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Dish Network TR-40 CRA / DTVPal TV Converter Box Owners Manual

Check out the Dish Network TR-40 CRA / DTVPal users manual if you are an owner of the Dish Network DTVPal or Dish Network TR-40 CRA  box and you need information about operational problems or troubleshooting tip. For further assistance of any kind we suggest that you contact Dish Network directly and see if they can provide you with any help in this regard. Dish, out of all manufacturers has provided what turned out to be some of the best boxes available and they also provide pretty good support for their full service call center. They will of course try to convince you to get a satellite subscription when you call in as an alternative.

Technical Specifications

  • Best Picture And Sound Quality
  • Analog Pass-Through With All NTSC Formats Supports
  • Multi-casting
  • Closed Captioning
  • Industry Best Program guide
  • Event Timer
  • Parental Controls
  • 2-6 VHF, 7-13 VHF High, 14-69 UHF
  • RCA Connections
  • RCA Stereo
  • Channels 14-69 UHF: 470MHz to 806MHz

  • H: 1.3” x W: 5.9” x D: 4.2” (inches)
  • Weight: 1.0 pound

  • Remote control with batteries
  • Owner’s Manual
  • RF Cable included

    1. I've had the TR40 CRA for about 4 months in use. I purchased it in end of 2008 but only started using it from Feb to now. Here are all the problems I've had:
      1. Converter box turns on automatically at times (green light) freaky.
      2. When watching TV sometimes it shuts off automatically after a few hours (3-4)
      3. One of the remotes died, thought it was the battery but turns out it's a piece of junk.
      4. Easy to install and performs auto scan each time you turn it on is the only good thing about.

      Overall, the TV guide is great but the overall product is not reliable and a totally waste of money. And guess what there's only a 90 day warrently and when you call, it's always the same story. Warrranty expired.

      So has the DISH product improved any, hmm if tey give me one for exchange maybe I'll have a change of heart, but for now. It's in my trash can with the rest of the electronics waiting for some repair person or donate it and maybe someone can fix it.

    2. The only problem I've had with this box it that it occasionally needs a complete reboot, which they don't tell you how to do in the manual (Unplug for 30 seconds and plug back in).

      As per the previous comment:
      1) The box will automatically turn back on if you have a timer set.

      2) The box will turn off automatically if you don't use the remote for a time frame set in the options (I believe the default is 4 hours).

      3) As for the remote, maybe you got a bad one, maybe the contacts are gummed up, maybe you reinstalled that batteries wrong (happens to the best of us), or maybe the battery is messed up (can't hold voltage under a load). Try a new battery or test the old ones while they're in the remote (multimeter on voltage, testing while holding down a button).

      4) Interesting note about the autoscan. If you don't want to wait for it because you're in a hurry and tell it to stop scanning, it will still scan in the background! I was so happy when I figured that out.

      No matter what, this is the best box overall offered for the converter coupon program.

    3. I have had my TR-40 converter box for about 6 months, and for some reason I started it up one day and it said
      "WARNING 630
      Please wait while system restore is in progress"
      Or something along those lines. I left it there for a few hours and no change. Left it for a few days and still no change. Left it for a week and guess what? Yeah... I think this is without a doubt the shittiest piece of shit ever to be shat out of a shitter. There is no known solution to this, and I have never even seen someone else with the same problem. ANYWHERE. This is annoying the piss out of me and I'm not wasting more money on a new one to break down

    4. I have same problem, so I guess there's no fixing it eh?

    5. Has ANYBODY found a fix to the "warning 630" error? or is it a fatal error and you need to buy a new box? Either way there's no way I'm getting another one of that type of converter box again.

    6. Replacement parts anyone? After spending half day on phone trying to get ANYONE from dishnetwork (sold by THEM!!} to tell me where I can find a replacement power cord: They say they cannot help you, go buy one locally. Thing is NOBODY has them, its some odd ball kind that even Radio Shack doesn't have and you'd have to get from the maker. Makes perfect sense. Sell shoddy wares to get a share of the government voucher monies then when they fail and the poor customer calls for support gets no support, just a come on to subscribe to DISH NETWORK, yeah, makes perfect marketing sense!

    7. I am trying to troubleshoot a problem I'm having with my Digital to Analog TV
      Converter. The message A624 "Entering Analog Pass-Through in 8 Seconds..." pops
      up randomly without ANY user input. The user then has to quickly hit the "select" button to stop the receiver from going into the pass-through mode.
      The timing and frequency of this problem seems to be random, sometimes it may go
      20 minutes without happening, other times it may happen up to five times in
      immediate succession. Most often it seems to happen during commercials, but not

      This is especially problematic as my intent is to use the unit with my VCR for
      unattended recording. Is there a setting available to correct this problem or
      disable the pass-through feature?

    8. No audio for quote for the past 6 weeks. JUST that channel, JUST the ONLY channel my kids watch.. Really?


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