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Artec T28A Portable Handheld Digital TV Owners Manual

If you have the Artec T28A digital handheld TV then you may find the manual above to be useful. This is the exact same users manual that came with your purchase but we know that most people throw this stuff away so we have provided as a convenience for you. We cannot provide individual support or answer any questions. We suggest that you contact the manufacturer if yo have any questions beyond the scope of the manual. This portable TV is digital ready and will work after the digital transition without the need for any type of converter.

Satellite TV Information Guide

Are you looking to upgrade from free over-the-air television and add a paid service? What about making a change from cable to Satellite? Are you interested in switching but don't know if it is a good idea or what providers are the best?

If you answered yes to all or any of these questions then you have found the right place. Below you will find our Satellite TV Information section with links to all sorts of various information to help you decide whether it is for you and if so what companies to consider. Satellite TV isn't as complicated as some other choices you will have to make though, since there are only two major providers within the U.S., Dish Network and DirecTV. Before getting to the links it's important to start with a little intro on Satellite TV.
Satellite TV has seen a lot of technological advances over the past few years and as a result the number of subscribers has risen significantly. In a lot of ways satellite and cable are similar but there are also differences that give each one its own advantages. Some advantages of satellite include price, availability, better picture and sound quality, more programming options, and often more HDTV options. Some disadvantages  as compared with cable include less access to local programming, more equipment needed, more complicated installation, and a greater potential for signal interference.

One of the major advantages discussed above is the lower price. The cost for it is between $25-$30 for 100 channels while the average price for a comparable digital cable program is around $50. Besides being cheaper satellite television also provides a better picture and better sound quality because it is all digital while some cable is still being broadcast in analog. It also allows for a consistent set of programming and features no matter where you live in the country since it is all satellite based. In rural areas cable companies often are not able to offer great HDTV lineups, such as where I live, we only get about 15 HDTV channels through Time Warner.

One of the disadvantages of is a lack of local programming. It does provide access to local channels but getting them often requires an extra fee. It also requires a more complicated dish installation process and more equipment. This use to be more of an issue in the past but these days you can get most of the equipment and installation done for free by signing a service contract. Finally, it the potential to go out during bad weather. Technology has limited this greatly but there is still a risk that you will lose your TV during a strong storm while there is virtually no chance of this happening with cable as long as your power doesn't go out.

The two major providers are always  in a fierce battle for market share. You should use this to your advantage when looking to signup. Both companies generally require a two year contract when offering specials. These specials are great though because they allow you to get your first year for as much half often.

If you are considering getting satellite we highly recommend that you check out our guide below and consider your options carefully. As with any decision that requires a two year commitment, you better do you due diligence before committing. Also, feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions or suggestions on more information that we can provide to help you and others make their decision easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite TV - Coming Soon!

Satellite vs. Cable Comparison Chart

DirecTV vs. Dish Network Comparison Chart

DirecTV Satellite TV Review

Dish Network Satellite TV Review

Digital TV Antenna Reviews Index

If you are looking for a new indoor or outdoor digital antenna, HDTV, amplified or smart antenna then you have found the right place for reviews. However before checking out our reviews it is important that you take a look at our digital TV antenna info guide to get detailed information about the transition and what it means for you. We have done our best to provide reviews on a wide range of different antennas and below you will find a complete list of every single one we have looked at here at our blog.

With the recent and upcoming digital transitions that have been and are being made antennas have become a vital part of having a quality television viewing experience if you are taking advantage of free over-the-air broadcasts. With a digital antenna you will more than likely experience a significant amount of channel loss after the transition happens. If you do keep all of our channels then getting an antenna also gives you a good chance of picking up a handful of new channels that you didn't even know existed.

If you have any questions at all or want us to review a specific antenna leave a comment below and we will see what we can do for you.

RCA Ant 2000
RCA Ant 1550
RCA Ant 1500
RCA Ant 806
RCA ANT 1450
RCA ANT 1400

Antennas Direct
Antennas Direct DB2
Antennas Direct DB4
Antennas Direct DB8
Antennas Direct Clearstream C1
Antennas Direct Clearstream C2
Antennas Direct Clearstream C4
Antennas Direct 91XG
Antennas Direct 43XG

Winegard HA0130 Hideaway Folding Antenna
Winegard RS 2000 Roadstar
Winegard RS 1500 Roadstar
Winegard MS 2000 Metrostar
Winegard SS 2000
Winegard SS 3000
Winegard 7080P
Winegard HD7694P
Winegard HD7695P
Winegard HD7696P
Winegard HD7697P
Winegard HD7698P
Winegard HD9022 Prostar 1000
Winegard GS1100 Sensar III
Winegard HD7082P
Winegard HD9075P
Winegard HD1080
Winegard HD7010 Prostar 1000

Channel Master
Channel Master CM 3000
Channel Master CM 3671
Channel Maser CM 4220MHD
Channel Master CM 4221
Channel Master CM 4228
Channel Master CM 4220HD

DX Antenna
DX Antenna DTA 5000
DX Antenna DTA 700

Antenna Craft
Antenna Craft Y5-7-13
Antenna Craft HDX1000

Artec AN2 Converter Box Digital Antenna

Magic Jack Phone Review - Is Magic Jack Legit Or A Scam?

