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Dish Network DTVPal DVR Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 4.5
This product was great while it was around but it has sold out and cannot be found for sale except through auction sites where users are selling a used version of it. In fact, even these used ones are very hard to come by and we haven't seen any in quite a long time.

Product Details: The Dish Network DTVPal DVR is unlike any other box we have looked at. Dish Network has come out with some great boxes but this one is just crazy. It is a souped up version of all of the other Dish boxes that were already great. It is essentially exactly what the name says. A two in one converter and DVR. In fact, it is the first one available that combines the powers of both a Digital Video Recorder and a converter box into one product.

It is just like the DTVPal, DTVPal Plus, and TR-40 CRA in regards to its picture quality. It is essentially the same box with the added DVR feature. This means that is comes with the absolute best picture you can expect with free over the air digital signals. The sound quality is also quite excellent. If you are looking for crisp clear sound similar to cable or DVD quality then you will want to get this converter box.

Features: It comes with more features than any other box on the market. First and foremost it comes with all of the standard features including a top notch program guide, parental controls, adjustable closed captioning, analog pass-through, VCR timers, its own remote control, 3 aspect ratios, and much much more. Since it is a DVR it also comes with the following other features: HD and SD resolutions, a DVR tuner, two built in digital tuners, ability to record two broadcasts at one time, the ability to record up to 150 hours of video, and also DVR trick modes such as pausing a show and skipping ahead.

This TV Converter Box/DVR is very expensive at around $250 but is also a one of a kind product. If you are looking for a both a DVR and converter box then it might be better to just buy them in tandem as one product. As a stand alone converter box this is one of the better rated ones in the industry and the DVR also appears to function quite well. If you are planning to shell out the cash to get a converter and a DVR then you might as well knock out 2 birds with one stone and get this combo.
Update April 2014

Real User Reviews: We haven't got a ton of feedback from consumers on this converter box, just one review up to this point. For further user reviews check out our comment section as new ones may be added from time to time.

Joan Said...
"The Dish Network DTV-Pal DVR has an excellent RF front end. It works with analog television sets and HD monitors. Compared with the RF front end on the Samsung STB, Digital Streams STB and Zenuth 901 STB, the sensitivity on the DTVPal DVR is much better. Besides having an excellent tuner and RF front end I love that it has a DVR as well!!!"
HD & SD Resolutions
DVR Tuner
Dual Tuners For Recording One Show While Watching Another
Energy Star Certified 
Three Aspect Ratios
Analog Pass-Through 
V-Chip For Parental Controls
Closed Captioning 
Electronic Program Guide 
Language Support For English, French, And Spanish 
1 Year Warranty

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
DVR Converter Box
Owners Manual
Remote Control
RF Cable
Power Adapter
A/V Cable


  1. Are there different models of the DTVPal DVR? I see one advertised with 'dual tuners' that allows you to watch one and record another at the same time.

  2. If it has two tuners, does it have two outputs?


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