Channel Master CM-7000 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 4.5

Unfortunately this top notch box has sold out and can no longer be purchased. If you can find it online used or on an auction site for a reasonable price go ahead and get it and we promise you will not be disappointed. Currently there are rumors Channel Master will be coming out with an even better high end box that they plan to keep in production permanently.

This box has proven to be one time and time again to be one of the best available due to its enhanced reception which results in more channels. It has also seen a significantly lower number of complaints as compared others and appears to have significantly better long term reliability. Not only that but it comes with what we have deemed the best picture quality out of any box we have seen.

Product Details: The picture quality of the Channel Master CM-7000  is the best that we have seen out of all converter boxes we have looked at. It  provides an absolutely crystal clear picture that is equivalent to that of DVD quality, which we all know is very good. The sound quality of the Channel Master CM-7000 is just as good as any of the other boxes that we have looked at. Its sound quality rivals that of a DVD.

Features: It is one of only a few models that we know of that comes with S-video output as of right now. It also comes with an excellent programming guide, channel scanning function, and adjustable closed captioning. Unfortunately it does not come with analog pass-through, a universal remote, or auto aspect ratio. Despite lacking these features it is still highly recommend over the majority of other converter box that malfunction or break rather easily.

If you need a converter box then the Channel Master CM-7000 is one of the best ones out there. It sells at a good price and has the best picture and sound quality around. Beyond that is the fact that the it has proven to be reliable over the long haul and you can expect it to work for years rather that months, as is the case with a lot of other converter boxes.
Channel Master CM-7000
Update April 2014

Real User Reviews: If you are strongly considering this box see the user reviews below that were submitted to us. These reviews will give you a valued outside perspective on the functionality and reliability of this converter box.

Dick Johnson Said...
"The CM-7000 has a great picture, even when I tested it through composite inputs on an old (1983) NEC 17-inch TV monitor. But out of the box it had no right channel audio and I returned it for a replacement to the factory, with authorization from Channel Master's customer service person. The replacement unit came May 2. Audio and video are terrific. The sensitivity of the receiving (front-end) is better than the Zeniths I've installed. I couldn't be happier with my purchase to this point."
Homer Said...
"I just bought the Channel Master for $50 at Frys, and also an Insignia converter at Best Buy for $60. They both are good yet the CM is a better buy for all around quality, the only difference in features is the Insignia has signal display and you can turn your TV on and off with its remote. The CM does not have these options but these are not a big concern because the CM has a much better remote control and picture. If you need a great antenna booster Chanel Master makes excellent ones, I've had one of theirs for 10 years. Just independent consumer passing on what I have experienced." 
Laura Said...
"Plain and simple the Channel Master CM-7000 is the only converter box that worked in my location. An added bonus was a remote that did not resemble the quality of a dog chew toy"
George Said...
"The CM 7000 is the Ferrari of converter boxes.
I started with the cheap Magnavox from Walmart, mediocre at best. When I rotate my antenna towards another city I had to rescan as it has no add feature. It's going to the guest room. 
The Insignia from Best Buy is a great unit but has no S-Video and the program guide is very basic. 
I read the reviews and picked up a CM 7000 for use with my bedroom TV that has S-Video inputs. The picture quality is incredible and the tuner sensitivity is even better than the Insignia. The remote is rock solid and you can point it anywhere you want, unlike the junk Magnavox remote. 
The CM 7000 and Insignia pull in about 100 channels during the night and early morning hours, some ranging well over 200 miles away. I get about 60 channels at all times that never go away. The Magnavox unit hooked up to the same antenna system is nowhere close. 
For those wondering, I'm using a Winegard 9032 antenna about 30' up, rotator and booster. I'm in NW Indiana and I receive stations from Chicago, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, SouthBend, Quad Cities Iowa and Indianapolis." 
Government Certified And Eligible For The $40 Off Coupon
Compatible All 18 ATSC Formats
Composite Video Out
Stereo Audio Out
S-Video Output
Electronic Program Guide
Configurable Closed Captioning
Parental Controls

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control - Batteries Sold Separately
Owners Manual


  1. Doug Berry- Wabash, USAMay 20, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    This converter box is a quality product. I had 2 of the "Dish Network TR-40's" and they are absolute junk compared to the Channel Master. Don't waste your time, coupon, or money on anything else!

  2. Roger Davis- Ventura, CA USAMay 20, 2009 at 12:40 PM

    I hooked up the Channel Master converter box as shown in the directions, but cannot record on my VCR by Samsung. I have found no directions to help with this problem.

  3. Don't know if you received an answer yet but I'm thinking your VCR recording process will be different now with the converter box. If I was going to do that, I'd try programming the vcr to record on channel 3 or channel 4, whichever channel you now leave your TV on to receive the signal from the box. Then you will probably need to set the box on the channel you want to record and leave it on, unless it has some sort of timer programming function which I doubt it does. I hope that helps and I'm curious to find out if it works. Good luck!

