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Jupiter Jack Review - Is Jupiter Jack Legit Or A Scam?

Product Rating: 3.0
What Is The Jupiter Jack?
The Jupiter Jack is a small cell phone accessory that is designed to turn your car radio into a wireless speaker system for your cell phone. With it you can setup your radio so that it transmits all cell phone calls through your car speakers. All you have to do is hook the device up to your phone and set your radio on the proper station and you are ready to go. When a phone call comes in you simply hit the answer button on your phone and begin talking out loud. The person calling you will be able to hear you and when they respond you will hear them through your car stereo speakers. 

It allows drivers to talk on their cell phones without having to hold their phone, deal with the wires of a hands free set, or even mess around with a silly blue tooth device that may not fit properly in their ear. With many states such as California outlawing cell phone use while driving and others considering it, this could be a good investment for you. You can get the Jupiter Jack for $10.00 plus shipping and handling. As an added bonus you can get the dashboard mount for free or a second Jupiter Jack for free (you do pay separate shipping and handling of $6.99 for each item). The dashboard mount allows you to quickly and easily mount your cell phone and the device for easy access while driving.
What Features Does It Come With?
- Only $20 + Shipping & Handling
- Transmits Cell Phone Calls Through Speakers Via FM Transmitter
- Frequencies of 88.3-89.3 and 99.3-101.3 Available For Transmission
- Can Be Used With Some MP3 Players To Listen To MP3 Player Through Car Speakers
- Comes With A Free Dashboard Mount For Easier Use
- Works With Nearly all Cell Phones
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Does It Really Work?
From the information that we have gathered we have concluded that it does work although not without flaw. While not the most robust or high tech it does do what is says it does however we have seen some negative comments regarding it. In the past the issue was related to the Jupiter Jack only having one radio frequency option (we were unable to confirm whether this was actually true but complaints made us believe that it was). If this was a problem it won't be anymore and we called the company personally to confirm this. The device now comes equipped with the ability to be set on several of different frequencies so that you can be sure to find a frequency that doesn't already have a local radio station broadcasting on.

Do You Have Any Real User Reviews About The Quality And Companies Customer Service?
We have provided several reviews that were emailed to us from current and past users of the Jupiter Jack. Be sure to read these and make your own conclusions as to whether or not you want to try the product out. Also, make sure you check out the comments section at the bottom of our post, there are a ton of comments left there from real users of the JJ.

Sam Said...
"We are not exactly sure how long the battery lasts or how long the company claims but you can purchase 3 packs of replacement batteries for just $2.99 (this including shipping and handling.

As for the high credit card charges. Jupiter Jack clearly states on their website that it costs $6.99 shipping and handling for each item you order. If you order the 1 Jupiter Jack and get the free one you will paying shipping and handling for the 2nd one also. Then if you order the dashboard mount you will have to pay for that and pay shipping and handling for it also. 

Sure it may be a bit expensive to charge shipping and handling for each item but they are a business and are trying to turn a profit. The website definitely says that they will charge you shipping and handling for these items so it is not a scam at all.

It seems more like buyers need to look closer, research more, and even read the fine print before simply offering up their credit card number when the website doesn't show what their cost will be until after the purchase.

Americans are so caught up in instant gratification that it shocks me. Why in the world would anyone not research closely how much something is going to cost them before they click the purchase button???