Product Rating: 4.5

What Is magic Jack?
magicJack, in its most basic sense is a telephone service provided by VocalTec Communications. Generally used as a home phone service, it can also be used for business lines. The phone service runs over VocalTec's private VoIP network and can be used by anyone that has purchased one of their devices, has an active subscription, and a high-speed Internet connection. It provides subscribers with unlimited local and long distance calling to both the United States and Canada all for one low yearly fee of $29.95.

How Does magic Jack Work?
The service works pretty simply. First you will need to purchase one of the companies three devices - the original magicJack, magicJack Plus, or magicJack Plus 2014. The first generation device hooks directly into any computers USB port and requires a small software install in order to register the device and begin making calls. The second and third generation devices work by hooking them directly into any modem or router and an electrical outlet. Once the device is hooked up simply attach any regular telephone to the other end and you can begin making calls right away. Don't forget, a high-speed Internet connection is needed in order to use the service.

What Features Does The Service Come With?
It comes with unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the United States or Canada for one low yearly fee. Standard features that come for free include everything you are use to getting from traditional land line providers. This includes caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, free conference calling, free 411 directory assistance, and much more.

How Much Does The Device Cost?
The original magicJack has been discontinued but it was originally sold for $39.99 for the device and one year of phone service. The second generation device, the magicJack Plus can be purchased for $50 (plus shipping and handling) which includes the device and one year of service. It is no longer available through the magicJack website but can still be purchased from various third party retailers online.

The newest device, the magicJack Plus 2014 can be purchased directly from the official company website for $49.95 and includes 6 months of free telephone service. All purchases comes with a 30-day risk free trial that allows for full no questions asked returns for any reason whatsoever.

How Much Does The Service Cost?
Regardless of which of the devices you are using, once your subscription is up you can renew for just $29.95 for one year or you can get a five year plan for just $99.75 ($19.95 per year). At a super low price of under $3 per month magicJack phone service is an amazing deal. The daily cost comes out to under $0.10 per day for a fully functioning home phone. Yep, its under a dime a day and a lot less than you are probably paying for your land line right now. Gone are the days of spending $50 per month for home phone service.

Can I Make International Calls With magicJack?
Yes you can make international calls but they are not free. In order to calls outside the U.S. and Canada you will have to purchase prepaid minutes. Although not free the company does provide very competitive and often times some of the cheapest international calling rates around.

Can I Keep My Old Number If I Switch To magicJack?
Most numbers can be ported over to the companies telephone service, although they do not guarantee that any and all numbers can be switched over. If you are thinking about getting magicJack and keeping your number is important to you then you should contact customer service before purchasing.

Can The Service Be Used With Smartphones?
Yes! VocalTec released the magicJack App in 2012 and it can be used for FREE with any IOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It can also be used with any Android devices and is expected to be coming to the Blackberry platform in the near future. Use of the service is super easy. Just download the app from iTunes or the Google Play Store and you can begin making calls within minutes. After download you can make calls instantly without a phone number or you can sign up for a free account and the app will automatically assign you a number. Current magicJack subscribers have the option to login to the app with their account which enables them to take their magicJack home phone number on the go with them. The company is expected to begin charging for use of the app sometime in 2014 along with adding additional features such as texting. Paying subscribers are expected to be able to use the app for free while current free users will be charged one super low yearly fee just like regular subscribers.

How Does The Service Work And How Is It So Cheap?
Magic Jack technology is simple; it takes any traditional land line phone call and re-routes it over the Internet via the companies dedicated VoIP server. The callers voice is transferred into data packages on one end, then sent through the network, and ultimately spit back out as the callers voice on the other end of the line. The result is that neither you nor the person you are calling will be able to tell any difference at all. In fact, nowadays voip voice quality has actually improved to the point where it is usually better than through traditional telephone lines. Speaking of telephone lines and infrastructure, that's where the cheap price comes in. Without the need for expensive lines stretching miles and miles across the country magicJack is able to keep its fixed costs down and in turn passes this along to the customer.

