Memorex MVCB1000 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 3.0
This box has been taken out of production by the manufacturer and it is no longer supplied to retailers for sale. The current stock has sold out and it can only be found sporadically on auction sites if you are lucky. It was average at best and there are better options out there that you should go with instead.

Product Details: According to the information we compiled over the internet the Memorex MVCB1000 appears to have excellent picture quality. Early reports show that it is a significant and major upgrade from analog television and that it even helped some people to get a bunch of extra channels. Not only do you get a better picture and viewing experience with it but you may get some new channels that didn't even know existed. The sound quality for it has also be reported to be very good and quite crisp.

Features: It comes with the standard ability to converter digital signals for viewing on an analog television. This converter also comes with TV guide for programming information, a sleep timer, adjustable closed captioning, parental controls, 3 language supports, and its own remote control.

Although we only found very limited information when doing this DTV converter box review, all the info that we did find was very positive. However, at a price of about $65 it is a bit expensive, especially for not having a brand name to back up its long term reliability.
Memorex MVCB1000

Update April 2014

Real User Reviews: For further details about the function of this box see the reviews below that were submitted to use via email.

Sarah Said...
"I purchased 2 of these boxes when they first came out, one at rite aid and one at wal-mart. Each store only had one each. One of them works fine but the other is a very sorry piece of crap. You have to stand directly in front of it to make it work. Then it will immediately turn off. Turn it back on and it goes back off. I have to do this two to eight times before it will finally stay on. It has no range whatsoever. I would definitely NOT recommend this piece of crap to my worst enemy."
Rennee Said...
"I have a Memorex Digital Converter box that has never worked from the day of purchase. I have done all of the trouble shooting suggestions to no avail. Then on top of all of this when I called the 1-800-919-3647 number I spoke with two representatives who had limited English skills and very limited comprehension. I am highly disappointed with this product and the service received. I vow to never purchase any other product manufactured by this company nor will I recommend to anyone I know to purchase anything manufactured by Memorex."
Alexander Said... 
"I purchased this product in Canada approximately 1 year ago and have been using it for 6 months. It died. There is no reset instructions for the unit. I am extremely disappointed in Memorex, I refuse to pay online for advice. Based on what is posted here I am not alone. No menu, no guide, no nothing. If anyone has a fix for this let me know. I think that I will look for an alternate manufacturer in the near future. Truly a waste of hard earned money with no support from Memorex."
Works With 18 Different ATSC Formats
Analog Pass-Through
V-Chip Lock That Allows For Parental Control Settings
Configurable Closed Captioning Fonts
Electronic Program TV Guide
Energy Star Certified
Works In Three Languages - English, French, and Spanish

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
Attached Power Cord
User Guide/Manual


  1. i purchased 2 of these memorex converter boxes and they both broke down within 2 months of each other. The remote control does not work well. I wouldn't recommend it. Try others!

  2. The memorex Unit I bought in the USA for use in Canada was DOA. It was a freebee obtained with an FCC coupon by a relative in Boston, so I just took it to the hazardous waste depot and dumped it.

  3. have now been 5 hours trying to get a link or a contact with memorex, only thing I am geting is a bothersome request to pay someone to answer me!!!!!!!

  4. Purchased my box early on, but didn't start using it until about 6 months ago. It lasted only 5 months, and now the product is discontinued. Based on my experience, and the ones posted before mine, it's no wonder.


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