Artec T3AP-LS Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 4.0
This converter box is no longer available for purchase at any online website or with any brick and mortar retailers. This is pretty typical with most boxes, as manufacturers stopped producing them just after the digital transition took place. If you want to find a converter box your best bet is to check online through either eBay or Amazon.

This converter box has been reported to have reception issues. As with most boxes, this is totally incorrect and it in fact is an excellent choice, provided that you get a digital or smart antenna (something that you will need with any and all converter boxes).

Product Details: Is picture quality the most important thing in your choice regarding a converter box? If so then this little box just might be for you. It comes with great picture quality that is only beat out by a couple of others out of the 100+ that we have reviewed to this point. It is the same as all of the other Artec boxes such as the Artec T3AP Pro and Artec T3AP-LL.  It comes with rich deep colors and reminds me of when I am watching a movie on my DVD players. The T3AP-LS's picture quality is far superior to that of old analog signals. The audio quality that you get is also top shelf. Not only does it come through crystal clear but it is very crisp and sharp. Of course if your TV has bad speakers this won't be the case. At an affordable price of only $45-$60 it is highly recommend. Although don't buy it for $60. Please do your due diligence, you can find it for less.

Features: As far as features go it is pretty loaded. It comes with a pretty neat sleep mode that we haven't seen with a lot of others. This allows you to set a sleep timer and it will shut off. It also comes with V-Chip technology so parents can block shows with certain ratings. As far as the electronic program guide goes, its pretty standard. The adjustable closed captioning allows you to change the font and size along with a choice between three languages - Spanish, French, and of course English. On box buttons are also a nice edition that we haven't see very often. It also has the ability to work with some very specific universal remotes (sold separately). 
Artec T3AP-LS
Updated: April 2014

Real User Reviews: This is another box that we haven't gotten much feedback on but there are two user reviews left below. However take them with a grain of salt, as having only two reviews don't really give you a good idea regarding the products quality.

Don Said...
"I manage a complex for patients with active TB. We bought 4 different kinds of converters and the Artec T3AP-LS stands out. The picture is noticeably brighter and it's easier to use. Two of the others run really hot. This one stands out enough for me to take the time to write this review. If we have to purchase any others will be certainly getting this one again."
Jon Said...
"We bought the Artec converter box from Radio Shack. The box works well, but the customer service is absolutely awful. No one answers the phone, or it is busy, and the representative who answered the phone, asked us to wait until she found a pen!"
Features and Specs
Analog Pass-Through
V-Chip Capability For Parental Controls
Adjustable And Personalized Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Signal Strength Meter
Sleep Mode
Energy Star Compliant
Tri Language Support
Several On Box Buttons
Small Size That Fits In Tight Spaces
Works With All 18 ATSC Formats
Composite Video Jack
Stereo Audio Jacks
75 ohm Connector
6.40”W x 3.90”D x 1.20”H (Approximate)

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control

Users Manual
Detachable Power Cord

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