Does the Magic Jack Really Work?
YES! In fact, magicJack was the winner of the 2013 Frost & Sullivan North American Consumers' Choice Award as best overall VoIP service provider. Millions of individuals use the magic Jack each and every day, in fact the company says they have sold over 15 million devices, and there is a reason for that. The reason is simple, because the Magic Jack works, and very well. When the original device came out there were a lot of questions about its call quality but the VoIP industry as a whole has come a long way since it's release in 2007. With each subsequent device release the company has improved call quality by more than doubling the processor speed of the device and also adding various features such as HD Voice and Echo Control. The company also has and continues to pour money into its private dedicated VoIP network, with the aim at providing the best call quality possible.

What Do Users Have To Say?
In the past there were quite a few users that complained about technical difficulties and poor customer service. With a new CEO, new management, and a renewed focus on the customer the majority of these customer service issues are in the past. As far as technical difficulties go, most of them have been eliminated as a result of upgrades to the magicJack network along with the new devices that simply work better. When magicJack first came out voip technology was rather new and it has taken some time for companies to perfect to technology. The newer magicJack Plus 2014 not only provides better call quality but really ups it's game in regards to ease of you. Past devices required you to plug the device into your computer and go through a registration and install process but with this new device it's as simple as plug and play straight out of the box.

The biggest thing to remember when reading about the device is that the when any company has sold in the neighborhood of 15 million devices they are bound to have some complaints and unsatisfied customers. And we all know its always the unsatisfied customers that are going to complain, while the happy ones aren't even thinking twice about the service or that they should go and give it a glowing review.

Do You Have Any Reviews Submitted By Users That I Can Read?
Yes, we have a large number of reviews that have been submitted by email and also left in the comment section. We have listed several reviews here and suggested you scroll down to the bottom in order to see more in the comments.

Shawn said... 
"My father purchased a Magic Jack device a few years ago and my nephew brought it over and we tried it out. It worked the way it was supposed to. We made some phone calls with it, but since I had cell phone service at the time, with nationwide calling, it really wasn't that practical for use in my home, but it was cool to try for the moment.

With that out of the way, I work for a company, which shall remain nameless just to keep on topic, which deals with electronics and services and deals with millions of customers. I get calls all day long about this and that about how great things work and how crappy things work. It's electronics people. Made by HUMANS! Show me one human that doesn't make a mistake or who's head isn't always screwed on tight! People tell me to guarantee them they will have trouble free service. I cannot, nor can anyone guarantee that I will not hit a deer on my way home from work.

The Magic Jack for all intense and purposes does what it is supposed to do, make phone calls. If it doesn't work right, then there's either something wrong with the phone, computer, the internet, internet provider, the Magic Jack itself or something else. That doesn't make the company a crappy company or the the Magic Jack device a piece of crap either. To me $46.95 is a lot of money for the first time buy, but within a year, $46.95 is a drop in the bucket compared to regular phone service and will not change my life if the Magic Jack, which I just made a purchase for yesterday and awaiting the shipment, doesn't work properly all the time."
Trevor said...
"I just installed a magic jack on a computer with a Suddenlink high speed cable connection. It connected and installed perfectly. There were only a limited number of locations for my phone number, and all were long distance. (I live in rural NE Texas) Still it worked perfectly. I have installed it on a tablet PC that was gathering dust in my closet, and I plugged it into my Panasonic phone system. It is now line 2 on my phone system and is working from all of my phones in my house. At least for me, this device is working great and saving me lots over my previous line charges."
Wil said...
"We live in Thailand and travel all over the world for work. MagicJack allows us to have an Indianapolis number while in Thailand or anywhere else we travel. We have one unit dedicated to our home here and one that we take with us on the road. Since we have a unit at our Thailand place that lists as an US number, we can call from Australia, Europe, or China back to Thailand for free. The system thinks it's a call from the US to the US when in fact we're calling transcontinental. AMAZING product that we've convinced all of our friends to purchase and utilize."
Denise said...
"Let me start out by saying I am the most skeptical person you will ever meet! I recently purchased my first home and where it is located I don't have great cell phone service. Some parts of my house it's great, other parts I have to sit up against the window to get service! I contacted my cable carrier to see how much it would be to bundle and add phone on my existing cable/internet package. Of course it was an additional $39.99 and that was for local calling only. 
As I was thinking about it that's an extra $480.00 a year, not to mention additional charges for long distance. I was prety upset when I heard that. So I thought about the magic jack. I remember all the infomercials about it and kept thinking there has to be a hidden charge, or it can't work that easily. So I went to my local Radio Shack and talked to the sales rep there. She said that the only complaint is that if the power is off on your computer it will go to voicemail, and there isn't always a local number available. 
I thought ok I keep my computer on all the time so no problem there, and everyone I know has a cell phone, so the local/long distance wont matter. So I decided to purchase it. I got it home plugged it in, and followed the on screen prompts, I got the same area code as I live in. 
It was VERY easy to set up, and I had service within minutes! I have been using it now for about a month and it is awesome!!! I forward all my cell phone calls to my magic jack and I have no problems what so ever!!! I can't believe I actually love something I was so skeptical about!!! This is a wonderful product!!.. By the time my house is paid off I will have saved well over $15,000.00 on phone service!!!! Thank you so much to the creators of MAGIC JACK!!!!"
Chevron7 said... 
"This has to be one of the best purchases of my life!!!! I bought it at Wal-Mart for $39.95. That includes 1 year of free service. It is extremely easy to install on my computer. I did not have to use a credit card - so they don't have my credit card information. It's like I never had my regular phone shut off. It works great! I have call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, voice mail, it's AWESOME! 
I registered it with my e-mail account so when I'm not at home, I will get an e-mail and I can actually listen to my messages at work on my computer. How handy is that! Who cares if you have to dial the area code every time you call someone, it's a FREE call! 
So far I have no complains. I had phone service within 10 minutes, installation was so simple a child could do it. I went immediately and registered my new phone on donotcall.org that way I won't have pesky telemarketers calling me. 
They are up front and explain everything in detail on their website and I'm not disappointed at all with my purchase.  In fact,it's the best purchase I've ever made. We were paying $900 a year for unlimited long distance and local calling and I thought THAT was a good deal. Now I can use that money for vacation every year!"
Ryan said...
"I have had a Magic Jack Plus for a few months now, and save for a minor installation difficulty at first (now fully resolved), it's been a great device. The calls are clear as a landline and sound great, and the cost can't be beat by any other telco.

