MagicTalk Phone Review - Stand Alone magicJack App Software

Magictalk is no longer available for download or use. Instead you can continue to get magicJack telephone service by either purchasing one of the devices or simply downloading their smartphone app for any IOS device, iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Although a good idea it came about right around the explosion of smartphones and never really took off. 

What Is MagicTalk?
It is a 100% software based program from makers of the magicJack and magicJack plus. This new software program is free to download and offers its users free local, long distance, and international calling to all magicJack users along with free incoming calls from land lines and cell phones. However, in order to make outgoing calls to cell phones and land lines you must upgrade from the basic to preferred service. It costs just $19.95 for a full year of unlimited local and long distance calls to the United States and Canada.
How Is It Different From Magic Jack?
The primary difference is that it is not a device but merely a software program. This of course means that you are unable to hook up a regular phone and therefore all calls are made directly from your computer screen. Since there is no device to purchase they are offering some free services. This includes unlimited free calls to any magicJack or magicTalk user along with free incoming calls from cell phones and land lines. As state above, in order to be able to place outgoing calls to non magicJack numbers you must upgrade for just $19.95 for each year of unlimited service to all United States and Canadian numbers.

Is There An App For Smartphones?
Yes! They have an app that will be released very shortly for Android phones, Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad, and other smartphones. This app will allow users to make free phones calls via their cell phone whenever they have a wifi connection. All they have to do is make their call directly through the app. The app is expected to be free and provide the same basic membership that the computer based program offers with the need for an upgrade to a preferred membership for all outgoing calls to non magic Jack numbers.

What Is The Benefit Of magicTalk Over One Of The Other Devices From The Company?
Many they want to get one of the devices and have a full set of features but for those that are simply looking for a very minimalist version of magicJack this could be right for them. The main advantage of course being that it can be used totally free of charge as a way to make calls. This can come in handy for those without a lot of money and no phone or even for those with a cell phone that simply want to save their limited minutes.

The MagicTalk Bottom Line
It is an interesting twist and adds to the suite of already powerful magicJack products. It is essentially a PC softphone that can be used to make calls without ever having to actually use a phone of any sorts. You can't beat free and that's what they are offering with this new software program. The free service does have its limitations but it could be a great way to save cell phone minutes while at home. 

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  1. I successfully plugged my friend's magic jack in to my home computer to test my cordless telephone (with 3 separate handsets) and had no problems answering or dialing from the different devices even though only the main phone was plugged in to the magic jack.


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