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Artec T28A Portable Handheld Digital TV Reviews

Product Rating: 3/5
Updated April 2014
Artec T28A Details: The Artec T28A is an excellent option for those needing a handheld TV after the digital transition. This small 8.5 inch television has an MSRP of $189.99 but can be had for under $150 from most retailers. This TV comes with a built in ATSC tuner that allows it to pick up all digital channels between 2-69. Besides this it also comes with V-Chip parental controls, an electronics program guide, and much more. If you have an old analog handheld TV and need a replacement since it doesn't work anymore this could be a great option for you. At 8.5 inches it is larger than a traditional handheld TV which has both positives and negatives. The bigger screen means it is a bigger TV and less portable but it also means that you will get a significantly better viewing experience.

Unfortunately with the digital transition happening nearly all portable TVs are now useless as obviously nobody is going to walk around with both their portable TV and a converter box that is twice the size of the TV. If you are in need of one and are looking for a reputable brand then this Artec one is a pretty good choice. Affordable yet high quality is what you get with it.

Features & Specs - Artec T28A Owners Manual
4:3 And 16:9 Aspect Ratios
Built In ATSC Digital Tuner
480 x 234 Pixel Resolution
Compositive Video And Stereo Audio Input/Output
Built In Speakers
Works For Channels 2-69
V-Chip Parental Controls
Closed Captioning
Multiple Language Settings
Electronics Program Guide
Size: 5.7 H x 9.4 W x 1 D (inches)

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Artec T28A 8.5 Inch Handheld Digital TV
Integrated TV Stand
AC Adapter
External Antenna
Remote Control


  1. Thats very interesting that now we can watch satellite tv in 8.5 inches tv.This TV comes with ATSC tuner that allows it to pick up all digital channels between 2-69.

  2. Will it work with my NTSC Ch 3, CCTV analog security camera?
    Camera has cable and RCA outputs.

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