Magnavox TB100MW9 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 2.5

Recent reports have show that this box is having more reception problems that you would expect with most other TV converter boxes on the market. In order to solve these reception problems (a problem you will get to some extent with any converter box) you will need to purchase an antenna that works with digital signals.

Updates show that this product is now in stock and available for purchase again. We haven't located any physical retailers but it can be purchased online from various websites.

Product Details: It displays a very good picture quality that is in the "2nd tier" and just a slight step below that of the high rated converter boxes. Its picture quality is better than the average analog broadcast and better than the lower end converters on the market. The sound quality of it is an upgrade from analog but average at best when compared to other similarly priced ones. The L/R stereo outputs sound excellent but the RF output volume has a fuzzy sound to it when turned up. This box use to sell for around $40 but since the transition has come and gone there is less supply of boxes and it is being sold for $50-$60. 
Magnavox TB100MW9
Features: It has an above average programming guide that provides viewers with the show title, show run time, and a summary of upcoming and current shows. Like most other boxes you can also do a scan for all channels at one time or manually tune channels. It also comes with adjustable closed captioning for those that may want or need this feature. Originally it did not come with analog pass-through but it has now been updated to include this feature.

We have rated it as a middle of the road converter boxes on the market since it's analog pass-through upgrade was announced. Not only does it have this ever important feature but also comes with very good picture quality. Unfortunately it's reception issues keep it from coming out near the top. We do recommend cautiously for anyone needing a solution for their old analog TV.

Update February 2014

Real User Reviews: The reviews we have received of this box have come out pretty bad. It's a tough call because the features worked great when we initially hooked it up, but it's apparent that it doesn't work well when using it on a day-to-day basis. But then again, we have other people coming to the rescue telling us that it does indeed work well. It's a tough call, best of luck with your decision.

Ses1978 Said...
"This model has been nothing but trouble ever since the day I hooked it up in December. Funai tells me to wait until the conversion date which got pushed back to June 12 and rescan. I have to rescan sometimes just because the thing arbitrarily drops my channels without warning. One minute I get all my channels without having to get an outdoor antenna and the next thing I now it drops them or worse it gives me a black & white picture and static for sound! Funai won't take responsibility. Wal-mart won't exchange it for the newer box just because it's more than 90 days old, even though the FCC says they should. I called Magnavox itself who suggested we ask for a supervisor at Funai to ask for an exchange since they haven't already offered one. But the FCC, my local broadcasters association and even technical support at my local television station agree with me, this box is a problem. Many people in my area have had nothing but problems with it. And unfortunately, we used the coupon on it. There went that coupon."
Anonymous Said...
"I have to defend this box. I worked at TV station during the digital switch and we tested boxes for reception in fringe areas. This box had the best tuner for picking up weak signals by far.

Yes, it has design problems. It's stupid that it is worthless without it's remote. The on screen menus are bad. The remote poorly thought out.

But, if you live in area with weak signals or transmitters located in different areas, this is a good choice.

The truth is once you set it up, you'll never look at the menus again. But, the EPG is VERY basic compared with everyone else."
V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide
English, French, and Spanish Language Support

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Converter Box
Remote Control
Power Cord
RF Coaxial Cable


  1. This is a horrible converter box. I only bought it (2, actually) because it was ALL Walmart was selling. I've already had to return one box because it shut off and never would come back on. The other one still works, but occassionally it shuts off on its own and I have to rescan. This happens an average of 3x a week. This is a piece of crap, I WANT MY COUPON BACK!!

  2. I Have 2 of these boxes.Nothing but problems.There is a large black box that shows on the screen the only way to remove it is shut the box off.Within a few mins. it comes right back. Sometimes there is a small text box at the bottom of the screen.It can only be removed is by turning the box off. It also affects the volume on both TVs.It's much lower then without the box.It drops channels and we have to rescan every few days.You might get all the channels back and you might not. I know other people that have this model box and they have the same problems.Wish I had read reviews before I bought any box.

  3. I live in Habana, Cuba. I bought one of these boxes that someone managed to get in the country. I have a homemade UHF antena made by a professional in the field. I also have a signal booster made by him, too. You would´t belive it, I get most channels from Fort Myers and Miami. They only drop out when there is a real bad weather. So, I do not understand the previous comments. I believe you guys need better antena and a good booster. I know this is not the best converter in the market, but it works for me excellent.

