Sunkey SK-801 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 2.5
This is another one of only a few boxes from the digital transition days that is still available for sale brand new. You can get it at Amazon (as of May 2014) but beyond that you will be hard pressed to find it.

Product Details: The picture quality of the Sunkey SK-801 falls somewhere in the middle range. It is still better than analog broadcasts but you can definitely get a better digital picture with other options. Albeit options that are no longer for sale. This product is like most other converter boxes in that it comes with great sound quality.

Features: A short list of some of the features you get include the program guide that lets you see current and upcoming show. It also is one of only a few that has a VCR timer for the recording of shows. It also comes with the ever important analog pass through function so you won't lose low power stations that aren't required to make the transition. Finally, it comes with composite video and RF outs. This box was government certified back in the transition days so that means it comes with a pretty good set of features as was required by the government. As of now it sells for just under $50. It is not a top rated box but also sells for a reasonable price considering its quality. If you don't want to spend a lot of money but want a converter box that will get the job done then this one will work for you.
Update April 2014

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Sheryl Said...
"My Sunkey does not work after just 3 months of use. And the use was sparingly since I don't watch TV everyday. It quit working when I left the TV on for about ten hours while watching and then falling asleep. The green light comes on, but it does not pick up any channels, nor does the box responds to the remote."
Tony Said...
"This box wouldn't work for my sister so she gave it to me. I got it to work but it died after only a couple of months. The red light will come on if you want to turn the thing on but it will not go off without unplugging it. It doesn't get any channels anymore. It makes a nice paper weight though. It was used sparingly if at all. There's some really crappy electronics inside. I suspect that maybe it was made by Sony or Belkin as their products behave like this, in my experiences. I guess this Sunkey is my latest experience with crap consumer electronics. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! THIS IS THEFT!"
Anonymous Said...
"Same as the first post. My Sunkey quit working when I forgot to turn off the converter one night (the tv was off, but the box was on). Now, the green light comes on, but it does not pick up any channels, nor does the box respond to the remote. The only thing I can do is turn the light to red if I unplug/plugin the box.
Jerry Said...
"I have two Sunkey boxes, one died about a year ago, the other died last night. When I plug them in, the on/standby light lights up as red (which is what it should do). If I then press the on button on the box or on the remote, the light will change to green (which is what it should do). But there is no picture, that is, it transmits a black screen image to the TV. Once the light on the box has turned to green, there is no way to turn off the box except by unplugging it. Neither pressing the power button on the box nor on the remote control turns it off. Has anyone found a way to fix them? Can the boxes be reset by sending a specific signal to a connector in the converter box (perhaps to an internal connector after removing the lid)? My boxes never ran hot." 
Works With Every Current ATSC Signal Format - (All 18)
Analog Pass For Lower Power Stations
V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting To Control What Your Children Watch
Personalize Your Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide To See What Shows Are Airing
Signal Strength Meter For Tuning Channels Manually
Energy Star Compliant
English, French, and Spanish

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries
RF Cable


  1. I have had my SK-801ATSC a month or two. When I press the menu button it just reboots. I can't do anything that requires the menu. And you guessed it, factory reset is in the menus.

  2. I got two them and I get a lot of sparkles on both, (interference)... got some poor quality electronics in there!

    I also have an Insignia and a Magnovox . They work perfectly and give great picture quality. DO NOT PURCHASE THE SUNKEY BOX

  3. Get a Zinwell and forget the rest. My two work flawlessly and have never been a problem since day one which was a year or more ago.

  4. Ugh...I agree with all of the above comments. Mine died after only 6 months and I watch TV maybe once a month. What a waste of $$$.

  5. I agree with above problems ,mine has worked for about 2 years but is showing all the signs of the above runs very HOT
    I have it elevated to allow more air flow from the bottom.Now mine remote has packed in must change manually.
    I am looking at a Channel Master CM 7000, just found out the untit has by-pas so I can feed my VCR and DVD R DO NOT buy this UNIT

  6. This box is a POS I have had it about two months.
    Just quit working!!!!! Also on the front of the manual it gives a number for Tech Support. What a joke. When you press the selection it says there is no one available to take your call please leave a message.


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