Beyond this it is not a scam because Jupiter Jack doesn't offer an email address to contact them. This is because they offer something better. An actual telephone number. How often these days does an Internet company offer an actual phone number for real live customer support. This tells me that Jupiter Jack isn't a scam but is a good and upstanding company."
Mike said...
"I ordered one jupiter jack for 29.99 and I got charge $72.69. I looked at the invoice and notice that they sent me an extra jupiter jack for $9.99 and 2 free batteries and two dash mounts.To my surprise, each item had their own shipping and handling charge (6.99 x 5), even though they all came in the same little box.
I returned the product, which by the way never worked on My Honda Odyssey 2008 car, and I was refunded $42.00. I asked for the shipping charges on the products that I never ordered to be refunded and after talking with a bunch of representatives on different occasions, a supervisor finally agreed that he would process a refund for the remaining $27.96 (I will know if he did it in 5 days) 
Needless to say, Telebrand is known for trying to get away with multiple shipping charges on the same order. I believe that the reason why they agreed on refunding the entire amount was because I told them that my husband is a class action attorney and I am a business woman that knows what is legal and illegal on these type of businesses. The whole ordering process is misleading."
Ed said...
"I have a jupiter jack. It works on 99.3 and 101.3. It transmits in mono so you don't get stereo. Mine came with 6 adapters and if they don't fit your phone, there are more that you can get from the manufacturer for a shipping charge of $2.99. The sound is clear. I have talked to my wife on it while driving with the window open and traffic going by and she said that she could not hear any of the noise. You can also use it in your house with your stereo and mp3 player. So I would say if you want an inexpensive way to talk hands free this would be the way to go."
Dillon said...
"Please explain how the shipping charge are fraud. They say on their homepage that they are charging $6.99 S&H for each item you order. Fraud would be if they didn't tell buyers that and then charged them. Just because you don't read the site closely before ordering you want to call it fraud.Sure you could argue deception because they don't give you a total before ordering but it certainly isn't a scam or fraud."
Anthony said...
"The jupiter ad says that offer is not available in stores yet you can buy them in CVS Drug stores for $10 and save the S&H.
The reception through my car radio was excellent. The problem is the difficulty the person on the other end has listening to you. The cell phone is mounted a slight distance away on the dash so your voice quality drops off. The cell phone also picks up road noise even with the windows closed tight making it difficult for the other person to listen to you."
Don said...
"After purchasing the $20.00 plus shipping jupiter jack for $91.06, where the additional came from they can't tell you (it is a secret), I found out that the only thing that came across my radio is a lot of static and when it was clear it only stayed that way for a short time. It is useless and when I tried to return it the only thing they would refund is the actual price of $20.00 shipping and hidden charges are non-refundable. This is a poor quality, cheap, poorly made product."
Sarah said...
"I use to work for a telemarketing company called convergys, taking calls for products like the jupiter jjack (I am now a heavy equipment operator not a jj spokesman etc). I just ordered one and when I got to the end of the order they had my price right. Could be because I payed attention to what the heck I was doing, I dunno? But yeah these little companies do charge s&h on every little separate thing that is how they make their money and if your too lazy to pay attention while you order something that's your own fault. Sorry for those that go 'duped' but you've got to pay attention to what you are doing."
Steve said...
"Other than taking a month to arrive, I have no complaints. 2 for price of 1, plus S & H charges and this was clear on the website, I was not overcharged. You people have to pay attention to what you're ordering. The product works great, the sound is clear with no static. They include several adapters with the device that should fit any phone. If the jack doesn't work for you, you must have a cheap phone, so get a new phone. This is a great product."
Keifer said...
"After reading these reviews I must agree that someone claiming this product to be a "scam" is just not accurate. How could something that is clearly stated on a web site be called a scam? I call that being lazy as hell and not reading everything. Where did some of you guys go to school? Who taught you the definition of scam? They could be selling you a piece of crap, but that is not what you are arguing here. You are claiming that the CLEARLY STATED shipping charges are the scam. How does that qualify as a scam? Even if you bought something as stupid and pointless as a used ball of wax for $1 and they clearly stated we are charging you $10 for shipping AND YOU AGREE TO IT how would you consider that a scam?! NO! All charges are clearly stated!!!! What is America turning in to? Great products cheap just do not exist!!! Everyone wants something for nothing. Haven't any of you ever heard of the saying "if it is too good to be true it probably is."?Wake up people!!!! Someone hit the nail on the head by saying "you get what you pay for" and that is in reference to the quality of the product NOT the clearly stated shipping and handling charges. 
I bought this product and I read everything on the web site. I knew I was getting charged all those fees and I was pissed off because I thought it was absurd, but you have to sit back and think "how else is this company making money"? With all the overhead costs companies have do you really think they can pay all their bills, employees, the production of the product, etc for an extremely low sale price? 
It's basic economics and the marketing man. The infomercial got your attention didn't it? Of course it did! That's the whole point! Who is going to be interested if they advertised the Jupiter Jack for $70? NOBODY! Everyone is going to say, I'll just go to Best Buy or somewhere to get something similar. The return policies and customer service at these stores are WAY better than dealing with stores online. No shipping and handling charges that way! Everyone advertising a product has disclaimers in the tiny small print at the bottom of your screen. The next time you see a commercial advertising something check it out, it's there.
Bottom line, even if this product sucks it is not a freaking scam! All other problems with the company aside, I am sure some people think the product is excellent. How many people go online to rant and rave how great a product is? Hardly any, but EVERYONE who is upset about a product finds a place to vent their frustrations. Open your eyes people."

What Frequencies Can It Be Broadcast On?
It is our understanding that the new devices come with the ability to be set between 88.3 and 89.3 and also between 99.3 and 101.3. This range of frequencies gives all users plenty of options and allows them to find an unused frequency that will provide for clear reception and great sound quality. We have not gotten a hold of a one yet to confirm this yet but this is how we understood the explanation from the customer service rep we called.

Are There Any Added Bonuses?
Some customers have reported that they have been able to use it with their MP3 players. Users have been able to hook the device into their MP3 players and hear music through their car speaker system. This function is not guaranteed or advertised by the company but could be an added bonus for those that have a compatible MP3 player.

What Is Their Return Policy?
Again, we personally called the company and were told that their return policy includes a 30 day money back guarantee. They stated that you can return it for any reason within 30 days and get a refund (minus shipping and handling). Of course you need to return the device in working condition with its original packaging. If you think that you may want to return it be sure to keep everything until you have made a final decision. Remember usually when you return any item you purchase online you aren't refunded the shipping and handling costs.

How Is The Customer Service?
When we personally called the customer service center in order to have them clarify a few things for our review and they did a great job. The wait time was about 1 minute and we spoke to a customer service representative that answered all of our questions quickly. She was be very knowledgeable, easy to understand, and didn't have any problems answering our questions. Of course, if you read user responses, their experiences seem to be quite different.

