NoNoh Free VoIP Phone Service Reviews - Is NoNoh Legit or Scam?

Product Rating: 2.5
What Is NoNoh?
NoNoh is a VoIP phone service that allows people to make free or nearly free VoIP calls to others all over the world. NoNoh is free to select countries and is extremely cheap to those where calls aren't offered for free. The software allows you to make calls to not only other VoIP phones but also regular phones for the free or at extremely low rates. For countries that are not free you are required to purchase credits, sort of like you would with a prepaid cell phone.

How Do Free Calls Work?
In order to get the 120 days of free calls to the free countries you will have to buy roughly $10 in credits. These credits however will only be used if you make calls to the non-free countries. All of the free countries will continue to be free for 120 days. Once the 120 days is up you can again buy $10 worth of credits and you will be given 120 days of free calls. This means that if you only make calls to the free countries it will actually cost you $10 for 4 months, or $2.50 per month. However if you also make calls to the non-free countries then your credits will be used for those calls. Credits never expire.

Are There Any Limits On The Number Of Free Calls?
Currently NoNoh has a limit of 200 minutes of free talk time per week. Once your free minutes are used up normal rates apply.

What Countries Do They Offer Free Callings To?
They currently offers free calls to many different countries. We were unable to find a complete listed on the NoNoh website but we did find one chart that did list most or all of the countries that were free as of August of 2009.

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Russian Federation
Slovak Republic
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

*Free Countries Are Subject To Changes And Do Change Often. Check the official NoNoh website for a current list of free countries.

How Exactly Does NoNoh Work?
In order to use the service you first need to visit the official website. Once there you can make calls immediately but only short calls that last several minutes. If you want to make longer calls you will need to sign up for an account and download the NoNoh application. Once you have the application all you have to do is open up the program and follow the on-screen instructions to make a phone call. It works by calling you first and once you answer then it will connect you with the person you are trying to call.

Are There Any Know Issues With The Service?
  • There have been reports of customers being charged for calls to free countries. Irate customers attribute this to NoNoh having scamming tactics while NoNoh claims that in the past they have had billing system issues and that these problems have been corrected.
  • There have been a large number of customers that claim that NoNoh stops workings for them after awhile. Perhaps this is related to kinks in the new technology or it could be errors on the users end. Regardless it can't hurt to try out the free service and hope that it keeps working for you.
  • Customer with problems have said that it is very difficult to get in contact with customer service in order to get billings or technical problems resolved.
  • A lack of good payment options for purchasing credits.
Do You Have Any Real User Reviews Of Nonoh?
We have one user who has submitted a review as of now, see it below.

Margaret Said...
"I have been using Nonoh for about 9 months with great success, I only use the phone to phone which means it rings my ordinary phone first & then rings the person you are calling second, I also use it with the same account as my smartphone with reasonable success, it cost me about $2/month and on top of that I have a data plan for my mobile which cost me approx $8.5/month."
The NoNoh Bottom Line
NoNoh is a VoIP service that provides extremely cheap or free calls to countries all over the world. They offer some of the lowest rates worldwide and their service appears to work pretty well. There however have been some issues with customer service and for some users the service doesn't work very well. Their voice quality is on par with most other VoIP service providers and it good enough. Overall, they appear to be in the same boat as most other providers in that they provide an extremely cheap alternative to a traditional landline and decent voice quality, but also have technical glitches that make the service inconvenient for some users. If you want very basic VoIP service then NoNoh could be a good choice for you with their cheap rates. However, some customer service issues including accusations of credit card fraud are troubling. It might be in your best interest to go with a larger more trusted VoIP service provider such as magic Jack. It is however important to note that all accusations are just that, accusations that have not been substantiated.

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