Spica AT2018 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 4.5
Update April 2014: Another small brand that we have never heard of and were skeptical about. Unfortunately we weren't able to find out a lot about this product but it's a moot point now because it has sold out and can't be purchased anymore. When it was for sale it was set at a pretty affordable price but we have no idea about its functioning quality.

Product Details: The Spica AT 2018 is a widely unknown and rather unpopular converter box. When attempting to do this review we were unable to find sufficient information it and couldn't get our hands on one. The only retailer we could find that was selling it was Amazon. Unfortunately we were not able to gather any info on it's picture or sound quality and therefore can no give you any suggestion on whether it is a good buy or not.Our only thought was that this DTV converter box was manufactured at the request of Amazon and for their exclusive sales rights but we are totally guessing here and don't know for sure.

If you are interested in reading more about the Spica AT2018 and seeing if it is right for you we suggest that you head on over to Amazon and check out the user reviews over there. We apologize for not being able to bring you more info on this box and hope to be able to do so in the future, if and when it becomes available at more retail locations in-store and online.
Spica AT2018
Features & Specs
Analog Pass-Through
18 ATSC Format Compatible
Parental Control Settings
Easy To Install
MPEG-2 Standard Compliant
Supports Emergency Services And Closed Captioning

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Power Cord


  1. The SPICA was rated very highly by Consumer Reports

  2. Unfortunately it is no where to be found.

  3. Looking desperately for the SPICA AT2018.Cannot find it anywhere.


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