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If you are interested in purchasing a converter box then you need to check out the links below. Each one of the links below will bring you to the individual review page for that specific converter box.

Unfortunately getting a good converter box has turned out to be rather difficult. You'd think you can just get any one of them and be setup pretty good but a lot of them actually seem to be of pretty low quality. It makes you wonder why the government would certify and approve boxes that are substandard, and more expensive at the same time. As you can see below there are quite a few top rated boxes but of course, most of these ones are out of stock or extremely hard to find.

We have taken a look at all of the highly sought after and best ones and even some of the lesser known ones that have received high ratings. Nearly all of the ones we have written about are rated highly with only a few of them consider to be of low quality.

If you have any questions are would like us to review a specific box leave us a comment below. Our only 100% fool proof recommendation is to stick to a box that is rated highly and goes for $50 or less. Paying any more than $50 and you are simply wasting your money. Why pay more money for an inferior box? If you must go with one that is more expensive just make sure that it is one of the top rated boxes and overwhelming whelming odds are you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

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