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Digital TV And HDTV Antenna Information Guide

Are you looking for a digital TV antenna or HDTV antenna since the digital transition? Do you need information about the different types of antennas, which brands are the best, which antenna retailers are the best, and tips about installation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have found the right place. Below you will find several links to our antenna guide section that will provide you with the information that you are looking for. Before seeing our guides we suggest you read below and educate yourself on digital TV and why antennas are so important.

With the recent digital transition the demand for antennas of all kinds has been very high. People have their old rabbit ear antennas that worked with analog but for digital purposes you need something more powerful. Many people purchased converter boxes and are now realizing that these alone are not enough and that without a good digital antenna they are not going to get all of the channels that they should. Digital television signals work a lot like cell signals and often buildings and walls block signals to a large degree. If you are having trouble getting all of the channels then getting an antenna of some sort should go a long way in helping you to recapture some if not all of the missing channels. For some a standard digital antenna will not do the trick and you may be required to get a rooftop antenna or an amplifier of some sort. There have been reports from those that got high power antennas that they were actually able to pick up a bunch of extra free channels. In some ways digital TV may seem like a pain but really it truly is allowing people much better viewing options in the long run, the issues is about being informed and getting to that point where you are setup well.

The nature of digital TV is simply that it's an all or nothing deal. There is no in between like analog TV where you get channels but they are static filled. Some to the point where you are unable to make out what is happening or being said, others just enough static to bother you but you can still enjoy a show and see what is happening. With digital you either get a crisp clear picture or you get nothing at all. That's why an antenna is a must and not an option, there's no option to watch a channel with static or pay for an antenna to make the reception better. You are either in range and get the channel or you don't. Channels can indeed cut out where you get it for a few minutes then not at all for a bit then get it again. But when you're not getting it your getting nothing, not minor interference.

Most of the antennas that we have reviewed will work with all TVs but not all antennas will work with each persons location. There are a bunch of different options regarding antenna strength and how far it can pull signals in from. Some work better in cities while others are made for rural areas. You can also find ones that come with internal amplifiers and ones that do not. You also want to be sure to get one that works with either the UHF or VHF signals you need and HDTV if you want that feature.

There are many different types of antennas and the purchase process can be quite confusing. We highly recommend that you read through our guide below and visit other websites related to antennas in order be sure to educate yourself on exactly what you want/need. If you don't do this you may end up doing several returns or spending extra money on something that you don't need.

If you have questions about the information that we have provided please leave us a comment and we will do our best to get you an answer.

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  1. I recently bought a new TV and purchased a digital antenna for it. The Digital cutover took place (finally) this past week and I receive only a few stations clearly with a message indicating that the signal is not strong enough. I live less than 10 miles from Philadelphia.
    I am pretty sure that I will have to pay more money (only spent about $40 on this) for a good, reliable antenna - any suggestions?

  2. After the cutover my signal is weak or otherwise insufficient for satisfactory reception, regardless of the wall mount antenna that the FCC says works fine [ it doesn't]. Can you recommend a good, hopefully inexpensive antenna that would recieve and boost the digital signal to improve reception?
    Milton. email= cydric58@yahoo.com

  3. To Richard (6/17/09) and anonymous (6/20/09).
    Be sure to scan (or rescan) for channel availabilty each time you install or reposition an antenna.

  4. When one has an analog TV and using a converter box, can he use a regular TV atenna. What is the best atenna to use in this situation?


  5. I have a question. We have a cabin that we only have a really old roof top antenna. We purchased an rca digital converter box. It scans and find all kinds of channels, but we can only actually view one. We adjust and rotate the antenna, but to no avail. Will one of your reviewed indoor antennas work better? The tv channels we pick up are 50 miles or more away. The tv itself is only about 8 years old. Also, if we get a new indoor antenna, do we need to keep the roof top one?

  6. I am so disgusted by the switchover .I have an amplied antenna on the set right behind me.It brings up over 10 channel numbers & not One Channel.
    My outside antenna in the living room brings in 7 channels .2 are cw & my network versions from the 2 network stations I still get ,so they Mostly air the same shows .PBS & ABC are Gone & Nobody ,including the FCC will just tell me which antennas to buy . Fed Up,who Me?
    A different bedroom set gets one network & 2 off shoots ,on Good days .
    WalMart says they have some for $35 which Might work .TV place says he can rewire my outdoor antenna & maybe add a booster & maybe that will help for just over $100 .
    & of course old faithfull battery powered storm tvs are trash now .Progress,yeah right.

