Flat Panel TV Wall Mount Pre Installation Tips

If you already looked through the different types of TV wall mounts, done your research, and made your purchase then you should now be ready to install your TV wall mount. When it comes to installation we are not experts because we focus on the on the retail side of things.

Despite this we managed to piece together a few tips that we feel everyone should consider before they try to install their new wall mount. These tips are designed to help you make sure that everything is just right before you go through the mounting process. Nothing would be worse than mounting your TV and then having to take it down and redo everything.

Tip 1 - Make sure that your TV size is compatible with your new wall mount
Before starting your wall mounting project we highly recommend that you check to make sure that your plasma TV is compatible with the mount that you purchased. These days most wall are somewhat universal but be sure that you didn't get a one that works for 30"-42" televisions when you have a 46" television. It would really stink to get it installed, including holes in the wall, and then have to take it down because it wasn't compatible with your TV.

Tip 2 - Make sure that your TVs weight is below the recommended maximum for your wall mount
The second most important thing is the be sure and check the weight if our TV and make sure that it is below the maximum recommended weight of the wall mount you bought. Nothing would be worse than to get your TV completely installed only to have it fail, fall, and break your TV because it was too heavy. If this happened you would not only need a mount but also a new TV.

Tip 3 - Confirm that the type of TV wall mount you purchased will meet your viewing needs
The third step is to be sure that the wall mount you bought will work well with your viewing needs. If you place the TV in a location where you might need to turn it to different viewing angles often then you better be sure you didn't purchase a fixed one that can't be turned.

Tip 4 - Determine Beforehand How High You Want Your Television
The fourth step before mounting your TV is sit in the several most common spots where you will be watching this TV from and determine how high you want to be. This is most important with a fixed mount because it cannot be tilted down. The best recommendation, as said before, is to sit in the most common viewing places and look at the wall where it will be mounted.

Tip 5 - Determine Whether Your Desired Placement Is Glare Free
The fourth step is to check the light inside and outside light that is going toward the place where you plan on mounting your TV. This is tricky because you cannot see if there will be a glare for sure unless someone holds the TV up in the spot were it is going to be mounted. I actually suggest getting a few friend to help hold it up so you can take a look at it.

Tip 6 - Decide Where You Want The Cables To Run To
The sixth step is to decided where you want the cables to run to. You need to be sure that there is a good path that they can take that will be hidden out of view. If you cannot do this you will probably need to run the cables through holes that you make in your wall. The most important thing is to realize that you might have to start cutting holes in your wall in order to hide the cables.

If you follow these six tips above you should be well on your way to successfully installing your TV wall mount on your first attempt. This list is merely tips to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that people make which require them to redo the mounting job several times.

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