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magicJack VoIP Phone Service Information Guide

Are you considering getting rid of your home phone in order to save money each month but haven't quite been able to let go yet? What about looking for an alternative to your expensive land line telephone service? If this is the case then perhaps magicJack is for you. If you are looking for information about magicJack's phone service then you have found the right place. Below you will find links to all of the information you are looking for related to the service and devices. Our goal here is to provide you with one place where all of your questions on the service can be answered. However, before we get to the guide here's a quick note on what magicJack is.

What Is magicJack?
magicJack (owned by VocalTec Communcations) is a very simple phone service that provides consumers with an innovative way to keep their home phone service without having to shell out $40 or more per month. With magicJack they are instead able to get all of the same features as a regular land line home phone, along with free long distance all to the tune of just $29.95 per year or less if you purchased five years in advance.

The technology behind the device is pretty simple. It runs on the companies own high tech VoIP network that routes calls over the Internet instead of through traditional telephone lines. This alone allows the company to save millions of dollars on infrastructure and they pass the savings on to their customers.

The original device worked by hooking it up via a USB port on your computer and was called magicJack. The second generation device was called the magicJack plus and it worked via a USB port or by hooking it directly into your modem or router. The second gen device saw significant improvements in voice quality with its added HD Voice and Echo Control features. The company recently came out with the third generation version of its device, magicJack plus 2014. The 2014 device works just like the second gen one except for a RAM and processor upgrade that allows for faster processing speeds and greater improvements to voice quality. It also comes with a Wi-Fi port and rumors that it may be able to work via wi-fi in the near future so consumers will no longer have to plug the device into their modem or router. Currently this is all speculation and the company has not made any official statements about its plans with the wifi port. There have also been rumors for a couple years that the company one day hopes to offer Internet and cable TV through the device, all for one low annual fee.
VocalTec also came out with the magicJack App in late 2012, which is currently free to anyone and allows for unlimited calls from any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch), Blackberry, or Android smartphone when using the app. Current subscribers of magicJack can login to the app which allows them to take their home phone on the go with them whenever they are out and about.

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