  4. Works great, really pleased!

    Question: I notice that when both the tv with the CM 7000 and my living room TV (analog, with Comcast basic tier cable) are on, there is a consistent 1-2 second delay between them. It's weird. Does anyone know if this is normal, and the reason? (I believe the one with the CM 7000 has the lag, but I'm not 100% sure -- can't check at the moment since I'm not at home.) Thanks.

  5. To answer the above ?, Yes this is normal. I have satellite and experience this also. YOu have to remember you are receiving the signal from two different sources. One is directly form the broadcaster itself, the second is ran from the broadcaster, to a satellite, a processing/distribution array, and then to your TV. Hope this helps.........

  6. I just hooked up a new CM. The picture quality is good but black and white only. Also S video doesn't work.
    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


  7. The Channel Master CM-7000 picture is a bit below that of the Tivax STB-T9. With the stb and antenna in exactly the same place with the same antenna pointed the same way the Tivax STB-T9 was constantly losing the signal but the Channel Master CM-7000 doesn't.

  8. I have been pleased for the most part with the two boxes, as the picture quality is excellent. The problem is that both of the CM-7000 boxes show pictures in black and white. They first were OK with color, but after a few hours of use, each dropped the color spectrum and I cannot determine how to get the color back.

  9. Some Off-Air viewers who buy a converter box have problems receiving the same stations digitally with the box installed as they did without it or get no broadcast stations at all (with converter boxes that don’t pass analogue signals). Excluding the possibility that they have a defective converter box or have installed it incorrectly, there are many more likely reasons why this happens:

    1. They have an old antenna that has corroded over the years.
    2. They have the wrong antenna (VHF only) for UHF reception where most of the digital broadcast signals are and will be located.
    3. They may have received an acceptable analogue picture for years, but a) the broadcast station analog signal was not that powerful in the first place (signal power or distance) producing a little snow and/or b) the old antenna is not powerful enough to receive and send a strong digital signal to the digital tuner in the converter box. Unlike analogue, no strong signal, no picture, just a blue screen.
    4. Many of the TV antenna designs now in use and on the market today such as the Yagi and rabbit ears have technology roots going back 30 years or more and may not work well with the digital chip sets in converter boxes.
    5. The analog signal passed through trees, but the digital signal passing through tress, especially through pine trees, will not be strong enough to be decoded by the digital tuner.
    6. Their antenna is aimed at the old analog tower location and the digital towers have been relocated or it was aimed wrong all these years, but received a marginal analogue picture.
    7. The digital stations may still be broadcasting in low power.
    8. If you live less than 5 miles from the station, you might need an attenuator to reduce the signal strength and prevent overloading the tuner. If you live more than 35 miles from the towers, you may have to consider an antenna amplifier.
    9. They may be dealing with multi-path in urban locations. Multi-path (bounced signals) is caused by buildings, hills and any other hard object in the line-of-sight to the broadcast towers. They cause signals to reach the antenna out of phase, confusing the ATSC (Digital) chip set in the converter box (or digital TV set tuners. Try re-aiming your antenna.
    10. They may have not performed the correct search procedure on their TV to find the digital stations. Many stations have changed channels, mostly to UHF (14-69)
    11. The old incoming cable and/or connectors may be bad. These do not last forever.

  10. This converter box was perfect for me! So easy to use and great picture quality. Definatley worthy in value. Highly recommended machinery. I had some issues with the product and luckily it was under the 90-day warranty, the manufacturer replaced it before I even sent mine out! (sent within first 24 hours of malfunction) The service made the buy all the more enjoyable of an experience with Channel Master.

  11. Purchased 3 of these CMs 2 years ago for the digital switch for 2 main reasons: S-Video & ReplayTV (DVR) compatibility. The boxes were on 24/7 and worked wonderfully until they started dying recently. 1, then 2, and now all 3 are dead! No picture, no sound, just a red light in front and the occasional green light.

    So, is it normal for these boxes to be replaced every 2 years? [Still cheaper than cable ($70/box/TV/2yrs vs $40/month) I guess.]

  12. For those with black and white problem from Channel Master website:

    Q. I have a clear picture but it is black and white, no color.
    A. Ask customer to disconnect the antenna from the CM-7000 and perform a channel scan. The scan will find no channels. Unplug the CM-7000
    from the power outlet then plug back in. Reconnect the antenna and rescan for channels.

  13. I am glad to see comments about the CM going out after 2 years. Mine has lasted for about 3 years and it has just died today. Same functions happened, got a single red light on in front panel, no picture or sound on my TV. I am guessing that 2 to 3 years is the limit of CM boxes. Still not a bad value when you think about the price of cable TV. Well I need to go out and buy a new CM converter box.


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