About My Blog

The original intent of the Digital TV Reviews blog was purely to provide information on the digital transition and TV converter boxes. In the process we have provided reviews of over 100 different government certified converter boxes along with numerous informational posts about the digital transition. As the evolution of digital TV progressed we saw a need for information on several other related topics and as such have gone ahead with reviews of a large number of digital TV antennas as well.

Since the transition we have focused our efforts on expanding our blog to include information about the many alternatives to free over-the-air television via a converter box. In doing so we have created guides and reviews related to cable and satellite TV, along with streaming services that are abundantly offer these days.

We have also expanded our blog to include information on other television related items such as TV lifts and wall mounts along with non-television related electronics including cell signal boosters and VoIP phone services, with plans to expand further in the near future.

At our blog our goal has always been to provide a fresh and new perspective on the products and services we review. It order to do this we have worked to provide the most accurate and complete reviews possible without all of the extra fluff. We take pride in providing high quality, accurate information to help consumers make better buying choices.

We have also relied greatly on user comments to help expand upon our reviews and provide you with even more information about the products contained herein. We strongly encourage and  welcome comments from consumers that have used the products we have written about. Comments from those that have used a product for an extensive period of time help immensely in giving us and other consumers a more accurate picture of how products work over an extended period of time.