Let me explain about that install difficulty I had: When I first got my MJ+ and got it hooked up to my phone & router, there was an awful noisy hum in the audio, in the phone's receiver ear piece. Since I didn't have any problems with the phone when I previously had it connected to a landline a few years ago, I assumed it was the MJ+ that was on the fritz.

I went and exchanged it for a new unit, but had the same problem again! So, I decided to try a different telephone set to plug into the MJ+, and lo and behold, it worked perfectly! The noisy hum was gone, just crystal-clear calls to be had! So, the MJ+ does tend to be a bit picky as far as the kind of telephone set you have connected to it. If you have a phone on you MJ+ that has bad hum in the audio, try a new set, it might solve the issue.

Besides this hiccup (and the common consensus that MJ's technical support is lacking, which fortunately I have not had to contact yet), the magic jack plus is a very good product and quite a money-saver. I was originally thinking about getting a landline again from my incumbent telco (CenturyLink), but MagicJack is a much better deal. I'd rather spend $30 a year than $18 a month."

So What's The Catch?
There is no catch. It's really quite simple. VoIP uses a completely different technology than traditional land line companies and with significantly less overhead and fixed costs VocalTec has chosen to pass this savings on to users like yourself. They run a very simple "Do The Math" ad campaign with a clear goal of being a price leader within the VoIP industry.

The only truly notable issues lies with the company's customer service. In the past the company got a lot of complaints about their chat only customer service and customers inability to get the device to work. Again, the majority of these issues have been resolved with upgrades to the new devices and new management has also began to address these issues quite aggressively. In fact, in early 2014 the company hired a new Vice President of Customer Experience, whose job is to completely revamp the customer service department. The company is looking into providing more than just chat support but at such a low price point it's not yet clear if they will be able to do this.

During this transition its important to take the savings and just remember if you are one of the unlucky few who have trouble, that you are saving $500 per year on your phone service! In a few cases users have blown their complaints way out of proportion and claimed that the service is a scam, of course in reality it is far from this. Any claims that magic Jack is a scam are quickly squashed by checking its rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is currently an A rating, with all complaints resolved.

What's Next For Magic Jack?
The company released the magicJack Plus 2014 in late 2013 and it is still a mystery as to exactly what they plan to offer through the device. Currently it doesn't do anything that the old magicJack Plus can't do but it does have new wifi and SDIO slots that aren't functional to this point. It has long been rumored that the company wants to expand their services and provide both Internet and TV through the device for one low yearly fee. If magicJack can come to some sort of agreement with a 3G or 4G provider this may be a possibility but it doesn't likely to happen any time soon. The company has yet to release any official word regarding triple play service or how it plans to use the new wifi and SDIO slots so for now it's a guessing game. The company has stated that it plans to add texting capabilities to the magicJack App at some point in the near future along with charging for its use.

The Magic Jack Bottom Line
magicJack phone service is a great innovation within the home phone market and it offers all consumers an excellent way to keep their home phone line while not paying the outrageous monthly fees that traditional phone companies charge. With cell phones dominating today's market the land line phone appeared to be headed for extinction but with the magic Jack people can now keep their landline for only $29.95 per year. In fact, it is so good and so cheap that it has its competition panicking at the thought of everybody making the switch. If you are thinking about getting the Magic Jack we recommend that you give it a try and don't doubt you'll be satisfied. Of course, in the unlikely event that you are one of the few that isn't you won't be risking anything since magicJack is offering a 30-day risk free trial to all new customers.

