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Sanus Systems VMPL3S Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount 27" - 84"

Sansus VMPL3S Tilt TV Wall Mount Details: The Sanus VMPL3S is another excellent TV wall mount brought to you by Sanus Systems, a leading manufacturer in the TV wall mount industry. The VMPL3S is a universal tilt TV wall mount that was made for flat panel televisions ranging from 27"-84" in size. This widely versatile wall mount was made with solid heavy duty steel construction and can hold up to 280 lbs. One great thing about this wall mount is that it comes with tilt brackets and also fixed mount brackets. You can use the fixed brackets if you want your TV close to the wall and aren't concerned about its tilt but can switch to the tilt brackets if you want viewing flexibility. The tilt mechanism on it comes with Virtual Axis 3D technology that allows for simple finger tip tilt adjustments. The Sanus VMPL3S has an MSRP of $230 but can be had for much less by following the link above. This TV wall mount is made from extremely high quality materials and has a wonderful design, it would be a great buy for anyone who has a compatible TV. If you are looking for something a little bit different you should consider getting a TV lift cabinet or you can check out our other TV mount reviews

Sanus VMPL3S Tilt TV Wall Mount Specs

  • Sanus Systems Brand Universal Design Universal Brackets 
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction Just 1.25" 
  • From Wall With Low-Profile Bracket Just 2.50" 
  • From Wall With Tilt Bracket Lateral Shift Adjustability 
  • Virtual Axis 3D Technology For Finger Tip Tilt Adjustments 
  • Fits Nearly All 27" - 84" Flat Panel Televisions Holds Up To 280 lbs (pounds) Available In Silver 

What Is Included With Your Purchase? Sanus VMPL3S Wall Mount All Necessary Mounting Hardware Tilting and Low Profile Brackets