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Digital TV Antenna Reviews Index

If you are looking for a new indoor or outdoor digital antenna, HDTV, amplified or smart antenna then you have found the right place for reviews. However before checking out our reviews it is important that you take a look at our digital TV antenna info guide to get detailed information about the transition and what it means for you. We have done our best to provide reviews on a wide range of different antennas and below you will find a complete list of every single one we have looked at here at our blog.

With the recent and upcoming digital transitions that have been and are being made antennas have become a vital part of having a quality television viewing experience if you are taking advantage of free over-the-air broadcasts. With a digital antenna you will more than likely experience a significant amount of channel loss after the transition happens. If you do keep all of our channels then getting an antenna also gives you a good chance of picking up a handful of new channels that you didn't even know existed.

If you have any questions at all or want us to review a specific antenna leave a comment below and we will see what we can do for you.

RCA Ant 2000
RCA Ant 1550
RCA Ant 1500
RCA Ant 806
RCA ANT 1450
RCA ANT 1400

Antennas Direct
Antennas Direct DB2
Antennas Direct DB4
Antennas Direct DB8
Antennas Direct Clearstream C1
Antennas Direct Clearstream C2
Antennas Direct Clearstream C4
Antennas Direct 91XG
Antennas Direct 43XG

Winegard HA0130 Hideaway Folding Antenna
Winegard RS 2000 Roadstar
Winegard RS 1500 Roadstar
Winegard MS 2000 Metrostar
Winegard SS 2000
Winegard SS 3000
Winegard 7080P
Winegard HD7694P
Winegard HD7695P
Winegard HD7696P
Winegard HD7697P
Winegard HD7698P
Winegard HD9022 Prostar 1000
Winegard GS1100 Sensar III
Winegard HD7082P
Winegard HD9075P
Winegard HD1080
Winegard HD7010 Prostar 1000

Channel Master
Channel Master CM 3000
Channel Master CM 3671
Channel Maser CM 4220MHD
Channel Master CM 4221
Channel Master CM 4228
Channel Master CM 4220HD

DX Antenna
DX Antenna DTA 5000
DX Antenna DTA 700

Antenna Craft
Antenna Craft Y5-7-13
Antenna Craft HDX1000

Artec AN2 Converter Box Digital Antenna


  1. To me, buyer beware

    Is Signalreach.ca a scam? I find it very odd that it’s domain is for sale, yet they are taking orders through Amazon.com as a fulfillment partner. Hit the contact info and see.

    To me this stinks mightily.

  2. The switch-over to Digital TV has caused more people to stop watching TV than expected in Minnesota. The signals have become so weak that our Boosters and home-made Dipole designs are just not effective anymore. In Minneapolis and Park Rapids we have a few dozen retired Navy and Air Force technicians which have been trying to re-design the TV antenna system from November 2008 to April 2010 who just released their findings of, "There Is No Cost Effective Way That Remains To Keep A TV Receiving Its' Signal With This New Digital System. The Cost Of Maintaining And Upgrading The Signals Strength Is Beyond Our Combined Monthly Budget." and "Our Advise Is Not To Purchase These New Digital TV's Until They Can Receive Their Signals Without The Need Of Any Attachments and/or Accessories Inside And Outside The House/Cabin." .. gee thanks Digital TV, you've really out-done yourselves this time! Retired A.F. JW .. P.S. so now what do we do?

  3. Now what do we do? Get a book, and thank the Gov't for making it difficult for you to kill brain cells watching TV...You know....The Vast Wasteland.

  4. To the poster in Minnesota: It seems that some people are successful in using the *building wiring* (i.e. the house itself) as a huge antenna. Have a look at this video:

    It just might work for you... who knows? All you will need is a length of TV cable and a ground [earth] connection.

    Every problem has a solution, and this could be the solution to yours...

  5. digital tv is a scam to make everyone buy cable

    fox news is republican propaganda

    I DEMAND that Obama give me free cable tv!


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