Artec T3AP-LL Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 3.0
This converter box is no longer available for purchase after being pretty popular and selling out at most retailers. Artec came out with a bunch of different models and we are bit confused because most of them have the exact same features. In other cases they kept adding one feature at a time to each new upgrade, pretty weird we thought. Anyhow, if you were interested in this model there are several other Artec boxes still available for you to choose from.

Product Details: The picture and sound quality for the Artec T3AP-LL are both quite excellent. It provides a solidly rated picture with very clear images and excellent color contrasts. Deep right blacks and ultra smooth movements are what you get. The sound is also crisp and clear, and without questions a big upgrade from old school analog. As far as compared to other converter boxes this one rates out super well in regards to viewing experience. When watching you will almost think that you have a DVD popped in. It is currently priced at $45-$65 at most retail locations. At $65 it isn't that good of a deal because there are $40-$50 boxes that are just as good or better However, if you can find a retailer selling it for $40 I would jump on that right away. But be quick, this converter box is sure to sell out quickly just like all of the ones on the market.

Features: As far as features go, it comes with a pretty standard set of features. It has a basic TV guide that displays program details. The guide is pretty user friendly and we really like the setup of it. It also had an auto sleep mode that helps it to save power and lower your electricity bill. On box buttons are another rare feature that we see on this box which helps in the event that you lose your remote, batteries die, or it breaks. Three language closed captioning support is also available with this box. This is one of the best boxes on the market and you can't go wrong with it. For a full list of features and what you receive with your purchase please see below.
Artec T3APLL
Updated: April 2014

Real User Reviews: We haven't had very many comments or email feedback regarding this box but there are a couple user reviews below.

Frank Said...
"I bought one in August and until now it is working just fine! Good image quality (but it is not DVD image quality) and good reception! I can tune any channels around 10 or 15 miles around my house and I can even tune CBS (70 miles from my home) using a better indoor antenna with a reflector! I hope this product will last for a few years!! The only negative point I have found is with the remote control. It will only respond if you are within around 7 or 8 foot of your Artec converter!"
Mike Said...
"I purchased this converter box because I was looking for one that had analog pass through. This one had that and was rated pretty highly by everybody. I am pretty happy with my purchase and am getting crystal clear pictures and an extra 4 channels since hooking it up."
Features and Specs
Analog Pass Through Function
V-Chip Lock Parental Control
Adjustable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Signal Strength Meter (On Screen)
Power Saver Auto Sleep Mode
Energy Star Certified
Multi-Language Support (English, Spanish, French)
Some On Box Buttons
Compact Size
Displays All 18 Different ATSC Formats
Composite Video Jack
Stereo Audio Jacks
75 ohm Connector
6.40”W x 3.90”D x 1.20”H (Approximate)

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control (Non-Universal)

Detached Power Cord
Users/Owners Manual

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