Dish Network DTVPal Plus TV Converter Box Owners Manual

This converter box is one of the best ones that money can buy and comes to you straight from the Satellite TV giant Dish Network. The Dish Network DTVPal Plus users manual can come in handy if you are having any kinds of problems or just want general information on the features you have at your finger tips. Dish Network also provides excellent customer service and they are one simple phone call away if you need answer to questions that aren't contained within the manual.

Technical Specifications

  • Absolute Best In Industry Electronic Program Guide
  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Enhanced Digital Tuner That Picks Up Extra Channels
  • Parental Control Locks
  • Advanced Program Search
  • Auto VCR Timers For Program Recording
  • All 18 ATSC Formats Supported
  • Tri-Language Support - Spanish, French, And English
  • Energy Star Compliant With Auto Stand By
  • Easy Setup Wizard
  • Infrared Remote Control - Non Universal
  • Size: H: 1.3” x W: 5.9” x D: 4.2” (inches)
  • Weight: .54 pounds
  • Zentech DF2000L TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    If you are an owner of the Zentech DF2000L converter box then this post is just for you. Our site has listed the users manual above as a convenience for anyone that has any questions about it. We have been getting so many emails and comments about use, function, features, etc that we decided it best to provide some concrete answers via the manual rather than trying to help without being certain. For extremely complex issues your box is either broken and you'll need a new one, or you can try calling Zentech customer support first to see if they have some sort of resolution for you.

    Technical Specifications

  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Easy Installation With Install Wizard
  • Supports Spanish, French, And English
  • Electronic Program Guide With 7 Day Advanced Information
  • V-Chip
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • Energy Saver With Auto Sleep Timer
  • Flash Memory: 2 MB
  • Supports All 18 ATSC Formats
  • AC adapter: DC 12V, 1A
  • Size: 4.5" x 2.25" x 7.75" (Inches)
  • Weight: 1.75 Pounds
  • Airlink101 ATVC102 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    This converter box has turned out to work very very well but we have still had a lot of inquiries about general functioning and features for those that threw away their users manual. As a result we have provide the manual for the Airlink101 ATVC102 for free to help out those in need. The manual explains the features and function of the digital box well but also has a great section for troubleshooting issues. For further inforamtion please call Airlink directly and request their customer support department.

    Technical Specifications

  • Industry Best Electronic Program Guide With 7 Day Advanced Information
  • Closed Captioning
  • V-Chip Parental Controls
  • Power Indicator Light
  • Signal Strength Meter For Manual Channel Setting
  • High And Low VHF Channels 2-13
  • UHF Channels 2-69
  • 75 ohm
  • RCA Connection
  • RCA Stereo Out
  • Two Aspect Ratios - 4:3 and 16:9
  • Batteries, Power Adapter, And RF Cable Included With Purchase

  • DX DTA-5000 Digital Smart Antenna Owners Manual

    Digital Antennas can be a little hard to get working correctly as opposed to some other devices and therefore we decided to provide the users manual for the DX DTA-5000 smart antenna. If you are having trouble getting it to work correctly read the full manual above before leaving any comments asking for help. We don't have the most technical background in antenna function so we will likely struggle to help you beyond what is provided in the manual. You can contact DX directly if you feel that it would get you your answer quicker.

    Winegard RC-DT09 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    We recommend that you take a look at this users manual if you are a lucky owner of the Winegard RC-DT09 and you need information pertaining to its operation or if you are experiencing technical difficulties. The manual should be able to answer most questions if you take the time to actually look through it for answers. For more complex and detail oriented inquiries you should contact Winegard directly via their support phone number.

    Technical Specifications

  • EMS Alert Systems
  • Parental Controls
  • 3 On Box Buttons
  • EPG
  • Power LED Light On Front Of Box
  • Energy Star Listed 
  • Signal Strength On Screen Meter
  • Channels 2-6 VHF Low: 54MHz to 88MHz
  • Channels 7-13 VHF High: 174 MHz to 216MHz
  • Channels 14-69 UHF: 470MHz to 806MHz
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • 5.5” x 1.75” x 6.5” (inches)
  • Under 1.0 lbs
  • Channel Master CM-7000 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    This has been one of the best converter boxes around as far as features, picture, and sound quality go. It has also been one of the most reliable and very few people have had technical difficulties with it. Nonetheless we figured it important to include the users manual in case anyone is having problems with the Channel Master CM-7000. For those that are this is a good place to start, although we have heard that they provide excellent call support if you are in need of help with a complicated issue.