Are There Any Drawbacks?
One negative we have come up is the inability to have a private conversation with the Jupiter Jack. If you use the product anyone and everyone in your car will be able to hear the conversation. We have also found out that it doesn't work with "all" cell phones and rather only works with "most" phones. Other issues including being over billed and poor sound quality. 

A negative related to ordering is that they don't give you an order total before you submit your order. When doing an order you need to be sure you haven't messed anything up before submitting it or you will end up being charged extra and sent extra things and they will not refund the shipping charges once a product is mailed out.

Known Issues
- If you are in an area where there is already a radio station at the preset frequency options then you might have trouble getting good sound quality because the radio stations will  interfere. This seems to be of utmost concern for those living in large metropolitan areas. Each Jupiter Jack comes with several different frequency range options so most people should be able to find one that is open.

- Privacy is certainly an issue with the device because it could be possible for someone driving beside you to pick up your phone conversation. It is unlikely that someone beside you would happen to tune their radio to the static filled frequency that you are using but it is definitely possible.

- If there are other people in the car with you the device will become useless unless you don't mind allowing everyone else to listen to your phone conversation. Since sounds from the call are broadcast through your car speakers it is impossible to have a private conversation unless you are alone in your car.

- The makers claim that it works with all cell phones but it is possible that there are some models that it doesn't work with.

- There have been reports about the high shipping and handling charges that the company charges. Just be sure to remember that each item that you purchase or get for free will include a shipping and handling charge of $6.99. This is NOT a scam but if you feel that it is unfair then don't purchase the Jupiter Jack. They are upfront about the fact that there is a fee of $6.99 for each item so you have to decide for yourself if that makes the product to expensive or not.

- The checkout process is tricky because they do not show you a total before you submit your order. You need to be sure that you do the order correctly before you hit the submit button or you will be over charged.

The Jupiter Jack Bottom Line
The Jupiter Jack is not the most robust or high tech device but it does fill an interesting niche area and is a one of a kind product. The best thing about it is it's cheap price of only $10 and its 30-day money back guarantee. It however seems to have gotten some negative comments below and therefore we recommend you take caution when ordering.


  1. I just ordered this product and find the process quite a scam. Though I really want the product and believe it will work, the ordering process fooled me into ordering 4 instead of 2 (I wanted one and the free one) I also didn't know the shipping was going to be $26.99. Which you learn after they process the order. Last, they have no email so I can't even cancel my order. I'll bet anything when I call to cancel the order, they will try to keep the shipping fee even though the product will never have been shipped. Not to mention all the add on and "free" stuff they advertise which are only 30 day trials (ofcourse they want your credit card again). I hate sites like this. I feel ripped off now that I've been charged over $60 for what was only supposed to cost $20 + what should have been a reasonable shipping price. what a racket.

  2. Do you have any idea how long the battery of the Jupiter Jack actually lasts? I think the company claims it last 60 hrs. It's been my experience that often battery life is much less then stated for products.

  3. I got suckered into spending $34 bucks myself on the buy one get one free. I am not satisfied with the quality of the item and will be contacting customer servie for a return/refund. We'll see if they are serious about their claim of "satisfaction guaranteed".

  4. I just ordered the jupiter jack on jupiters site and the ordering process is very clear and you have to pay attention but i was only charged the appropriate amount and the process was easy.
    Thank You! Your order is complete.
    Item Description Quantity Price Total
    3656F JUPITER JACK 1 $20.00 $20.00
    3656B BONUS JUPITER JACK 1 $.00 $.00
    SubTotal $20.00
    Shipping $13.98
    Tax $.00
    Order Total $33.98

  5. Has anyone tried this on an older Motorola Razor phone which does not have the connector shown on the add

  6. People listen up please.

    Expensive shipping does not make something a scam when the company clearly states the shipping costs on their website. It's not the companies fault that people don't pay attention to what they will be charged.

    Sure shipping may be expensive but everybody ordering, if they pay even slight attention, knows how much they are going to be charged by Jupiter Jack. If you don't like the expensive shipping fees and find it a rip off then don't make a purchase.

    Again, this DOES NOT make it a scam.

  7. When you go to the Jupiter Jack website it clearly says that you will be charged a shipping and handling fee of $6.99 per item that you purchase or get for free.

  8. Is there a way to listen to the radio on say 99.5 and have it switch to the chosen frequency for the jupiter jack when the phone rings?

  9. I tried to stop my order as I didn't know the total cost until I'd given my credit card number. What sounded like an inexpensive transaction came out to over $80.00. I cannot find an effective way to change the order so I'm stuck with the purchase. When trying to call the company, I got a few messages about "all customer service reps. are busy" After a couple of these message, the phone disconnected. Unfortunately, this approach hints at this being a scam to process in this manner, and not provide an easy way to change the order.


  10. I have been waiting 19 days for my jupiter jacks. I still have not received them. I have been trying for 3 day's to call their 800 number and keep getting bumped off the line. I've tried tracking the jack through the website and the same thing happens. Anybody out there know how to get a hold of these people?

