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Coship N9901T Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 3.5
This is another box that is no longer available for sale anywhere that we can find. It was confirmed with the manufacturer that they are out of production but they couldn't answers as to whether any retailers still has anything in stock or not. Either way they won't be around for long and you will likely have to go with something else.

This converter box is an upgraded version of a previous Coship box. One that we didn't recommend for several reasons. Read on to see what we think of this one.

Product Details: The Coship N9901T provides its viewers with a pretty good picture, which makes it quite appealing right of the bat. It's not the very best, but it's up there with some other good ones. It's sound quality didn't do anything out of the ordinary that made us worry either, so we are giving it a passing grade for that as well.

Features: It also comes with quite a lot of good features. It comes with a program guide that gives users information on shows that are already on TV, including the show title and run time. It also provides these details for future shows. One convenience it comes with is buttons on the box that are good for if your remote ever breaks or is lost. Other standard features it has include a remote control, adjustable closed captioning, and language supports for english, spanish, and french. It does come with the ever important analog pass-through which is a feature its older version was missing. It also comes with composite video and RF outs and VCR timers.

This is one of the better boxes that we have looked at due to its long list of features. If you can find it for a decent price, somewhere under $60, then we definitely recommend it.
Coship N9901T
Update March 2014

Real User Reviews: We haven't see much in the way of reviews or comments regarding this box but we have provided what little was sent to us.

Tilly Said...
"We've used this converter for about a year now. It works great with the flexibility to switch TV types and has previews of upcoming shows, etc. Nice converter/remote options - easy to set up. We get a bunch of extra channels now that we made the switch and it has made TV so much better for us without having to spend any money. We couldn't be happy with the digital switch. It is now past the warranty period so we are hoping that this box doesn't break all of the sudden, as seems to be the case with a large number of different converters. Fingers crossed!"
Analog Pass
Configurable Closed Captioning
Parental Control Settings To Lock Out Certain Ratings
English, French, and Spanish Language Support
Viewer Guide For Show Information
Government Certified And Coupon Eligible

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries

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  1. I wanted to know why the
    Remote stopped working from one day to another. Is the converter not receiving the signal from the remote. I also bought new batteries and a new remote that is coship compatible, but it didn't work. Is there a place that can check why it doesn't want to work.


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