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Digital Stream DSP7700T Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

This product is not recommended for purchase or us due to the fact that there are many other options that work better, last longer, and come at a significantly cheaper price. However if you do have this box in possession already and can't return it you will indeed need a digital TV antenna in order to get good reception.

The box has now been upgraded to the Digital Stream DSP7700P. We do not recommend the old version, check out or review of the new version to see what we think of it. However, we are not privy to the Digital Stream line of boxes and are still waiting for them to impress us with something better. With their big name you would think that they would come out with better products but that simply has not been the case up to this point.

Product Details: Not surprisingly at all this guy has a picture quality that is just average, and it should certainly be a lot better than it is, coming from DS. Its picture quality when in HD is very good but it is stretched out and noticeably blurry while watching standard definition content. When we hooked  it up and got it running it was still an upgrade over our analog picture but honestly, that's something that you get with every single TV converter box on the market, even the cheapest worst performing one out there. It rates out roughly similar to all others in regards to sound quality. That's one thing that all companies seem to have gotten right, so that doesn't help it to stand out in any way from other options. It's better than analog sound, but really, what isn't? It sells for $65 which is a lot when considering that some that rate out near the top cost only $40 (free after using the government coupon card). As stated above, this box is no longer available at most retail locations, which is a good thing in our opinion.

It does come with a scheduling and program guide that is above average. That's the only place where it shines. But for most that have never had a guide anyway, this isn't all that important. It's guide provides views with information on the current shows title, length of time airing, and a short snippet/summary of what the show it. It also shows all of the same exact information for the next schedule show and out forward for several hours. It comes with the standard auto tuning function that all converter boxes have so that you can get all of your favorite channels programmed. You can also add channels one at a time if you are having any issues. Finally also comes with the ability to view an on screen signal strength meter to help with adjusting your antenna and setting channels, along with a universal remote control for easy surfacing of channels, and a fully adjustable closed captioning function so that can also be personalize. It didn't originally come with analog pass-through but has now been upgrade to include that feature.

Overall, it comes with a decent set of features and will certainly supply you with a better viewing experience than you get with analog TV but flat out there are better options out there that also cost less money.

Digital Stream DSP7700T
Features & Specs

Analog Pass-Through
V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide
On Screen Signal Strength Meter
Energy Star Compliant
English, French, and Spanish Language Support

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Universal Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries
Coaxial Cable

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