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Top Online Digital TV Antenna Retailers

If you have done all of our research, and thought long an hard about the type of antenna you need and then done your research and pick the brand you want then your next step in the process is to decide which retailer you want to buy from. The simplest and least hassle from thing to do is buy direct from the manufacturer but not all manufacturers sell directly and if they do their prices are usually around 15%-30% higher than most retailers.

Below we have created a list of some of the top retailers. This list includes retailers that have a large selection of antennas, offer competitive prices, and are known from providing good customers service. If you are still trying to choose a specific brand then you can check out our top TV antenna brands page for more info.

Solid Signal: Solid Signal is a great retailer. They provide one of the largest selections and have some of the best prices online. They are well known and all orders we have done through them have come quickly and hassle free.

Manufacturer Direct: One option for getting your antenna is buy direct from the manufacturer. In some cases this is the easiest option because most manufacturers stand behind their products 100%. This can make returns and exchanges easier if something is wrong with your antenna or it doesn't work well in your area. Unfortunately manufacturers usually price their products at MSRP and do not drop them so you will end up paying a lot more if you buy direct. In order to get retailers to carry their products manufacturers who sell direct often promise to keep their prices higher. In order to purchase directly you can quickly and easily go to any of the brand websites and make your purchase their. Again, this is the simplest an easiest way but it will cost you a few extra dollars.

Amazon: Amazon is one of the most trusted names for online purchases worldwide. Amazon provides an extremely largest selection of antennas at some of the most affordable prices. Amazon is also know for having great customer service.

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