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What Is A TV Lift Cabinet?

What Is A TV Lift Cabinet?
It is a type of furniture that you you use for newer large flat panel televisions. You put the TV on the lifting mechanism and with the push of a button the TV can slide in an out of an enclosed cabinet. This allows you to safely and securely store you TV out of sight when you are not watching it.

The Rise Of The TV Lift Cabinet
Like TV wall mounts, the popularity of the TV lift had absolutely skyrocketed over the past five years. This is a direct result of flat panel TVs coming onto the market and their subsequent drop in price. TV lifts have not caught on at quite the same level as wall mounts due to their higher prices but when you consider their expensive nature their rise in popularity has been quite astounding. As prices drop their popularity is expected to catch on, but who really knows?
What Are The Different Types Of TV Lift Cabinets?
TV lifts come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They vary so much that they can come as a cabinet or even as a picture lift that raises a picture to block the television when no watching. In general though most are a cabinet or dresser type piece of furniture that, with the press of a button, the motorized mechanism lifts the television out so that it can be watched. Then once finished, another press of the button drops the TV back down into the cabinet for safe, secure, and out of view storage.

Should I Get A TV Lift?
If you are considering it, it could be a good depending on your wants and needs. TV lifts come with the advantage of being able store your TV out of sight while not in use. This is good for two reasons, with the first being it keeps your television in a safe and in a protected area while not in use so that you don't have to worry about it getting broken, especially if you have children. The second benefit is that for some the sight of a tv is not all that appealing and they would simply rather have it hidden while not in use. Besides these tangible benefits they are also simply exquisite looking and they can live-in up any room and impress your guests.

Can I Find Reviews Anywhere Or Do You Have Any?
In the near future we plan to provide reviews of a handful of different TV lift. We want to give you a chance to learn about all different types of lift consoles so that you could be sure to get the one that was best for you. Some of the TV lifts brands that we will be taking a look at include Import Advantage, Touchstone, Vector Motion, Lift Tech, and Auton, just to name a few.

Do you Currently Have Any Reviews?
At this time our list of reviews is very short but we hope to expand it when our resources allow for us to in the future. See or reviews listed below.

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  1. Of all the TV lifts you've looked into, which ones would you recommend. I'm looking for one with a height of approx. no more than 24 inches.
    Thanks, Michelle


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