications

  •  Parental Controls For All Ratings
  • Multi-cast Sub Channel Availiability
  • 18 Full Digital ATSC Formats
  • Coaxial Out
  • CECB
  • Closed Captioning For Those Who Want Or Need It
  • Av Output
  • Receives All Channels 2-69
  • Works with 16:9 and 4:3 Aspect Ratios
  • On Box Buttons
  • RCA Video and Audio Output
  • Remote Control
  • RF Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • 1 comment :

    1. Within a week both my boxes stopped working after 4 years (Got my money's worth ofcourse).

      When I turn on green light goes to red on the unit and some characters show up on the screen and then goes black. Anyone has seen this is there a fix?


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