A Complete List Of All magicJack Features + User Reviews

We think that magicJack is a great product but when we were trying read about it we really struggled in finding a complete list of the features you get with it. Even on the manufacturer website it was scattered and we able to see a short list of key features but never a full list of everything the device has to offer customers.

As a result we decide to compile a complete list below with all features that come with the all of their devices, including the magicJack, magicJack plus, magicJack App, and magicJack Plus 2014. We have added every possible feature that we know of and we will continue to add to this list as we are made aware of anything we missed or as new features are made available. As an added bonus we have also included several user reviews at the bottom that were left at our blog.

Note: We have not differentiated which features come with which device due to the fact that is was almost impossible to tell. As a result it is best to confirm with the company before assuming an older version comes with all of the features below. For the most part all features come with all devices but there may be a handful of exceptions to this rule. In order to confirm you can visit the official website and click on 'live chat'. Once in the live chat you can ask the agent about a specific device and the specific feature that you have a question about. 

- No Monthly Bills
- Unlimited Local And Long Distance Calling For $29.95 Per Year
- Calling For Just $19.95 Per Year When A 5-Year Advanced Plan Is Purchased
- Can Be Used Anywhere That A BroadBand Internet Connection Exists
- Ability To Make Calls Directly Through Your Computer
- Magic Jack's Own Private VoIP Network
- Simple And Automatic Installation
- Works With A Traditional Landline Phone
- International Calling (Rates range from $0.02 to over $1 per minute)
- Call Any Landline, Cell Phone, Or Other MagicJack User
- Free 411 Directory Assistance
- Conference Calling
- Address Book
- Outlook Program Integration For One Click Calling
- Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 And MAC Compatible
- Works With A Bluetooth Headset
- Caller ID
- Free Call Waiting
- VoiceMail
- Free Call Forwarding
- Emergency 911 Dialing
- magicJack App For Smartphone Calling (currently free)
- Ability Keep Your Old Phone Number
- Connect Through Wi-Fi
- Three-Way Calling
- Visual Voicemail
- Fax Machine Compatible
- Call Blocking
- Caller ID Blocking
- No Computer Necessary
- Free Device To Device Calls
- No Contract Required
- Live Chat Support

Real User Reviews

Bryon Said...

