RCA ANT 2000 Indoor Smart Antenna Reviews

Product Rating: 4.5
Update: This antenna is sold out and no longer available for purchase. From time-to-time you can find one used on eBay, but you're best off looking elsewhere for your antenna needs.

Product Details: The RCA ANT2000 is an excellent smart antenna. This antenna is specifically designed to be used with any converter box that come with a smart antenna port. If your converter box does not support smart antenna technology then you will have to get a different type of antenna.

This smart antenna comes with an amazing new flat omni directional receiver that allows it to get signals from a full 360 degrees range. It allows you to get HDTV, DTV, UHF, and VHF signals all with one antenna. This antenna comes with special technology that helps it to grab and amplify weak signals to get better reception from further away than traditional antennas. The RCA ANT2000 can either be laid flat or hung in the air and is ultra slim and compact.

Features: It comes with patented smart antenna technology that allows it to automatically shift itself to the optimal reception position. It works with all boxes and digital televisions that come with a CEA909 smart antenna port. This smart antenna is also optimized for HDTV reception for both UHF and VHF bands. Another great thing about it is its extremely low profile flat design. It is also great because it will communicate with your television or converter box to lock in the best reception signal for each channel and filter out unwanted noise. Lastly, has also been shown to receive television signals from further away than the average smart antenna and also provide a more clear picture.

If you are looking for a smart antenna to improve your overall TV reception then the RCA ANT 2000 is a pretty good choice. Our review has indicated to us that although not the best smart antenna on the market this one is quite good when considering its cheap price of $54.99. We can't promise you the world with it but assure you that it will eliminate that annoying tasking of constantly adjusting your rabbit ear antennas and in most circumstances should allow you to get more channels.

Update April 2014

Real User Reviews: Please see the user reviews below in order to get a more clear picture of the functionality and reliability of this antenna. These reviews were submitted both via email and through our comments section, please see the comments below for even further reading on this antenna.

Michael Said...
"This antenna works pretty well. Before getting it I got about 10 digital channels and after installing the antenna I was getting around 20 channels. I live in the Philly area so there is a lot to choose from. It is not the most robust as I have friends with multi-directional outdoor antennas posted high up and they are getting upwards of 50 channels. It all depends what you are going for and how much money you are willing to spend. For me 20 channels was fine as I don't watch TV all that much."
Tara Said...
 "This antenna was average at best. My reception improved and I got a few extra channels but honestly, I expected more from it. I may go forward and try a rooftop antenna to see if I can get more channels."
Tessa Said...
"Love it. Cheap price and now I get crystal clear reception where as before my rabbit ears had to be adjusted for each and every channel that I watched" 
Weight: 3.1 pounds (lbs)
Size: 12 x 12 x 1.2 (in inches, L x W x H)
Full 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect
Supports all digital signal types (UHF, VHF, HD, and DTV)

Why should you consider a Smart Antenna?
We suggest getting a smart antenna because digital television signals are much different than analog television signals. With digital signals you need to have your antenna pointed in precisely the right direction or you will not get a signal if it's far away. In order to be able to get the best picture possible without having to move your antenna constantly we suggest a smart antenna. Smart antennas are made so that you can set the antenna to remember which direction it must be pointing in order to pick up each individual channels signal. Then when you change channels your smart antenna automatically adjusts to the setting that it remembers for that specific channel. This allows you to get the best picture and sound quality possible without ever having to manually adjust it and completely automates the tuning process.


  1. Is this antenna better than an amplified multidirectional antenna? I am looking to receive more than five channels and I have purchased the cheap and expensive, amplified antennas only to receive the same five channels.

  2. will the rca 2000 smart ant receive signals
    in 90301 Inglewood, ca. for chanells 11 % 13?

    please let me know at candymanw@yahoo.com

  3. This box doesn't seem to be available ANYWHERE online. Has it been discontinued? It's not even coming up on the RCA website under accessories/indoor antennas however doing a search for it you can find it.. what's going on! :\

  4. APEX SM620 not yet available. Called Apex and told to call back in three weeks. Don't know what the cost will be. It appears to be functionally identical to the RCA ANT2000 but is in black and with a cradle to stand it up on. Unclear whether or not RCA will come out with a follow-on or an improved "super smart antenna" which would allow it to "follow" the incoming signals as atmosphere and other conditions change and thus not require the occasional manual reset necessary with the ANT2000.

    Apex SM620 Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna with Smart Technology
    The most technically advanced innovation in terrestrial antennas! The SM620 Smart antenna receives digital signals from all directions and automatically self-adjusts to optimize performance of local broadcast reception.

  5. Don't understand why the antennas weren't sitting right beside the converter boxes when the change was initially made this is ridiculous

  6. I have even tried the smart antenna, rescanned everything and it was quite a disappointment, had to return it. we set it up in the kitchen, and very disappointing.

  7. do you need an indoor AND an outdoor antenna? We just got a converter box. It doesn't work alone and it doesn't workk with the old TV antenna outside. So 'what' do I need? and indoor, outdoor, or both? thanks!

  8. I have the RCA converter that I got in the United States it picks up 7 channels by it self, but it says that if I add a Smart Antenna it would be much better and more channels, but I dont Know where to buy one, I tried diferent antennas and dont do much more than my old Rabitt ears, What can I do to bring more channels ?????


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