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Cell Phone Signal Boosters Information Guide

If you are looking for information about cell boosters then you have found the right place. Although, not the most complete resource on the web we will be supplying write ups to various topics related to them including details about retailer, manufactures, and reviews of some of the best products out there.

Cell phone signal boosters (also referred to as cell phone amplifiers or cell phone repeaters) have become increasingly popular in recent years with the explosion of the cellular phone. Ten to fifteen years ago almost nobody had cell phones but with technological advances the costs for cell phones plummeted and as of today most people have their own personal cell phones.

Unfortunately along with the benefits of cell phones came a new problem, a lack of good cell phone coverage, or what is commonly referred to as cell signal dead zones. With dead zones there came about a need for a way to enhance cell signals and thus eliminate these dead zones. The result was that companies began popping up all over the place that were specifically manufacturing what we now know as the modern day cell booster.
Cell phone signal boosters are generally small electronic devices that capture nearby cell phone signals and re transmit them so that they are stronger and reach into areas where signal loss may be present. In most cases cell boosters are most effective in indoor areas where cell signals were previously blocked by the building itself. The are also known for working really well in cars. There are also certain types of booster antenna devices but these are usually somewhat ineffective.

There are many advantages to having a booster. In most cases a cell booster will allow your mobile phone to be a true wireless device. Once you get one you will be able to roam throughout your whole house without having to worry about dropped calls or being forced to stand near a window or even outside. It will allow you to not only eliminate dropped calls but will also allow you to move about your entire house while using your cell phone.

If you are in the market for one of these for your home, office, or car then we may have some information for you. In the future you will find links below that provide more information that we have compiled regarding these products. From tips and installation instructions, to how to make your own homemade booster, and even reviews of the top products on the market.

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  1. What is the range of coverage that a booster would give out?

  2. I need to boost my cell phone coverage in a rural place in the country of Panama, which has an older network then here in the US. Is there one unit you would recommend for this. Do I need an external antennae as well.

  3. I have 2 cell phones from Appalachian wireless. I have no reception at home. About one half mile down the road I can pick up signal. I live between 2 mountains, on each side of my home. Can you suggest what I can buy to pick up reception? Maybe even if I have to run coax up 1 side of the mountain with antenna-w-booster! Per 100ft of coax, how much can I run without extra signal boosters? Do you have any suggestions?
    Email: lynx56@roadrunner.com

    Thank you,

  4. I am attempting to install a Wilson amplifier system. So far unsuccessfully. The problem is, and most likely true for all of these amplifiers, is that you have to put the receiving antenna in a location that DOES receive a signal. If your cell phone doesn't register a signal then the amplifier has nothing to amplify; and the better the signal at the antenna the better the boost and range at the other end. Also, antennas may be directional so you need to know where your antennas or cell tower(s)are located so you can point towards it.


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