  11. I am using it with my V3 Motorola Razor and it works pretty well, you do need to turn up the volume quite high on the car radio.

  12. I bought 2 delux jupiter jacks last month with the hope that it would work. It mutes my car radio when I set the station to 89.3 or 101.3 but the calls are not getting transmitted through the radio speakers. I spent quite a lot of time on different statioms trying to get it right. But it doesn't work. I contacted the customer service for return but they said It is just over 30 dyas and they cannot give me a refund. I am totally dissatisifed with this purchase. I spent $80.93 for 2 sets.
    Jake, Richmond, VA

  13. Anonymous said...
    "Is there a way to listen to the radio on say 99.5 and have it switch to the chosen frequency for the jupiter jack when the phone rings?

    October 26, 2009 1:49 PM "

    Yes. Preset 99.3 on one of your presets and press the preset button when your phone rings. It really isn't that hard...

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I did have a problem with the ordering, because, as advertised, it doesn't mention the slight-of-hand "extra charges" which are essentially bogus. The phone mount, for instance, DOES IN FACT come in the same box and should not require a "separate" shipping charge. My main problem with the item, however, is the very POOR sound quality and EXTREMELY bad STATIC and sound interference through the FM radio connection. I am returning. I DO NOT recommend the product.

  16. I appreciate all the comments, I looked at the site today and was temped to jump to the plate and purchase the Juniper Jack, and something told me to take a deep breath, and google the item and look at comments. I appreciate all of your candid remarks and will not purchase the product. Lois

  17. The jupiter jack sounds promising ; I certainly wanted one for convenience and safety. After reading all the reviews I will wait until either jupiter jack is improved or someone makes a better product.At such a low price I seriously doubt the quality in sound is any good for talking and hearing over the phone. Phone companies make better stuff and yes, it is expensive. But, remember, you get what you pay for. Be careful !!!

  18. Having worked in marketing for various products, I've learned that their primary revenue is generated not by the product itself but by all the charges for "separate shipping and handling." Offering, for instance, a second one FREE - "just pay SEPARATE shipping and handling!" $26.00 shipping for a two small $10.99 items, even though the second on is FREE! It actually costs about $3 or $4 MAX to ship BOTH items which is a $22.00 profit on shipping alone! Like everything else, the word 'scam' usually applies somewhere when a second one is "FREE!" Bummer huh?

  19. I tried to purchase the Jupiter Jack last Friday. I placed an order for 1 and then I clicked the submit button. I received add after add of more Juptier Jacks, batteries and cellphone mounts. I only placed an order for one jack. I choose to have 1 jack sent to me for free. Some how when my order finished, I had purchased 4 Jupiter Jacks which were another $20.00 and I had $20.97 in shipping. I have no idea how I ended up with 4 jacks when I ordered one and accepted the offer for 1 for free. My total was $60.97. Unlike reputable websites, there isn't a page that shows your final order before it is submitted. It automatically finalizes your order without you ever seeing what it really is. After the shock, I looked for their phone number. I could not find it. I clicked on the links and I finally found it. I contacted them and got a rep that said she could not see the order and she was going to e-mail the order department to cancel my order and check back Tuesday to see if it was cancel. I checked my card and it had been charged on Tuesday. I contacted the customer service and told them the order was to be canceled the rep gave me a cancellation number. I asked him how long it was going to take for the money to be returned and he said they never took it, it was just on hold. I told him if it was not a hold and the charge had went through. I hung up and called back for a surpervisor, I had to wait about 6 minutes to get to one. She answered, and I wanted to know exactly how long before this charge would be reversed. She said in about 3 to 5 days. She had a tone that she didn't care and that it was not as serious as I was making it. I let her know that I would call the A.G.'s office if it was not there by the time frame she stated. The charge was reversed on Wednesday. I will not ever buy from their website again. It is cheap and the external customer service is as well.

  20. Sounds like a scam. the price is so low that I thought I'd read up about the item. Does anyone know where you speak into? Do you have to yell for the person on the other end to hear you? I havent read anything about a microphone somewhere in the piece.
    I think I'll wait til I see this in stores or maybe just get a new headset because my original phone headset is broken. I already have speakerphone on my cell but if I set the phone down the person doesnt hear me too well.

  21. I agree with all the comments on the poor customer service. I tried to order 6 units with 6 mounts, but when I saw the total amount I decided not to order. They do not have a confirmation button to send the order after you have reviewed the information. I decided to exit the program, but since they had my information they sent an order anyway. I learned that I would be receiving the whole order even though I tried to cancel. They gave me a return number to write on the package, but the PO won't accept that as valid. I called the company back and they said that I would have to pay shipping costs. This is extortion and should be prosecuted by officials. Do NOT under any circumstances order from this company!!! I have ordered from many legitimate companies where an opportunity is provided to review the order before processing, but this is definitely a scam company,