"I tried one a few years ago & it was awful. Serious delay when speaking on both ends, had to be plugged into your PC, couldn't port your number and quality was horrible. 
Fast forward to 2011, my parents are in bad financial shape and barely make it with less than $30 to spare. I switched them to Vonage 2 years ago, because they were getting gouged by the local phone company (WindStream).  
I was flipping channels one day & saw the MJ infomercial and was about to keep flipping when I noticed that this MJ was different, I continued to watch. This was a totally new MJ...The MJ Plus. You no longer had to use your PC & you could port your number!  
With the 30 day trial, I figured nothing to lose. So I ordered one for my parents, the prospect of taking them from $34 a month to $29.95 a year was to good to ignore. Giving MJ a 2nd chance with the MJ Plus was the best thing I ever did for my parents. 
MJ Plus is dramatically improved over the original MJ!!! The ability to plug into the wall instead of your PC was a big plus. Being able to port your number was huge. There was no more delay when speaking. Call quality was crystal clear. We tried it for 2 weeks and there was no way this was being returned! The MJ Plus is AWESOME! My parents have not had a single issue with MJ Plus. 
They even say its much clearer than Vonage. Now they have a more breathing room each month, they are no longer paying $34+ to Vonage and the cost was so low, I just pay the renewal for them.  
Also for anyone still on the fence, please get the MJ Plus, you will not regret it, if it doesn't work out, you can always return it within 30 days and be charged absolutely nothing. Total cost after trial $102.59. That includes the MJ Plus device, first year of service, taxes, government fees, 911 fees. After that its $29.99 a year. The original MJ is $19.99 a year. Even for the first year with all the added cost of the device and fees it breaks down to $8.55 a month. After the first year it drops to $2.50 a month ($29.99 a year). 
Take it from someone who has always been skeptical, tried the original MJ and hated it, came back to give the MJ Plus a spin and is now a very satisfied customer. Oh, yes the customer service still sucks big time! But, I haven't had to contact them for anything. 
I would highly recommend not running it through you computer. Yes, you lose the ability to use the 3rd party add-ons, but its a very small price to pay. The reason for not running it through you computer is the call quality. It causes a slight delay and volume issues. 
Plugging it into the wall eliminates this problem, because the non-computer option has the MJ Plus connected directly to your router via an Ethernet cable, where as plugged into your USB port, there is latency issues with  using USB instead of a direct connect network cable and USB is at the mercy of your computer's available resources, whereas plugging it into the wall doesn't have this issue."
Fran Said...
"I have had Magic Jack for the past three years or more as my long distance number in Canada and it worked fine. Upon renewal this time I had difficulty so I just upgraded to the MJ plus. Now I have 2 MJ plus devices, one is a business line with a Canadian number and the other has a Boston number so I can stay in touch with family that lives in Boston. 
I am going to get a third line and officially get rid of my phone company that cost $50.00 a month. It is a hard decision because I have been with them for the past 15 years and my security and fax systems operate from them. But if I get rid of them I will save $550.00 a year minus MJ plus yearly fee. 
So, everyone out there who are contemplating this service, try it if you don't like it just return it. In my defense I should say I don't work for MJ and their services for dealing with customers problems is not good from my experience but the phone service works. It helps you to save money and you have one less bill per month. 
I hope my testimonial helped someone make a good decision."
Sonmox Said... 
"I had the original MagicJack but was not at all satisfied, so I cancelled the service. A couple of years later, I tried the MagicJack Plus, and the difference was amazing! I have had no issues, and as an experiment, I transferred my fax number from Vonage to MagicJack, and it also worked perfectly (even the number transfer went smoothly). My only issue is that I really need some of the features currently available only with the MagicFeatures program, but I have been unable to contact anyone who knew if the program would work if the MagicJack Plus was not plugged into the computer or if it will work with more than one MagicJack unit. Soon I am going to transfer more numbers to MagicJack."
And there you have it, three wonderful reviews from current magicJack customers. Please see the comments below for even more input from other users. 


  1. Have been using the Magic Jack since about June 1, 2009. It's worked fine. Two adverse comments: (1) It automatically assigned an telephone number with an area code in this state, but 300 miles away; any call I make, and any call to me, is therefore long distance. I've had clients ask me "what are you doing in Tukwila?" Awkward. (2) A client had set up a conference call with six other people at a "freeconference.com" number; when I dialed that number, Magoc Jack intervened and wouldn't let me make the call, directing me instead to another conference call site affiliated with Magic Jack. I think that under U.S. law, this is an illegal trade practice where you are mandatorily "tied" to another product. (I had my cell phone handy, and was able to make the call, but frankly, it pissed me off. I swear that I will NOT use Magic Jack's competing service because of this)

  2. How can I use Majic Jack as a fax line?

  3. I bought the magic jack at the recommendation of a colleague, but it did not work well with my system. My broadband service is Verizon FIOS, highspeed fiber optic cable so that was not the issue. The calls would occasionally be staticy or we could not hear each other. I tried to call MagicJack.com support only to find they did not have a phone number for tech support (but they do seem to have a live chat now, I didn't try it since I am past the 30 day purchase window.) The most extremely frustrating thing was that there is no uninstall utility with the software! They now have a mjremover.exe tool to uninstall it, but I don't trust running another executable file from this company on my computer! GRRRR.

  4. I have 2 of them. They both work great 99% of the time

  5. Any experience with magicjack for international calling?

  6. For $20/year, Magic Jack is superb. It's not well suited as a replacement for landlines, however. Most people soon discover that there is no local exchanged for them to choose from. For instance, I live in Richmond, Indiana, but Magic Jack offers local exchanges only for Indianapolis and Anderson in this state. Anyone living in Richmond who wants to phone my Magic Jack phone has to place a long distance call. Not so cool. MJ does offer free directory assistance that works and works well. It offers 911 service. For the money, no other service can touch it.