    Technical Specifications
  • Works With SD And HD Signals
  • Auto And Manual Channel Setup
  • Industry Best Programming Guide
  • Easy Install With Top Notch Customer Support
  • Closed Captioning
  • Non-Universal Remote
  • Auto Sleep Timer
  • Low Power Use
  • Composite Video Out - RCA Type
  • S-Video Out
  • Weight: 2.0 Pounds
  • Size: 8.7 x 6.3 x 1.6 (Inches)
  • Artec T3A Pro TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    If you are experiencing technical or operational issues with your Artec T3A Pro then reading the users manual above should help you solve most issues you are having. Some issues however cannot be resolved via the manual and in that case you should contact the Artec customer service department. In the even that they are of no help you can try leaving a comment in our section below, or you may be forced to purchase a new digital TV converter box.

    Technical Specifications

  • TV Guide For Future And Current Programs
  • Standard Definition Output
  • V-Chip For Channel Locking
  • Government Certified And Coupon Eligible
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • Channels 2-69
  • Closed Captioning Support - Standard Adjust ability 
  • Female 75 Ohm F-type connector
  • MPEG-2 Video Decoding
  • Composite Video Out
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • LED Power Indicator
  • 6.42" x 3.94" x 1.18"
  • Weight: 0.5 Pounds
  • Access HD DTA 1010/1020/1080 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    This is a users manual for all of the Access HD boxes. They are all so similar that they have only provided one manual for them. This manual is complete and should help with setup, features, general function, and most troubleshooting issues. For further details contact AccessHD directly. The manual is for the  1010D, 1010U, 1020D, 1020U, 1080D, or 1080U digital converter boxes.

    Technical Specifications

  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Channel 3/4 software
  • Infrared user remote control
  • Parental Control With V-Chip
  • Sleep Timer
  • Dolby Digital Stereo
  • 2 MB Flash
  • 16 MB DRAM
  • 5" x 5" x 1.5" (inches)
  • Batteries Included
  • RF Cable Included
  • Zinwell ZAT-970A TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    The users manual for the Zinwell ZAT-970A has been provided above as a free courtesy for those that need help in configuring their converter box for use. If you have thrown away your manual that came with your purchase no worries because everything it had is contained above. You can also use the manuals troubleshooting section if you are having trouble with the function of your box. For technical difficulties not explained in the owners manual please contact Zinwell directly.

    Technical Specifications

  • Analog Pass-Through
  • 8 Event Timer For Recording Shows
  • Sleep Timer For Auto Shut Off
  • Works With All ATSC 18 Video Formats
  • Compatible with HDTV and SDTV Signals
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 and 4:3
  • Multilingual Support (E,S,F)
  • Automatic and Manual Channel Scanning 
  • Closed Captioning Support With Ability To Personalize
  • V-Chip Support For Adult Content
  • EMS Alert 
  • Software Upgrades Available Periodically
  • RCA DTA800B1 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    The RCA DTA800B1 was one of the most widely available converter boxes and therefore a ton of people bought it and currently use it. It has proven to be a pretty good box but with so many other there, we have be inundated with a huge number of requests for the users manual. As a result we have provided the manual above for anyone that might be having technical difficulties. For those looking for remote codes for the universal remote, these are also contained near the end of the PDF above.

    Technical Specifications:

  • Important Analog Pass-Through Function For Lower Power Channels
  • Universal Remote Control With Remote Codes
  • Smart Antenna Compatible
  • EPG
  • Emergency Alert System Compatible (EAS)
  • V-Chip Parent Control Settings
  • Energy Star Certified
  • High And Low VHF Channels 2-6 and 7-13
  • UHF Channels 14-69
  • Composite Video And Audio Outputs
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • RF Cable Included
  • Magnavox TB100MG9 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    If you are an owner of the popular Magnavox TB100MG9 then you can view the users manual embedded above via a .pdf file. If you are have any  operational issues or need troubleshooting tips this is the place to be. For complex issues you will need to contact the Magnavox support department directly via a phone call. For those with basic questions, leave a comment below and we will try to get you an answer.

    Technical Specifications

  • Parental Controls With Internal V-Chip
  • Compliant To Energy Star Standards
  • ATSC Tuner For All 18 ATSC Formats
  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Closed Captioning That Can Be Personalized
  • User Remtoe Control
  • Composite Video Out
  • Stereo Out
  • SDTV Compatible
  • Channels 2-69, Low and High VHF and UHf
  • 9.7" W x 1.7" H x 6" D
  • Weighs 1.4 pounds
  • Remote Batteries Included
  • Zinwell ZAT-950A TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    You can read the users manual for the Zinwell ZAT-950A if you are having technical difficulties or troubleshooting an issue. You can also get information on its general functions and features in the manual. We know that most people do not keep their manuals after purchasing a product so we are providing this as a courtesy to anybody who might need it. If you have your old paper manual this one is no different. For specific technical issues contact Zinwell directly and they should be able to help out.

