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Zinwell ZAT-950A TV Converter Box Owners Manual

You can read the users manual for the Zinwell ZAT-950A if you are having technical difficulties or troubleshooting an issue. You can also get information on its general functions and features in the manual. We know that most people do not keep their manuals after purchasing a product so we are providing this as a courtesy to anybody who might need it. If you have your old paper manual this one is no different. For specific technical issues contact Zinwell directly and they should be able to help out.

Technical Specifications

  • Analog Pass Through
  • VCR Event Timer
  • ATSC 18 Formats Support
  • ATSC HDTV Compliant MPEG-2 MP
  • Works With HDTV and SDTV 
  • Aspect Ratios: 16:9 and 4:3
  • English, French, and Spanish Support
  • Auto and Manual Channel Tuning
  • Closed Captioning - Adjustable
  • V-Chip Support for MPAA and US TV Rating
  • Emergency Alert System Functions
  • RF Output
  • Video Output
  • Audio Output
  • 3 On Box Button For Function Control
  • Status LED Light Shows Power and Standby Modes
  • Size:  175 x 135 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 1 pound

    1. i am trying to use the zinwell 970a with slingbox but I need a remote code is the another mfgr like zinwell to use the code?

    2. I have a zinwell 950a that has lost audio to 2 channels what do i do? allof the other channels work perfect.


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