  7. can i use magic jack to call my friend in thailand?

  8. Ran into a problem with it....it is NOT compatible with Dishnetwork for accessing movie rentals, PPV, etc.....

  9. Do you know anyone that has ever had to call 911 on their Magic Jack phone? If so, was it like a 911 call from a land line?

  10. Users of the magicJack can now add over 20 features plus call recording with the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin recently released.

    Three of the most popular features with users are Selective Call Blocking, Priority Calls Only and Anonymous Call Blocking allowing magicJack users to easily filter pesky incoming calls without blocking calls most important to them.

    "Magicfeatures" adds all the bells and whistles to the magicJack calling experience including but not limited to:

    Caller ID with Name
    Call Waiting Caller ID
    Talking Caller ID
    7 Digit Local Area Dialing
    Voice Mail (dial 98)
    Speed Dial (dial 1-50)
    Last Number Redial (dial 66)
    Call Return (dial 69)
    Cancel Call Waiting (dial 70)
    Call Forwarding (dial 72/73)
    Anonymous Call Block (dial 77/87)
    Do Not Disturb (dial 78/79)
    Priority Calls Only (dial 64/84)
    Selective Call Rejection
    Blocked Call Chime with Caller ID
    Priority Call Special Ringing
    Priority Call Waiting
    Call Waiting Disable
    Automated Extension Dialing
    Automated Phone Card Dialing
    Double Ringing for Answer Machine Pickup
    Call Location Lookup
    Call Recording

    With the additional features, magicJack users can now enjoy even more dialing features than are available to landline users. The new "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack can be downloaded at http://www.pcphonesoft.com .

  11. It's the best $1.67 a month that I spend.

  12. I have had a Magic Jack for over 2 years, my son had Magic Jack but now has Skype. We had no troubles when i called him on his cell phone. He had a Magic Jack up until his 3 year old threw it away. one strike against Magic Jack for that I guess. He decided to try Skype after that. We didn't have a problem when he had MJ. Now we have problems with our calls once and a while. calls are dropping, conversations are breaking up and more echo troubles. Until now I have not had very many bad calls either incoming or outgoing. don't get me wrong not every call is dreadful but a lot more difficulty with his calls and i do want to try Skype for the video calls they have.

  13. Loved Magic Jack until now. Interconnect problems with many of the land line numbers I call every day. Certainly hope MJ and these telephone companies (Centurylink for one) can work this out. MJ is an awesome devise and I will keep using it whenever I possibly am allowed to do so.

  14. will majic jack plus work on direct tv network ?

  15. I have had Magic Jack for 2 years..my phone bills dropped from 100.00 dollars a month to 20 dollars a year..The company has worked on this system, and the static and periodic beeping and interference cutting out the voice sound have been worked out fine..I love my Magic Jack, and would not trade it for the world..It still needs a computer to work at this pricing..but I have been able to keep it going for two years for 40 dollars..let me see that is a savings of about 2400 dollars over two years..Thank you Magic Jack..

  16. I had the regular MagicJack years ago and was not satisfied. I decided to try the new Magic Jack Plus. I am amazed by the features and the quality. I was able to 'port' my home phone number and drop a $50 per month fee from AT&T. I did lose phone service for part of one day to allow them to transfer my phone number. I get email notifications when someone leaves a message on my voice mail....WOW. I love, love this system. It is plugged into my router not my laptop, so it is extremely convenient.

  17. I would like to keep my landline number but keep it forwarded to my cell phone at all times to receive my calls and have the MJ Plus available for outgoing calls. Is this able to be done without the MJ Plus plugged into a router or computer?

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  19. My problem is I thought that I wanted the regular magic jack. The magic jack plus is a much better option for me. I strongly suggest that if you have the regular magic jack upgrade to the magic jack plus. This will go through your electric outlet not the computer wich may cause your computer to go slow.


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