Sansonic FT300A Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Rating: 2.5
Reception problems have been reported with this product and it is likely a combination of uninformed consumers trying to use it without a good digital antenna and also poor manufacturing. No converter boxes will do a sufficient job of picking up digital channels without a good antenna but out of the box one should be able to get at least a handful of channels.

Another product that is sold out here. Again, not the biggest concern since there are better options out there but it sure would be nice if some of these companies could keep their TV converter boxes in stock. You can find a few previously owned ones for sale but availability is spotty along with no warranty.

Product Details: It provides viewers with a pretty darn good picture and excellent sound quality. Both the sound quality and picture quality are a step below DVD quality and a big upgrade from the average analog picture. The Sansonic FT300A currently sells for about $50 but is now sold out at most retailers. For a good alternative to this please see our full list of converter boxes that we have reviewed.
Sansonic FT300A Features: It comes with a super compact is size and can be placed in very small places. It also omes with a electronic program guide the provides users with details on current shows but not for future shows that are yet to air. It is a fairly basic program guide that doesn't provide as much information as most other converter boxes. Whether you are okay with this all depends on what you are looking for, it clearly provides more info than old over-the-air analog channels that didn't have any sort of guide, but you can find better. Another drawback is that it is generally lacking quite a few features including the most important one - analog pass-through. The Dish Network DTVPal Plus is considered by most to be a good choice if you need a box with analog pass-through.

This converter box is a mid rated converter box because despite its lack of features, its small size is handy and it does give viewers great picture and sound quality. As with a lot of converter boxes, you could do a lot worse but our reviews clearly show that there are better options out there.

Update February 2014

Real User Reviews: Although the quality of the box was mid rated as far as features, picture and sound go, it's actual function in the real world for the average consumer appears to be far less than desired. As a results it's best to look elsewhere for any converter box needs you may have.

Anonymous Said...
"I obtained two converter boxes. My Tivax STB-T8 worked fine once I got the Tivax indoor antenna to go along with it. Unfortunately, my second box was the Sansonic FT300A, which does not work at all. The remote turns the box on and off, but that's all that happened. Although I purchased the Sansonic in November, I did not take it out of the box until last week. My advice is to get the Tivax and boycott Sansonic."
Teddy Said...
"I bought a Sansonic FT-300A converter box after reading reports where it was rated well. I have tried mine on 2 different TVs, one a Panasonic w/ a built-in VCR and the other a Sony Trinitron, and I can't do anything with either set. The remote control that came with the box doesn't seem to work, though it will turn the converter box on and off. I bought a new antenna and hooked that up --an indoor one--but the box isn't doing what it was supposed to, which was--it says this on the box!--keep old analog TVs working."
V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
On Screen Signal Strength Meter
Electronic Program Guide
English, French, and Spanish Language Support
Compact Size
75 ohm Connector

What Is Included With Your Purchase?
Sansonic Converter Box
Remote Control
Attached Power Cord


  1. I got the Sansonic FT300A because it got good write-ups but it hasn't worked and I've tried it on 2 different TVs (one Sony and one Panasonic). The remote will turn the converter box on and off but won't do anything to the TV (either one).

  2. I set this box up and worked "fairly" well until a few days ago. It just stoped working, I have absolutely no signal. I would definitely avoid buying this.

  3. Hi,

    I also got a Sansonic box and IT SUCKS!

    Went through many antennas too but the box STILL SUCKS!

    I think CVS and SANSONIC ripped off the government with the coupons. The government is paying for crap!

  4. Mine worked well for a few months and then one night it just quit getting signal. Even bought a new antenna. Still no signal. Sure is a rip off.

  5. Switches channels on it's own/Turns off on it's own and as of recently, I need to have the remote control about an inch away from the box for it to work.

  6. it only gives me the religion channel. Don't buy it. SUCKS!!

  7. how con you replace the remote for the sansonic converter box?

  8. I just bought a sansonic at the swapmeet today. Hooked it up today and yes we I agree with other reviews. It totally signal at all!! Jerks...

  9. it is made for an outdoor tv antenna....

  10. This product was only good for a week, the remote will not work at all now, and I have no way to recieve new stations with out the remote. This is worst convertor box. The only one I bought that works is the Zenith model.


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