  7. Hello??? I am wondering if I might get an answer to my question?

  8. I have a modern flat screen television set purchased 2 years ago. It worked fine with a standard rabbit ear and loop interior antenna to pick up local stations. I am probably 25 miles from most television towers in the LA area. What is my best buy internal antenna to replace what I have?

  9. There is no such thing as a "digital antenna" - an aerial is just a piece of metal tuned to the right frequencies you want to receive.

    Furthermore, an indoor aerial will NOT work well for most people because TV and FM radio is designed for the use of OUTDOOR aerials, 25 to 35ft above ground level. Indoor aerials get a poorer signal and more electrical interference.

  10. This digital crap sucks! One min it works and the next it don't even with an outside antenna. If I wanted to lose my channels I would have went with the satilite!!!
    Sue Ann

  11. I have an old tv antenna outside our house with a booster inside, i'm not sure if it works or if it can work with the new digital conversion, do i need a conversion box to make it work or can i hook a tv up to it without a converter? Anyone know e-mail me at garyl5@hotmail.com

  12. I live in a very rural area. Before the switch I could pick up all kinds of channels with just the regular rabbit ear antenna that sat on the TV.

    Now..with the 'progress' that has been made with digital TV I can sometimes, only sometimes, pick up 3 PBS channels, an ABC channel and another Cincinnati channel once in a blue moon. And even with the PBS channels it's never a sure thing.

    So now I get no local channels to warn me of storms or of school closings. No network programming.

    It's as if it were designed to force people to purchase cable or satellite in order to have channels. I can't afford satellite and there isn't even any cable offered or available in my area to purchase. I'll bet that advertisers that sponsor the networks didn't consider that their efforts would be futile once this transition took place.

  13. I'm trying to get a digital converter box and a RCA digital antenna to work in a trailer in a trailer park at the beach. NO Luck, Appears to be hooked up correctly.. Is it possible to view free TV at the beach in a trailer park? Thanks, Al

  14. I am of the impression that while modern TV receptors and screens are HD the hype by BBC and ITV is about as ready to yield HD level to us as customers as they are about to sell us yet another box or a Sky set, yet I know Sky people are having trouble receiving new digital at all. We are OK with an aerial, we just cannot get HD. A little alike the NHS knocking down Southmead hospital new buildings during a self imposed Bankers and governments finance crisis ! to prevent people working steadily on their salaries and failing to claim inflated incomes as private operators on bid systems. We know how this works, we were there when you started it.

  15. Every body can moan and groan but when are you going to make these statements to your so called representatives and get off the couch to demand better service and better everything. I dont like it either so I protest and I join the tea party and short of going off like a loose cannon(which will only hang my ass) I pray at night to get peace of mind. Band together and petition , write letters, boycott, etc..,

  16. i have a old antenna the really big one on the side of my house and i have a digital box can i connect that antenna to my box

  17. Well I see I'm not the only one whose frustrated with the new digital tv, actually I hate it! I wish they would of left it the way it was before, the thing I'm having trouble with is the poor reception with my tv, I had went and bought a LCD tv months ago even though I still have my old tv model in the closet I decided to get a new model digital, well anyway its not going good for me as far as reception and I have three different antennas now and they don't work all that good; I recently bought a new one that should work with HD/LCD digital tv's even it doesn't work all that good either but maybe a little better than the other two antennas I have, but I'm always having to rescan for channels either I gain some or I lose some channels it never feels, and when I try to rotate the antenna in a different angle or direction it doesn't do much good, so I get frustrated with it, and there is one particular channel that doesn't come in sometimes even when I rescan, but even so some of the channels I do get they don't come in to good poor reception maybe it has something to do with where I live I don't know but it sucks! I hate it; so I have this converter box which I had gotten months before tv went digital with a coupon I had, I and decided to use it for the LCD tv I have, so far it works better as far as most of the channels coming in of course I had to rescan for channels but it seems to be working just fine for me, the reception is a little better with the antenna of course, so I'm going to stick with using the converter box from now on because its working for so far.

  18. I am unable to scan channels, on the manual it says press one to scan but mine wont do anything, any ideas???

  19. I have an APEX DT250 digital converter. It has a "smart antenna" socket on the back of the box. What is a "Smart Antenna"?

  20. Am I missing something?? What's the point of having this section where we can ask questions if there is no one to answer??


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