  22. I didn't have the pleasure of getting scammed out of shipping, but CVS will be getting it back an I will be getting my money back. Seriously now, did they even field test these little gadgets?? If you have a vehicle that produces ANY road noise whatsoever, you're screwed. The unit provides so little signal that both the phone AND car volume has to be at MAX, therefore giving and annoying hiss/static noise which adds to the inability to hear voices. Don't even get me started about the fact that it only offers two frequencies to choose from!! Really? The 101 station was completely useless and the 89 or 99 frequency was taken up by a weak circus... er I mean our beloved mexican music station out of Ventura... And I live IN ORANGE COUNTY! Nothing like talking to your sister and then all of a sudden to have circus music BLAST your ears to death intermittently because your volume is MAXXED OUT!!! Pathetic. In an age where you can buy an iPod shuffle the size of a stick of gum that holds 1000 songs, lasts for 8+hours and has 700% more functions on only the CORD. The technology on this thing is from the eighties.
    Bottom line, don't buy this unit unless you plan on using it in a soundproof Cadillac or Lexus, while sitting still with the engine off... Oh, and if you're one of those cities that actually uses most of the frequencies on the dial... you're screwed as well.

    Jupiter: Two thumbs down. More power to the signal is needed and an infinite choice of frequencies should be a minimum feature. I mean C'mon... even the LED used is ancient. Back to the drawing board people!

  23. The jupiter jack is nothing but crap. I think performance varies depending on where your vehicle's antenna is located and even then there is no room for tweeking or adjusting the signal being emitted from this device. I'm returning the one I was mislead into buying.

  24. Are the fequencies the Jupiter Jack uses free of anything else in the rest of the USA? I live close to the border (Imperial Beach) and both stations are blasting Mexican radio stations. How can this work? Ofcourse no one answers the phone at customer service at Jupiter Jack!!! Needless to say I did not buy this piece of crap myself but my gullible friend did. Anyone else have this problem in border cities?

  25. Has anyone gotten the Jupiter Jack to work with an iPhone? I make a call and cannot hear anything thru the car radio. When I turn on the Jupiter Jack, the FM station static goes away so I know the jack is transmitting thru the radio but no audio from the phone makes it thru the radio....??

  26. In the state of New Jersey

    BBB Reliability Report for

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    Name: Telebrands - aka Jupiter Jack
    Phone: (973) 244-0300
    Fax: (973) 244-0233
    Address: 79 Two Bridges Road

    Fairfield, NJ 07004
    Website: www.telebrands.com
    Original Business Start Date: January 1983
    Principal: Mr. Ajit Khubani, President
    Customer Contact: Ms. Lynda Patire, Customer Satisfaction Supervisor - (973) 244-0300
    Entity: Corporation
    Incorporated: January 1999, NJ
    Type of Business: General Merchandise-Retail, Kitchen Accessories, Product Development & Marketing
    BBB Accreditation: This organization is a BBB Accredited business.
    Additional DBA Names: Pedi Paws
    Doggie Step's
    Invention Channel
    StickUp Bulb
    Accu Steep 2000
    C D Kids
    Cat & Mouse Watch
    Channel Converter
    Closet Savers
    Color Smart
    Copper Relief
    Cyclone Diet
    Dazzle 3
    Dental White
    Eagle Eyes
    Easy Money
    Fishing Technology
    Green Caps
    Idea Net Dept
    Idea Planet
    Infra Massager
    International Photography
    Jack Lalanne Stepper
    Juice Factory
    Magna Sound
    Miracel Painter
    Micro Master
    Moving Men
    Moving Train Watch
    Multi Blend 2000
    No More Runs
    No Tape Painter
    One Sweep
    Pocket Gourmet
    Pony Flips
    Power Antenna
    Power Cutters
    Power Juicer
    Power Scissors
    Red Tip
    Resume Service
    Rolling Chef
    Russian Dolls
    Salem Collectibles
    Sleep Wave 2000
    Sonic Ear
    Splash Elaster Guns
    Steal These Lights
    Super Slicer
    Sweda Power Antenna
    Sweda Sandwich Maker
    Tire Tuff
    Tony Little Tapes
    U S Buyers Network
    Uncle Bernie's 50 Plus Wholesales Club
    WhipseR XL
    Zero Pain
    Static Buster
    Ped Egg
    Doggy Steps
    Authentic American Collectibles
    Betty Crocker Oven Liner
    Centerpiece Gourmet
    Aunt Bee's Cookbook
    Clean Cookin Oven Liner
    Closet Doubler
    Coleman Fish Pen
    Color Cut Knife
    Dial a Disk
    Drain Claw
    Dream Pets
    Eye Surance
    EZ Chord DVD Kit
    EZ Peeler
    First Alert Alarm System
    First Alert Driveway Patrol
    First Quarters Map
    Fish Pen
    Flat Fold Colander
    Get a Grip
    Go Duster
    Grape Lights
    Greast Bullet
    Help Now Button
    Litter Locker
    MD Bracelet
    Natural Bra Strips
    Owl Optical Light
    Paul Saik Live from Brentwood
    Piano Man
    Pocket Book Hook
    Pop Up Hanger
    Pop Up Screen Door
    Pro Gauge
    Safety Beep
    Shining Stars
    Shoes Away
    State Quarters Map
    Tap N Turn
    Urine Gone
    Year Round Tomato
    Zasshu Knives
    Cereal on the Go
    Dynomite Sheets
    Handi Pillow
    Nails R New
    Nutrition Fact Scale
    Poop Freeze
    Shoes Under
    Sliver Lightning
    Lay Back
    Handy Pillow
    Crazy Candles
    Light Now
    Money Honey Jar
    Pill Buddy
    Pink Ped Egg
    White Light
    Gorilla Mop
    Salt Water Steamer
    EZ Combs
    Jupiter Jack
    Sterlington Jewelers

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    Products and Services
    The company offers variety of products including kitchen, housewares, electrics, exercise and novelty items.

