Winegard RC-DT09 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 3.5
Update: Another box that has sold out at almost all retailers and without any plans for more of them to be produced. This one wasn't one of the best out there but it was good enough that people that had already bought it could certainly get by with it. With a quick online search you may be able to find it at 1-2 retailers but the further we get from the transition the less likely this is.

Product Details: The Winegard RC-DT09 is very similar to the old Winegard RC-DT09A. In this regard it comes with a picture quality that rates just below the first tier of boxes we have looked at. This means that it is a major improvement an compared to analog TV but that it could also be better, evidenced by what we've seen from other converter boxes. Sound quality is good too. Not the best we've see but pretty clear and of a high quality.

Features: This box comes with all of the standard features including a program guide, analog pass-through, adjustable closed captioning, parental controls, just to name a few. The only difference between this and the older Winegard box is that this one sells for less money and comes with analog pass-through. Funny how that works right? This one sells for $50 instead of the $65 that the older version costs. At $50 this is actually a pretty good buy. If you are interested in either of these I would recommend this one because of its extra feature. Analog pass-through is a very important feature that most people will need.

Winegard RC-DT09 Update April 2014

Real User Reviews: We haven't seen much chatter about this box but listed below are the reviews that have been submitted to us thus far. Please check back in the future for more reviews.

Thomas Said...
"The receiver feels very solid and has a very good build quality. It is not too heavy for a receiver packing 95 watts/channel and does not get very hot at all, even after a three hour marathon watching Lord of the Rings III - The Return of the King. I particularly like the quick selection buttons that are like macro buttons you can program for events such as watching a dvd/blu ray movie or listening to the radio or a cd, etc..."
Jonas Said...
"The remote for the RC-DT09 is decent. It is adequate and feels solid in build quality with smallish buttons that are somewhat rubberized. The remote is also able to control some other gear such as tv's and dvd players which is nice, but it is definitely not a universal remote." 
V-Chip Lock Parental Control Settings
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide - Shows Current and Future shows
On Screen Signal Strength Meter For Easy Manual Tuning
Energy Star Compliant

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries
RF Cable

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