  4. I have to agree, being a piece of "you know what" lol....

    Can't pick up a signal, after purchasing (under a year ago). Tried everything, under the sun (as suggested), too...

    Wal-Mart does not even carry them anymore (go figure)...

  5. I need to set up a DVD player with my converter, but I couldn't operate it. I couldn't find any information on your manual.
    Please help

  6. I just ordered one on ebay... before I read all the 100% bad reviews... doh!... I hope mine works. I'll keep my shock paddles near it. I had an ACCESS HD brand and 1 ACCESS HD shut off after 5 months and would not turn back on and the seconds ACCESS HD would not turn back on after about 4 months. I hope Magnavox shows the competition who is the king. But I think that all these converter boxes are pretty much garbage and probably all set up to fail after certain amounts of time. (MADE IN CHINA?) Walmart/CVS/RITE-AID and many other stores don't carry and D-TV boxes anymore. They probably got sick of handling returns... If this MAGNAVOX dies on me, I will go out and just buy a Digital Television and hope that last longer than these scam boxes!!

  7. We have had our box for about 2 years now and all of a sudden today it just stopped working in the middle of a program and I can not get it to work at all again. Of course I can not take it back since it was purchased 2 years ago and with a coupon and we really don't have the money to purchase another one.... no cable. Geeezzzzeee is this a punishment for being hard working a living paycheck to paycheck. Then American government hard at work once again screwing the working man. Can't even enjoy L&O!!!

  8. I have had no problems whatsoever with this box. It all comes down to a good antenna adjusted properly. I get 23 channels. The only drawback is that you cannot control the volume. Paid $30 on ebay.

  9. I learned the hard way only to buy top of the line products at Walmart. 5/02 I bought an Orion 27" TV there, and it only lasted two years. I was newly widowed, so money was tight. I found a Sanyo in the paper for $100, STILL works GREAT, MTS stereo & 3 screens. I bought two Magnavox Converters at Walmart, and accidentally chose rf through. The set up button won't reset to menu. Before that I couldn't get any channels. What can you expect for $10? When i have the $, going out to buy a better quality box. Disappointed with the company. Their quality has gone down since 1977 when I bought a TV for my mother that lasted 20 years!

  10. Mine kicked the bucket tonight. It powers up but nothing happens :( I blamed it on my wife till I read all these post!

  11. WOW, I have 4 of them that I took to the farm and the reception is unreal. Yes, if the batteries are dead on the remote it won't turn on. Yes, if you don't go into set up and tell in not to turn of in 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs or don't turn off. It will turn off. Yes, if you have not gone in setup and told it you are using RCA plugs or RF cable you won't get a picture, if you have the power outage need to do set up again. I read the oweners manuel, it a great. Oh!yea they are there are many types of antenas. The indoor one work good in the city. I used my old ouside one that is 30ft high get Panama City, Tallahasee and Dothan. Kind of gave where I live. I rescan weekly because they are adding new channels all the time. P.S. I have to get out of the recliner but I have found the beer stays cold in the refrigrator. Live Long and Prosper

  12. Does anyone know if u can setup. A universal remote to this box?

  13. Indoor antenna and bad thunderstorms in the area. Blacks out the tv single. I have a problem now. CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox all come in on Spanish 2/2. Local and main programs picture good, but no sound. The set-up; the down key doesn't work. Neither does the Audio key on the remote control. I've taken apart the remote and the box, to check on the "China" crap transformers to see if their blown. My unit is ok. Then I check each circiut with an ohms meter and that's when I find the remote control chip is no good. Well it's made in China. China shit don't last forever. Replacement is required every 2-3 years. Just like anything else made in China.

  14. About the Magnavox converter box, there have been some complaints of low audio. To solve this problem, in the setup mode, choose "RF out" not "audio out", if you plan to use a standard rf cable. If you use the default "audio out", things will still work, but the audio volume will be down about 50%. Another concern is heat. While this box does not get lethally hot (like the Apex type boxes), still there is a fair bit of heat given off by the main processing chip. There are almost no holes in the box for ventilation, so the heat starts to build. This will shorten the life of the unit. If you have a bit of "handyman creativity", you can solve the ventilation problem. One possibility is to add (superglue the spacers to the plastic box for ease) half inch spacers over the 4 screws that hold the box together. You will then need to buy 4 screws that are half inch longer than the original screws. The result of this is that the two halves of the plastic housing will be separated by about 3/8 inch, to allow space for ventilation all around the unit.

  15. Worst thing ever, I cant take close captioning off.


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