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Zinwell ZAT-970A TV Converter Box Owners Manual

The users manual for the Zinwell ZAT-970A has been provided above as a free courtesy for those that need help in configuring their converter box for use. If you have thrown away your manual that came with your purchase no worries because everything it had is contained above. You can also use the manuals troubleshooting section if you are having trouble with the function of your box. For technical difficulties not explained in the owners manual please contact Zinwell directly.

Technical Specifications

  • Analog Pass-Through
  • 8 Event Timer For Recording Shows
  • Sleep Timer For Auto Shut Off
  • Works With All ATSC 18 Video Formats
  • Compatible with HDTV and SDTV Signals
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 and 4:3
  • Multilingual Support (E,S,F)
  • Automatic and Manual Channel Scanning 
  • Closed Captioning Support With Ability To Personalize
  • V-Chip Support For Adult Content
  • EMS Alert 
  • Software Upgrades Available Periodically

    1. Neither the 970 or 950 are for sale thru the link on the blog page. It is unclear if they are available anymore.

    2. Will this converter work with the Brazilian Digital TV System?

    3. Had this box for about a month, and it was working fine until tonight. Now, the green light on the front display just flashes on and off, and the box does not turn on/off or respond to anything. Manual and website were not any help. Anybody know how to fix or where to get help?

    4. The owners manual links just ping-pong between 2 similar pages which both have links claiming to be to the manual, but aren't. Any clue about how to really download the manual?

    5. Cannot get the volume on a certain channel now.

    6. I've moved the Zinwell ZAT 970A from the midwest to the the south. When I connect in the new city the screen reads "Bad or No Signal". Troubleshooting tip advises to "contact local dealer for instructions how to enter 'sevice mode menu'" But since I purchased from Amazon I have no "local dealer". Does anyone know how to reset the box after relocating to a new city?

    7. I have had my Zinwell ZAT 970A for over a year, no problems. Well someone in the household moved it and unplug everything. So I finally had a chance to put it back together today. It does not work. I actually have two, one of them the indicator light does not turn on and the other has a yellow indicator. Are my converter boxes broken?

    8. i get no signal on all channels now. What to do?

    9. A friend of mine lost the remote months ago. 4 days ago he somehow got the menu to show but doesn't know how he did it and now we can't figure how to get out of the menu without the remote. Help please.

    10. My new ZAT 970A has what is called analog pass through which works fine from channel 13 down. Thus the UHF channels from 17 up to 57 for us do not come in at all when the box is hooked up. I unhooked the ZAT 970A and put the antenna back into the tv and the UHF channels are back. Does this mean when Canada goes digital in August that I lose the UHF channels?

    11. I just bought a Zinwell 970A. I have used the auto scan and it keeps telling me that the scan failed check the antenna. The antenna works fine on the tv and I have moved the antenna around and themn n rescanned and can't get any channels. I also tried to manually enter and have the same problem. Any suggestions?

    12. I have the same problem as the comment above dated July 24, 2011. Is it possible the signal is too week?

    13. the bottom of screen went black. can anyone help?

    14. I accidentally switched the setting on my 970A from RF CH4 to RF CH3. Now I cannot switch it back, since the setup does not show on my screen. What can I do?

    15. I just re-installed this box onto my television and now the television screen has white dots all over the screen. I can view the picture but can't get the dots off. What should I do now? What am I missing? Setup is exactly the same..television is on channel 3..I did automatic scan..antenna is connected. Help!

    16. I'm coming into this digital stuff late so I'm way behind the curve. I got a 970A on Craigslist and hooked it up. Got most of the local channels but I'm unable to get the Fox channel. Locally, it is channel 7 (Austin/Pflugerville, TX). Why? Is there a "set" or "base" channel that the 970 works off of? Could it be channel 7 thus making it unavailable? Or could it be that the Fox signal is weak and I need to get better "receiver" ears? Right now I'm just using "rabbit ears". Any help would be much appreciated.

      1. I just came across this forum, but to answer your question, it could be your antenna. Rabbit ears just don't cut it for distant stations (greater then 5 miles). You need to get a proper antenna and put it up high for good reception. I have a 4 bay antenna on a 10 ft mast and I can now receive stations about 70 miles away.


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