Airlink101 ATVC102 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 2.5
Another converter box that is out of stock unless you want to either get it used or pay a ridiculous price! Currently there are some used ones on eBay and Amazon and a couple sellers on Amazon selling new ones for over $150. We recommend that you look elsewhere if you are in need of a converter box.

Product Details: Great picture and sound are two staples of this Airlink box. When using it you can expect to feel as though you are watching a paid service such as satellite or cable. No static anymore, although remember, getting a digital antenna can go a long way in helping you to pick up channels consistently and even find new ones. Basically put, it does what you expect a converter box to do, not a whole lot more, and not less either.

Features: The Airlink 101 ATVC102 comes with a bunch of quite excellent features that are sure to satisfy. It comes with a program guide (TV Guide) that supplies you with most of the same program info that you get with a paid service. It also comes with a V-chip that allows for parental controls so that they can monitor the ratings that their children have access to. It even has adjustable closed captioning so that the hearing impaired and personalize their viewing experience. One extremely important feature for this box is that it comes with analog pass-through so you can keep channels that aren't required to make the transition yet. A remote control is another staple of this product and its on screen meter that displays signal strength helps immensely when trying to individually tune channels. As a last mention, it has three different language settings of English, Spanish, and French.

Airlink 101 ATVC102
Update April 2014

Real User Reviews: If you have been wanting a real world opinion of this box then see the reviews below. They were submitted to us by actual users of the box and give the best representation of what you can expect from the box. 

Njpski Said...
"When changing channels an opaque channel info screen takes up >50% of the screen and stays for several seconds. ANNOYING! Reception seems finicky compared to 3 other Models/Brands I own. This model does not pick up the local PBS channels (which all other models do). Front has only ON/OFF button. Lose the remote and you're toast without some other universal remote. I do like the signal button on remote. Signal strength numbers jump between 49% & 74%m as if any change automatically registers as 25% swing. Does pick up analog channels w/ analog pass thru.  
Remote well organized. No support for TV ON/OFF function but does have volume, thru adjusting the ATVC102 box. I paid $0 for two units using the 2x$40 coupons via mail. Pass this one by unless you are getting 3rd 4th or 5th boxes and don't want to have to pay a dime. I like the ability to easily change the screen format at the touch of a button. 
Compared to my 3 other brand boxes, this one gets the LOWEST marks. Was hopeful the AirLink101 website would give some aid regarding firmware installed and signal/tuner strength. Other than a general info page, they IGNORE the fact that they make these models. Something tells me their manufacture was an afterthought to tap into the US $40 coupon mark. Quick and dirty. GO elsewhere with your money. The one redeeming feature is the remote which lays out well, and has good button access and placement. Unfortunately muted signal strength puts the usefulness of a good remote into question."

Joe Said...

"Great unit, sound and video quality is superb, easy to setup, the previous review was not 100% correct - the red/green buttons do work for channel list. Get 3 PBS channels, received a total of 42 channels, a big surprise."

Anonymous Said...
"The Airlink101 AVTC102 is a very good converter box for the money. I am able to watch all of the channels available in Houston including three PBS channels. I would recommend scanning your box once a week to pick up additional channels. Also try getting a decent antenna to go with the box. You will get more channels and a clearer picture."

Sam Said...
"I Love this box! I paid nothing but the coupon for it and to my surprize this box works BETTER than my roomates RCA and Magnavox! Crystal clear picture and sound. No breakup like my roommates! Easy setup. I am going to use my second coupon to get another Airlink 101!"

RF Input, RF Output, RCA compatible Output 
Size:: 182 x 118 x 36 mm (L x W x H)
Energy Star Certified 
Displays All Of The 18 Used ATSC Formats 
Analog Pass-Through 
V-Chip Editable 
Closed Captioning 
Electronic Program Guide 
Triple Language Support For English, French, And Spanish 
1 Year Limited Warranty

What Is Included With Your Purchase? 
Converter Box
Owners Manual
Remote Control
RF Cable
Power Adapter
A/V Cable


  1. Looking For A Good BoxMay 20, 2009 at 12:27 PM

    Can you recommend a good box?
    I just received 2 AirLink boxes. It's a pure Junk.

  2. Fine with all other channels except for channel 3. Whether I tunes to channel 3 via the up or down button, or the number button, e.g. 3-1, clear picture shows up for 1 second, then screen goes gray for 5 seconds (with sound still on). Then screen goes dark, sound gone, the box power light goes red, the unit self-powers up. When picture finally comes back, it's not channel 3.

    The local station has four channels on 3 (3-1 thru 3-4). Any one of them will trigger the schizophrenic reaction. I can't watch any one of them.

    FCC should not list this box on its website and wastes tax payer money.

  3. The box works fine but my remote is not working. I am wondering if I could buy a replacement remote. I am unable to change the channels currently!

  4. Remote control stopped working on both units. Were can I get a replacement or will a universal remote work?

  5. I purchased my AirLink101 DTV converter box a couple of years ago, and it worked fine at first. Then I started having problems with it rebooting and starting back up on another channel. This gets very annoying, especially when you have a DVR recording. I guess that's just "the way it is..."

  6. Have three units. The remote has stopped working on two of them. I'm down to my last remote and I can't change channels without it. I hope I'm on a favorite channel when the third remote gives up the ghost. Otherwise, I'm not a techie. Everything else appears to be just fine.


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