Artec T3AP Pro Digital TVConverter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 3.0
The Artec T3AP Pro is no longer available and has been upgraded several times, the upgrade versions include the Artec T3AP-LL, and Artec T3AP-LS. For some reason the company keeps coming out with updated versions of its boxes but we are seeing very little differences in the models. It would be nice if they would come out with an all encompassing box that has the majority of the key features that all converters should have.

Product Details: The picture quality for this product is actually very good. When watching free over the air broadcasts with this one you get a picture quality that is just a tiny notch below that of a DVD. If you are looking for a significant upgrade from the quality you get then the it is a good one to consider. The sound quality is also very good for this product. It is similar to most of the others we have looked at in that it gives viewers a crystal clear sound.

Features: It comes with an electronic programming guide that shows/displays information for upcoming shows and currently running shows. It also comes with real physical buttons to allow control without the remote control. The best thing about it is that it was upgraded from the Artec T3A Pro to include analog pass-through. Other key features include an external power adapter and multi-language functions. It does not come with a universal remote control or a smart antenna connection port.

This box has just about everything. The only things it is missing is the smart antenna port and the remote being able to be programmed for universal use. Other than that it is very good and for most it will get the job done very well. We highly recommend it if the price is right. If you can find it for under $50 we say go for it!
Artec T3AP Pro
Update March 2014

Real User Reviews: For further details regarding the reliability of this box we have provided several reviews left by users. You can see even more info from real users by checking out our comments section at the bottom of this post.

Ken Said...
"The T3AP Pro Digital-to-Analog Converter Box will only show stations that have a 90%+ signal. If the signal is weak, the station doesn't show. Before the stations in Buffalo went digital, I could pick them up fairly well with rabbit ears, not the same quality as Toronto stations. After Buffalo went digital, I can no longer pick them up with the T3AP Pro Digital-to-Analog Converter Box."
Wil Said...
"I have an Artec, have had it since the conversion, and have been very happy. Unfortunately now the remote won't hold a program, even for the converter box. Could this just be a battery problem or something else and if it is some thing else where could I get a new one? Like I said, outside of the issue with the remote I am very happy and this box has function very well for me for several years."
Works With All 18 ATSC Signals
Comes With Pass-Through For Lower Power Analog Stations
Automatic Sleep Timer Settings
Parental Control Settings For Keeping Your Children From Seeing Adult Rated Shows
Composite Video
Stereo Audio Out
75 ohm RF Video/Audio Jack (Coaxial Cable)
Electronic Program Guide
On Screen Signal Strength Meter
Energy Star Compliant
English, French, and Spanish Language Support
Compact Size

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries
External Power Adapter

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  1. The signal comes in fine but living in Toronto we have some digital channels and some analog. To watch digital I use the box, for analog the box must be turned off. It is a bit of an irritant. Given that these were made for the US where all channels are digital, I'm not sure if a unit exists that will handle both analog and digital.


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