    Technical Specifications

  • Analog Pass Through
  • VCR Event Timer
  • ATSC 18 Formats Support
  • ATSC HDTV Compliant MPEG-2 MP
  • Works With HDTV and SDTV 
  • Aspect Ratios: 16:9 and 4:3
  • English, French, and Spanish Support
  • Auto and Manual Channel Tuning
  • Closed Captioning - Adjustable
  • V-Chip Support for MPAA and US TV Rating
  • Emergency Alert System Functions
  • RF Output
  • Video Output
  • Audio Output
  • 3 On Box Button For Function Control
  • Status LED Light Shows Power and Standby Modes
  • Size:  175 x 135 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dish Network TR-40 CRA / DTVPal TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    Check out the Dish Network TR-40 CRA / DTVPal users manual if you are an owner of the Dish Network DTVPal or Dish Network TR-40 CRA  box and you need information about operational problems or troubleshooting tip. For further assistance of any kind we suggest that you contact Dish Network directly and see if they can provide you with any help in this regard. Dish, out of all manufacturers has provided what turned out to be some of the best boxes available and they also provide pretty good support for their full service call center. They will of course try to convince you to get a satellite subscription when you call in as an alternative.

    Technical Specifications

  • Best Picture And Sound Quality
  • Analog Pass-Through With All NTSC Formats Supports
  • Multi-casting
  • Closed Captioning
  • Industry Best Program guide
  • Event Timer
  • Parental Controls
  • 2-6 VHF, 7-13 VHF High, 14-69 UHF
  • RCA Connections
  • RCA Stereo
  • Channels 14-69 UHF: 470MHz to 806MHz

  • H: 1.3” x W: 5.9” x D: 4.2” (inches)
  • Weight: 1.0 pound

  • Remote control with batteries
  • Owner’s Manual
  • RF Cable included
  • Apex DT250 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    Read up on the Apex DT250 users manual if you are an owner of the Apex DT250 and are having issues with its operation. Here you can find tips for troubleshooting and/or general functions and features. We don't provide specific support for issues such as these so the users manual is the best way to get answers. You can also contact Apex directly and you may be able to get an answer from them, or you can leave a comment and hope for the best from another reader.

    Technical Specifications

  • Government Certified 
  • Coupon Eligible
  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Smart Antenna Compliant
  • S-Video
  • Parental Controls
  • User Remote
  • Customizeable Closed Captioning
  • Favorite Channel Settings
  • On Screen Signal Strength Meter
  • Composite Video Out
  • Analog L/R Audio Out
  • Channels 2-69
  • Aspect Ratio Support For 16:9 and 4:3
  • Energy Start Compliant
  • AV Cables and RF Cables Included
  • Batteries Included - 2 AAA
  • 9" x 6.1" x 1.6"
  • 2 lbs.
  • Coship N9900T TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    Many people seem to have had issues with the Coship N9900T converter box, not that box alone but with many different brands as well. The best solution to this issues is to consult your users manual, especially the troubleshooting section. Of course most people do not keep these types of things so we have provided the manual above as a courtesy to all of those that are looking for tips. We can't provide specific support and the manual is your best bet out side of contacting the manufacturer personally.

    Technical Specifications

  • Parental Controls With V-Chip
  • Detailed Program Guide
  • Fully Certified And Government Coupon Eligible
  • Certified To Work With All ATSC Formats
  • Channels 2-69 Including Multi-casting
  • Works in Spanish, French, and English
  • Favorite Channel Setting
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
  • Flash Memory - 2 MB
  • SDRAM Memory - 32 MB
  • Smart Antenna Port
  • Lower Energy Star Power Compliant
  • Size 295mm (W) x 217mm (D) x 54mm (H)

  • Weight 1.8Kg
  • Venturer STB7766G TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    For detailed tips if you are troubleshooting or just need to know how the general functions of the Venturer STB7766G converter box work you should find the users manual above to be very useful. It provides more information than you are going to get anywhere else and should help with most problems. As an alternative you can leave a comment below and hope someone in the blogosphere is able to answer your question or you can always contact the manufacturer if you issues is really sticky.

    Technical Specifications

  •  Parental Controls For All Ratings
  • Multi-cast Sub Channel Availiability
  • 18 Full Digital ATSC Formats
  • Coaxial Out
  • CECB
  • Closed Captioning For Those Who Want Or Need It
  • Av Output
  • Receives All Channels 2-69
  • Works with 16:9 and 4:3 Aspect Ratios
  • On Box Buttons
  • RCA Video and Audio Output
  • Remote Control
  • RF Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Zentech DF2000 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    If you are experiencing operation difficulties or need trouble shooting for your Zentech DF2000 converter box you should check out the user manual above. For more complex questions that can't be answered by reading the owners manual you are best of contacting the manufacturer. We can't guarantee you'll get good help or even get them to contact you back but it's worth a shot before giving up and buying a different converter boxes. You can always try leaving a comment and hoping you get lucky and someone in the community was able to solve a similar problem.