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    Business Management
    Additional company management personnel include:
    Mr. Bala Iyer - Executive Assistant
    Ms. Andrea Spano - Lead Customer Service Rep

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    Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
    Additional Addresses
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    - NJ (5)
    1 Telebrands Plz
    Fairfield, NJ 07004-1060

    79 Two Bridges Rd
    Fairfield, NJ 07004

    3 Telebrands Plaza
    Fairfield, NJ 07004

    7 TeleBrands Plaza
    Fairfield, NJ 07004

    1 Telebrands Plaza
    Fairfield, NJ 07004

    Additional Phone Numbers
    - 973 (2)
    Tel: (973) 227-8777
    Tel: (973) 227-8777

    - 800 (4)
    Tel: (800) 662-2781
    Tel: (800) 877-4034
    Tel: (800) 662-2781
    Tel: (800) 811-5516

    Jupiter Jack has a long history... check them out on the BBB via New Jeresy. Luck to all who got scammed.

  27. I purchased the Jupiter Jack online. I found the procedure confusing and ended up purchasing six Jupiter Jacks. I immediately tried to cancel one of the orders and was told I had to wait 2-48 hours. When I called back, I found that my bank account had been charged $90. I then cancelled one of the orders and was told it would take about a week to have the charge reversed. To make matters worse, I was told they had no Jupiter Jacks in stock and weren't sure when they would be in. In the meantime, they took my payment and I am sitting here waiting. Not very professional....

  28. I am glad I read these reviews. I definitely will not be buying a Jupiter Jack. Hopefully the technology will be refined and a competent and honest company will sell it. I will then be in the market for one. In the meantime Blue Tooth will have to suffice.

  29. I purchased two Jupiter Jack sets including two mounts. Upset to find there was no place in the on-line order process to verify total number of units ordered or total cost before final invoice page. Ended up with four units plus four mounts and excessive shipping charges. Admittedley JJ customer service corrected the problem and reduced order to two units/mounts. I received the units in about two weeks. However, in my home town of Toronto, both frequencies are occupied. Can't get any technical help from JJ to make my Blackberry phone work in Toronto. Anybody able to help? Thanks.

    Paul B.

  30. These comments have been extremely useful. I was going to buy five units to give my family members at Xmas. But not anymore. The problems described in the reviews are too many to handle.

    I will not even try to buy in-store.

  31. try reading what the website says, people. just because you have not read the website well makes you think that Jupiter Jack is scam. you brought the bad luck to yourselves. if you read closely, or made the order orrectly, you shouldn't have felt sorry for ordering. feel sorry for yourselves for not paying attention.

  32. Doesn't work at all with my Samsung M300. Battery tested strong, and tried it in several vehicles. (Waste of time & money)

  33. This is Dan from Chicago.
    I started to go through the ordering process online and then I decided not to complete the order and I deleted my credit card number and then just stopped the ordering process. While I was reading these comments listed above to see if I wanted to go back and order or not I actually got an email 'thanking me for my order !" I never actually ordered this produc.One thing I will say is the the amount was correct $33.98 for two jj's. ,but I am calling them to find out why this happened ? It is now 2:10 C.S.T. on 12-21-09 & I am waiting to speak with a Supervisor. I waited for(only) 3 minutes and Hazel the spvr. came to the phone. She was very nice. She said she would cancel the order and have someone call me back to confirm within 48 hours. I questioned her about the separate shipping charges and she said it was a contractual agreement with the shippers and not so much a 'jupiter jack thing.'
    Overall, I was satisfied with this process, I will wait and see if she does cancel it. and the, I may actually ORDER the product. This will be a good trial on customer service. I will let you all know what happened. Watch for my next response from 'Dan from Chicago."

    below is what appeared in my email saying :
    Jupiter Jack
    One Telebrands Plaza
    Fairfield, NJ 07004

    Order Date : 2009-12-22
    Bill To: Ship To:
    (i deleted my info from here)
    Order Details:
    Product Code Description Price Quantity Extended Price
    3656F JUPITER JACK $20.00 1 $20.00
    3656B BONUS JUPITER JACK $.00 1 $.00
    Sub-Total $20.00
    S&H $13.98
    Total $33.98

  34. I was tempted to buy this item, but after all the reviews, no how, no way! Should have known it was too good to be true. Think about it, not one, but two devices that turn your car radio into a wireless speaker system for your cell phone for a total of only $33.98? I thought at that price, it must be crap, that's why I needed to read the reviews. I was right. For those of you who like me, have not purchased this product, keep in mind the old saying, "You get what you pay for." So, if we want quality, we're gonna have to spend alot more than $33, just for one. I'm gonna check out Ebay, Amazon, and Overstock, and be prepared to spend at least $100 or more on a name brand product.

