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Zentech EZTV DF2000L Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 3.0
When this was available for sale it was a great option, but no surprise that it is now out of stock. The stock on this guy lasted all the way through the transition but the company stopped producing it after, thinking that there would be no more demanding for converter boxes. Unfortunately demand has been high for several reasons. One being that a lot of people didn't heed warnings about losing TV and waited to convert. The other being that a lot of various converter box models have proven to be unreliable and consumers have been forced to purchase a new one. We were unable to find this one at any retailers or even at any online auction websites.

Product Details: You get the fairly common second tier rating for both the picture and audio that this converter box puts out. Again, it's a significant improvement over your typical analog broadcast, but there are other boxes out there that provide even better improvements than this one. Still, it is sufficient at what it does and you could certainly do worse.

Features: As stated before this ones comes with the most important features, analog pass-through. It also has the three common and important different language options including Spanish, English, and French. It comes with its own remote control for your convenience and also an electronic program guide that gives you upcoming show details up to a week in advance. This makes it one of the best guides out there. This DTV converter box also comes with parental control settings so that you can monitor what your children watch. Finally, it comes with adjustable closed captioning and is energy star compliant.

If you are looking for a mid rated  box that will get the job done but don't want to spend a ton of money then you can't go wrong with the Zentech DF2000L. It's clear that there are other converter boxes out there that are better but at the same time our review showed that this one is sufficient at supplying consumers what they need.
Update April 2014

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Accepts All ATSC Formats
Electronic TV Programming Guide
Closed Captioning -Personalize it
Parental Controls With V-Chip Technology
Analog Pass Through
Energy Star Certified

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
Power Cord
Owners Manual

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  1. my remote stopped working how can I get a new one please help


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