Artec T3A Pro Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 2.5

Update February 2014: This TV converter box has now been upgrade many different times. It appears as though the company can't simply settle on a box that comes with all features so they keep adding them slowly as they see fit but strangely taking other features away at the same time. The upgrade versions in order from earliest to latest models are the Artec T3AP, Artec T3AP Pro, Artec T3AP-LL, and Artec T3AP-LS.

Product Details: It has been reported to have a picture quality that is in the "2nd tier". This means that its picture quality is very good, an upgrade from analog TV, but not quite as good as what you could get with the very best on the market. The audio quality that you get with it is also very good. Its sound quality rates up there with the best on the market and is better than most analog broadcasts, in fact it is so good that it rivals DVD sound quality. This box is typically sold for $40-$50 depending on where you purchase it from. This converter box is no longer available at most retailers but you may be able to snatch one up on eBay. As an alternative you can purchase one of its upgrade versions listed above.
Artec T3A Pro
Features: It comes with an above average program guide that shows the program title, total run time for the current show, and total run time for the next show. It also comes with an auto aspect ratio function so you don't have to manually set it yourself. With this box you can also manually set each channel or use the scan function, a feature that we've seen with every other one to date. Finally it has its own settings for contrast, brightness, and hue. It however does not come with analog pass-through.

Overall it is a pretty good converter box but is missing the key analog pass-through. When it 1st came out it was one of the top boxes but it has been superseded by four or five other Artec models. We do not recommend this box due to this and suggest that your purchase one of its updated models. You can find new versions for the same price that include analog pass-through and other important features as well.

Update March 2014

Real User Reviews: Unfortunately at this point in time no users have come forward with their reviews of this product. A quick glance at Amazon also shows only 3 reviews. Two consumers gave it 4/5 stars and the other gave it 2/5.

V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide
On Screen Signal Strength Meter
English, French, and Spanish Language Support
Compact Size

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
RF Coaxial Cable
Power Cord

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