  35. The Anonymous writer that is very "pro" JJ seems very angry for a consumer... must be a employee or exec for the company. Thanks for the honest feedback - pro and con. My grandfather saw this gadget in the store today and wanted to purchase it. I thought it seemed like a cheap rip-off similar to other "As Seen on TV" gadgets and wanted to check it out. Glad I did. Would rather him save his $$ for a guaranted solution.

  36. I ordered the dash mount and two batteries. I placed my order in October and called them in December to inform them that I had not recieved either product. I called the nuber on their website and was essentially blown off. I called another office and after being very assertive, got a dashmount sent from a nearby warehouse. (Why they didn't send it from the nearby warehouse versus one form across the country, I don't know!).

    Right now i have two dash mounts and no battery!! Jupiter Jack is essentially useless.

  37. I just saw the latest ad on TV, no longer with the late Billy Mays but his co-hort from the PITCHMEN show (forgot his name - the "other" guy). The deal is now now 2 for $10.00; not $20.00. I guess the thing is about ready to crap out after reading all these bad reviews, so they are now trying to dump a warehouse full, then the thing will disappear like most other products from info-ads. Glad I found this site so I can steer clear... Bob in Oregon.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. You can purchase Jupiter Jack at Discount Drug Mart for $9.99 plus tax. Saves on shipping and the embarassment of not being able to place your order correctly...

  40. I usually wait for the "as seen on TV" to show up at wal-mart. That way I can take them back if they do not work. That stupid pudy that was to seal everything did not work on my chair. I got it at wal-mart for half the price as the tv offer and did not have to pay the shipping cost. If this is a half way good product it will be in wal-mart or k-mart in about 3 months.

  41. Although one of the adaptors which was provided did fit into my cell-phone, and the adaptor, when turned on did mute my car-radio's station, the JJ would not work. After finally reaching Cust. Serv. I learned that none of the six adaptors, which were sent to me, were meant for my phone (a Pantech, Matrix/C740). Furthermore, I was told that there was no JJ adaptor for use with my phone, despite the fact that nowhere in any of their advertisements was there a warning or alert that the JJ might be incompatible with certain cell phones.

  42. I only got half way down the page, and have decided to not purchase the JJ. Thanks for posting the reviews all...

  43. Why anyone would order something they saw on late-night television is beyond me.

    Do you actually believe there are laws in place to prevent these scam artists from airing their commercials?

    Do you actually believe these networks take a moral, ethical stand and screen these clients before taking their advertising dollars?

    This is 2010. Stop being so naive.

  44. DO NOT BUY THIS - IT'S A SCAM!!!! I thought this was a good deal $10 for the jupiter jack buy one get one free. When ordering you need to order the adapter's and batteries (additional costs) ok, but when they asked for your type of payment and the order was complete every item had a separate shipping charge which added up to almost half of what the whole order was for. I called to cancel the order immediately and they said they could not cancel the order for 24-48 hours but the representative I talked with said she would turn in the information for me. This was ordered 12/17/09 and even though I canceled the order I received it on 1/19/10. Everything was in same box (but yet I paid shipping costs for every individual item - what the heck). How do you charge over $20 for something that came in regular mail - not express, fed-exed - just regular mail. I was absolutely livid. Called them and they argued with me that they had no record of canceling the order and that the shipping charges would not be refunded. How can you get refunded for an order within 30 days if you do not receive it within 30 days. Like I've seen in other reviews, they are making more money on the shipping costs whether you want the product or not. UNFAIR, UNFAIR, UNFAIR - NOT GOOD BUSINESS!!!!!!!!

  45. Thanks to all the comments. I will not buy.

    I must however, point out that the marketing company does not make the items, only represents them. Of course they are in the business of distribution so they charge $6.99 for each item. The miniscule profit on each item goes to the manufacturer/patent holder/etc.

    Now, the poor construction of their website is very disappointing. And the quality of a $10 device (2nd one free) tells you right away of the quality.

    As mentioned, wait until you see one in a store somewhere, buy it cheap and give it a try.

  46. yes the process is a scam!! do not try it!! they got me for over a hindred dollars and now i am trying to send it back?

  47. I have the same problem as everyone else with this company. They lure you in with the buy one get one free deal. Once you make the purchase, they will send you more than what you ordered and charged you accordingly. The intent of this company is to make money from consumers from the shipping fees. They charged shipping and handling fees for every items but they all come in the same box. This is illegal and this company should be reported to the proper authority such as BBB or some other federal agencies.

  48. Just purchased a Jupiter Jack from Office Depot for $9.99 plus taxes. Works Great!

  49. As a speakerphone, I would not recommend this product. But I did find it useful as an FM transmitter for an MP3 player (a use which you mention in this article/advertisement for Jupiter Jack).

    However, the connecting plug wore out after about a month of light use.