    Technical Specifications

  • Size: 4.5 Hi X 2.25 W X 7.75 D (inches)
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Multi Language Support
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 and 16:9
  • Video Resolution Abilities: 1080i, 720P, 480i, 480P
  • Video Output
  • Closed Captioning
  • No comments:

    Goodmind DTA-1000 TV Converter Box Owners Manual


    Unfortunately this users manual has been taken down from the hosting site for unknown reasons and we were unable to find a replacement.

    For owners of the Goodmind DTA-1000 converter box the full users manual that you received with your purchase is listed above. We know that many people do not keep these when they make their purchase so it has been provided to you free of charge. If you have further questions we suggest you contact the manufacturer in order to get your questions answered. You can cross your fingers and leave a comment but we cannot guarantee any help beyond what we find in the manual ourselves.

    Technical Specifications

  • Program Guide
  • 3 Language Support - English, French, And Spanish
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratio Compatible
  • Parental Controls Via V-Chip Technology
  • Detailed Closed Captioning With Adjustable Fonts
  • Works With A TV Or Monitor
  • Full VHF and UHF Bandwidth
  • ATSC Compatible With All 18 Formats
  • Auto Sleep Setting
  • Convenient User Remote Control
  • Digital Stream DTX9950 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    If you are the owner of the Digital Stream DTX9950 converter box and you need information about operation or troubleshooting for your converter box you should check out the Digital Stream DTX9900 users manual. These boxes are nearly identical and their manuals should be almost exactly the same. If you have any questions that you cannot find the answer to in the owners manual about your digital converter box leave us a comment and we'll try to answer them for you.


  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Works With All ATSC Formats
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • V-chip Parental Controls and Closed Captioning
  • Current and Future Program Guide
  • Universal Remote
  • Multi-Lingual - French, Spanish, English
  • RF Output Via Channel 3 or 4
  • Auto or Manual Tuning
  • Auto Time Zone Settings
  • Zenith DTT901 TV Converter Box Specifications

    For information regarding the Zenith DTT901 (if you were luck enough to get your hands on the short supply of them) you can see the specs sheet above. For more detailed information or complex questions you can see the Zenith DTT901 owners manual, contact the manufacturer or try leaving a comment below and maybe we can find a working solution among the community.

    Technical Specifications

  • Analog Pass-Through
  • Broadcasts All 18 ATSC Formats
  • 4 Aspect Ratio Modes
  • Parental Control Locks
  • Universal Remote Control Set Via Remote Codes
  • Flash Back To Previous Channel
  • Auto Or Manual Channel Tuning
  • Favorite Channel Setting
  • Program Guide
  • 3 Language Options - E,S,F
  • Composite Video Out
  • Analog Audio Out
  • RF Out
  • RF Input
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • GE 22729 / GE 22730 TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    If you purchased either the GE 22729 or GE 22730 from General Electric then feel free to check out the users manual above for info about operation or troubleshooting of any kind. If you can't find what you are looking for leave a comment below with your questions and I'll do my best to answer. For a full list of technical specs please see below.

    Technical Specifications

  • Converts any digital signal for use with any non-digital Television
  • Includes a Smart Antenna Interface
  • Complete program guide that includes show reminds
  • Meets all federal requirements for the TV Converter Box Program
  • Sleep Timer
  • Three Aspect Ratio Options
  • Meets federal standards for using Program
  • Closed Captioning with English, Spanish, & French

    Digital Stream DSP7500T TV Converter Box Owners Manual

    OOPS! OWNERS MANUAL MISSING!!! Unfortunately this users manual has been taken down from the hosting site for unknown reasons and we were unable to find a replacement.

    If you are the lucky owner of a Digital Stream DSP7500T converter box then I'm not surprised that you are here. Above is a full user manual that contains all the information you may need regarding operation and troubleshooting. Beyond this users manual you can leave questions in the comments or a better option might be to call Digital Stream for support. We aren't the most well versed in this brand but promise to do our best to help.
    Technical Specifications 

  • NTIA Government Approved
  • Receives and Displays All 18 Different ATSC Formats
  • Composite Video Jack
  • Dolby Digital Stereo Mixing
  • Sleep Timer
  • Composite Video In/Out
  • Stereo Outputs
  • RF Video/Audio Jack
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Multi-language Closed Captioning - English, Spanish, French
  • V-Chip
  • Parental Control Settings.
  • Emergency Alert Systems
  • Standby/Power LED Lights: Red/Green
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Electronic Program Guide

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