MagicJack Plus Phone Review: Is magicJack Plus Legit Or A Scam?

What Is The magicJack plus?

The magicJack Plus is another groundbreaking release brought to us by Vocaltec (formerly known as Ymax). In regards to its basic functions it is exactly the same as the original magic Jack. It works via VoIP and comes with unlimited local and long distance calling. Like its predecessor it can also be taken anywhere that you can access your computer and can be used to make calls from anywhere in the world back to the United States and Canada. Despite its seeming similarities there are several striking differences that make the magicJack plus a much better version of its younger sibling.

For those that don't already know the original magic Jack is a USB VoIP telephone device that hooks into a computer on one end and a regular telephone on the other end in order to provide its users with a home based telephone line. In regards to overall function it is exactly the same as a traditional landline with the only difference being its 'behind the scenes' technology. The magic Jack was and still is immensely popular with over 10 million units sold and has been coined by Ymax for its unlimited local and long distance calling at an absurdly low price of only $19.95 per year.

So What's Different About The MagicJack Plus?

The primary difference is that the magicJack plus does not require a computer in order to work. The original magic Jack was a USB dongle and had to be hooked up to a computer in order for it to work. With the magic Jack plus however you get a stand alone device that works by hooking directly into your routers Ethernet port (although it can also be used in exactly the same manner as the old magic Jack if you so choose). Initial rumors suggested that it would work via wi-fi but this feature didn't make it in the final design.

Besides the preceding chief difference magicJack plus has also received two key upgrades that are sure to eliminate most complaints regarding sound quality that some have become accustomed to with the old jack. These new features include HD Voice and Echo Control software which have both been vigorously developed by magic Jack due to their desire to provide not only the cheapest but also highest quality VoIP phone service in the world.

What Do These Differences Mean For Magic Jack?

These differences may not seem huge but they actually address the biggest concerns that consumers have had with the original magic Jack. The original magic Jack's reliance on a computer often made for tricky situations. One troublesome issue is that for the original magic Jack to ring through you had to have your computer on 24/7 otherwise it would simply forward to voicemail. Many people were unwilling to deal with this due to the potential for no telephone if there was an electrical outage, the strains it puts on ones computer, and the potential power wasted.

Another major point of contention for current and potential magic Jack users was its issues with sound quality and frequent echoing. Magic Jack knew that they had a good enough product (evidenced by its 10 million units sold) but that it could be better so they added the HD voice and echo control in order to further eliminate call quality problems. With these upgrades the company goes as far as to claim that their call quality is now better than that of all cell phones and maybe even better than landline quality.

How Much Does The New And Improved MagicJackPlus Cost?

The official magicJack Plus website says it will cost $69.95 for the device and one year of telephone service with all subsequent years of service costing just $29.95. This is a $10 price increase for yearly service but well worth it when you consider the upgrades you get with it. Consumers can also buy device insurance for $10 and port their number over for a one-time fee of $20.

Is The MagicJack Plus Easy To Install And Use?

It just might be the simplest VoIP telephone device ever, plug and play at its finest! All you have to do is hook it up to your computer to register an account and phone number and then into your telephone via the RJ-11 phone jack port on one end and into your router via Ethernet on the other end and you are ready to go all within 30 seconds.

The MagicJack Plus Bottom Line

The magicJack Plus is an absolutely amazing product at a totally ridiculous price. We said before that we thought the original magic Jack was an awesome product even with its flaws and the new magicJack plus is ridiculous when you consider that its upgrades have addressed nearly every issue that its users previously had. At a price of only $69.95 for the device and a year of service with renewals costing only $29.95 everybody that has a home phone should at last give the magicJack plus a try. For more info read all of the user reviews and comments below and you should get a feel for the quality of the device.