  50. I was vaguely intrigued by this offer, but as always, I did some research and found this website. This is a goldmine of information for anyone considering this purchase. 99% of these reviews are negative. Any company that has the form for credit card info on the front page before anything else (and a submit button) just wants your money. That is always a bad sign. A legit site will always total your purchases and break everything down specifically before requesting your card info and again before you hit "submit" on the site. I agree with others that say this site is not a scam, it isn't, but it is VERY shady and intentionally misleading. Their shipping charges and policies are disclosed and therefore cannot be called a scam, but it should be obvious to anyone that they are not "true" shipping charges. Thanks for all the info on this site. To everyone that has had a problem, sorry to hear, but thanks. Jupiter Jack will not be getting any of my money, that's for sure.

  51. Thank You guys for all your comments. I had my phone in my hands and wanted to call but something clicked in my head to go and read reviws. Thanks for your help and i will buy that junk for my car.

  52. Thanks so much to all the folks that took the time to post here and warn others about this. For all those angry anonymous defenders (wondering where YOU work?) of this policy I say why not just tell the true total cost up front ? EG 49.99 total with shipping and handling trying to imply that something is free is not a stand up business practice.It is clearly meant to be misleading.I wanted to order them too but was saved by this site. Thanks. There is nothing more irritating than trying to reverse one of these types of purchases.Especially when ya hear that the product isn't really all that good. Thanks again.

  53. Thank you for these reviews. I will definitely NOT buy this item. I saw it today at the local Walgreens and became interested in the product. I did not read enough positive reviews to continue.

  54. You can get the JJ at Walmart. No shipping and they take back anything.

  55. If you think this scam is bad - try ordering a Yoshi Blade - same deal. You wind up ordering one, get an email confirmation for two. These company need to be put out of business.

  56. I feel lucky.. I purchased mine at Walmart although it said it was $5.88 on the display I was charged $9.88 but I think that was Walmart's error. I read the reviews and I didn't see my problem addressed. I cannot even try mine as I am not able to tune my radio station (Ford Focus 2007) to either station. My radio only scans to stations with signals, there is no manual change button. My Ford F150 2008 is the same. Has anyone else run in to this and if so how did they handle it. Thanks

  57. Jupiter Jack has horrible customer service, and I have tried to purchase the product online twice and neither time did I receive anything. Each time I call customer service, they have an attitude and say that someone will call me back when they never do! I will never use any of their products again, and I hope that the attitudes get a little better with their service line because they are not professional at all!

  58. I bought a Jupiter Jack in a local store for $5. I could hear clearly but the caller said there was an echo. It worked okay for me. I can't complain for $5.

  59. I bought one last night at the Dollar Tree store for $1 plus tax. I asked employees if they had tested it out and all they said was that nobody had returned one yet. The adapter for my Motorola Razer V3M was included but the connections seem pretty loose. Tried it in my truck and so far it does not work at all. I got this because while I was checking into buying a new replacement cell phone battery the phone would not receive or send calls and only works through the speakerphone. I'm going to try the connector that came with the Moto phone and if that doesn't work I'll exchange it and if I have to I'll try a new battery.

  60. Got a couple of these from the local Dollar Tree the other day.
    A CR2032 battery, LED, adapters etc for a $1..not bad to strip down.
    So I did.
    There are 2 small screws under the battery area.
    It's an analog 3 transistor circuit, with a loop wire aerial to transmit about 1ft in range. Think of it like an FM bug circuit.
    The frequency crystals inside are 2x 2 pin, which if you are having troubles finding a free bit of FM band and are savvy, can replace with ones that will work. The transmitter multiplies the freq by 5, so a 20.260MHz becomes the 101.3 setting.
    A mic is on the circuit, which replaces the mic on a handsfree wired headphones type thing. You can solder in an extension lead to those pins and wear a clip on mic to help with any road noise and improve the transmitted voice quality level.
    (to set to a station on a digital radio when the phone isn't on, just switch the JJ on. It starts working and transmitting anyway).
    For better range, either replace the original aerial inside with something fractal, or, run the connection out to your dashboard and have a traditional telescopic radio aerial laying there. Adjust the length of the aerial for best range.

    Another mod, while you have it apart, is to replace the antique red LED with a superbright blue :)

  61. I purchased a Jupiter Jack from my local drug store for a ridiculously low price of $2.49. For that price I thought why not try it. I hooked it up in two different cars, one Ford (year 2011) and one Buick (year 2003), and while driving in both cars I had enough static that I could not hear the caller, and this was on both frequencies. If the vehicles were standing still Jupiter Jack worked perfectly. I cannot comment on any other of the pluses or minuses that has been brought up on any of these reviews because I returned it within 24 hrs. If I have to pull the car over to the side of the road or park somewhere I really don't see any use for a hands free device. I would read the reviews carefully before purchasing this because even if this works there are downfalls that we sometimes don't think about and of course are not mentioned on the commercials or infomercials. Also go to your local stores first to see if they have this item. There are a lot of "as seen on tv" stores popping these days. It's a lot easier to return, there's no shipping and handling, and a lot of times it's cheaper.

  62. I got mine free out of a repossession that I did from a police impound the frequencies that it allows for in my area Detroit...are all static I would say...free is the only way to get one! LOL


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