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Dish Network DTVPal Plus TV Converter Box Owners Manual

This converter box is one of the best ones that money can buy and comes to you straight from the Satellite TV giant Dish Network. The Dish Network DTVPal Plus users manual can come in handy if you are having any kinds of problems or just want general information on the features you have at your finger tips. Dish Network also provides excellent customer service and they are one simple phone call away if you need answer to questions that aren't contained within the manual.

Technical Specifications

  • Absolute Best In Industry Electronic Program Guide
  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Enhanced Digital Tuner That Picks Up Extra Channels
  • Parental Control Locks
  • Advanced Program Search
  • Auto VCR Timers For Program Recording
  • All 18 ATSC Formats Supported
  • Tri-Language Support - Spanish, French, And English
  • Energy Star Compliant With Auto Stand By
  • Easy Setup Wizard
  • Infrared Remote Control - Non Universal
  • Size: H: 1.3” x W: 5.9” x D: 4.2” (inches)
  • Weight: .54 pounds

    1. The analog pass through on the remote doesn't function properly. When I want to watch the remaining analog stations I turn the pal off. Some minutes later it turns itself back on causing static on the screen. The on/off button is then inoperable and I'm frustrated.

    2. Slow to respond to remote control commands. Please help.


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