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Tivax STB-T8/Tivax STB-T9 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

The Tivax STB-T8 and Tivax STB-T9 are two of the better digital TV converter boxes that we have seen to date and we haven't had a lot of questions about them. Still, we have decided to provide the users manual as we know that a lot of users probably didn't keep theirs when they made their initial purchase and they are probably in need of one now, even if for simple questions about how to use different features. If you are having any issues you can use this to answer questions and troubleshoot. For more info on complex issues contact Michley Electronics, the manufacture of this box.

Technical Specifications

  • Supports Both Common Aspect Ratio Modes (4:3 and 16:9)
  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Smart Antenna Compatible
  • Digital Tuner
  • Auto Channel Settings
  • Ability To Manually Set Channels
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Support Of Parental Controls Via V-Chip
  • Closed Captioning Support For English/Spanish/French
  • Lower Power Consumption (Energy Star Certified)
  • Auto Standby Mode
  • Antenna Input For 75-ohm
  • Audio Out
  • Composite Video Out
  • Remote Control
  • Backwards Compatibility With Some Universal Remotes Via Remote Codes
  • Light Weight (1 lb.)

    1. Two things. 1. I have a Dish satellite system as well as regular local stations off my outside antenna. The picture quality through the STB-T8 is wonderful. However, I notice that when I put the box on standby and turn on the Satellite receiver, some of the programs have a black band at the top of the picture. I can't figure out how to stop this effect. On the local channels it is easy to eliminate this framing by using your Aspect function.

      2. I purchased the STB-T8 from Amazon just recently. I didn't have a $40.00 coupon. Can I still get one and have it apply to my new purchase?

      Thanks, Frank Mercurio

    2. Frank,

      I'm not sure about the black band you are getting, I don't know a whole lot about satellite TV. Does it disappear if you disconnect your converter box?

      Unfortunately you cannot get a coupon and get reimbursed for a purchase you already made, the government didn't make that possible when setting up the coupon program.

      I would encourage you to get apply for your coupon and get an extra free box just in case your other one dies at some point, after all, these things probably won't work forever.

    3. I think I see a possible conflict of STB-T8 with RCA F19440 TV. This TV has Video in and audio posts on the front. So if you connect a dvd player or tivax to this port, then you have to watch it in "input" from TV remote. I did that.
      Now after few days, the TV went black but there was audio. I don't know what the problem is. i disconnected everything and kept for couple of days. reconnected the TV with normal antenna and it worked. Now the digital transition is done and I can't do it again. The problem is back. The TV has no display just audio.
      I think its the converter box that is causing it. I always here a low noise while it is connected to converter box.
      Can anyone help?
      I connected the antennea to converter box and then audio/video cable to tv front panel.

    4. I am still suffering from the above no pciture problem. It happens after few days/weeks.

    5. I see included on this page the Magnavox converter box that Heartland is currently selling for 30, postage included. Not a bad deal. I have the Tivax 8 but no instructions, and clicking on the link for the manual seems to take me around in circles.

    6. Debbie McWilliamsMay 1, 2010 at 9:12 PM

      My dog ate my remote control. How do I use just the box to scan for channels that have disappeared, or are getting choppy? Or how do I get a replacement remote control?


    7. I use the Tivax w/ a rabbit ear antenna. Almost daily I have to re-scan for 1-3 channels which become lost. Is it possible to "save" the channels or lock them in? Does this occur w/ broadband or satellite reception?

    8. I am not pleased with Tivax. I keep losing channels and cannot restore them. I called customer support and nobody will answer after staying on hold quite awhile.

    9. Where can I get a replacement remote cantrol?

    10. I need another remote control

    11. I used my Tivax STV-T9 for about a year in Pittsburgh along with an RCA smart antenna. It worked fine. I have now moved to Philadelphia where I have Comcast cable TV. All channels above 31 are digital, so I tried using the Tivax to convet them for my TV. I have done a full scan for channels several times, but the system comes up with nothing. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Jim D.

    12. Why do I have no sound, all wires are hooked up right. I went in to the control panel on this box and still have no sound.Tivax STB-T8
      DTV Converter Box

    13. I have a Tivax STB-T8. The audio randomly changes from normal voices to very deep satanic-like voices. When I change the channel it goes back to normal. Creepy.

    14. my tivax just has a red light in front doesnt turn on why

    15. PLEASE HELP! I just purchased a used Tivax STB-T-8 converter. Its great, but for one slight problem. Whomever owned it before me blocked channel 2.1 with parental controls. I don't have the security code they used, and when Itry to use the 6666 default code I get a message that says "Wrong Code." I would really like to be able to view Channel 2, which is NBC here. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    16. my tivax just has a red light in front and doesn't turn on why ?


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