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Top Residential VoIP Service Providers

If you are interested in saving money on your home phone line the VoIP may be a good choice for you. For some a cell phone will do the trick and you can do away with your home phone, but many out there want to keep the number they have had for years and like the peace of mind of having a home phone. Prices and features amongst different providers vary greatly and it's important to do you due diligence before making a decision about which company you want to go with.

The main considerations at hand are price, features, and quality of service. Some providers are expensive, but offer the very best in voice quality along with every feature you could ever imagine. However, other providers look like a great deal, until you delve into the details and find out they have a ton of complaints about the quality and features the provide.

Below we have provided a list of some of the top VoIP providers as of today. This is by no means close to complete and merely touches on some of the top names within the industry in regards to price, features, and/or number of subscribers. In fact, there may be a few little known providers out there that are better than the larger companies listed below. For more information we have a reviews section where we provide a detailed write up on the companies listed below plus many others that have been brought to our attention.

Vonage: Vonage is one of the largest home phone service providers in the United States and is a pioneer within the industry. They are known for providing high voice quality and above average customer service. Their service comes with more features that most smaller companies but also costs a little bit more. Despite not being the cheapest Vonage prices are extremely affordable, generally ranging from $10-$30 per month, depending on your needs. If you are serious about making the switch and want to go with a 'name brand' as the risk of paying a few extra dollars then they are a great choice.

Magic Jack: magicJack is an interesting company and their business model is quite different than most. Instead of charging a monthly fee they charge just $29.95 for a full year, which comes with unlimited local and long distance calls, along with cheap international prepaid minutes available for purchase. They operated as an As-Seen-On-TV product for years but have recently gone through a major brand refresh and completely revamped their image and marketing plans. It comes with all of the same features you get with most other providers. One major difference is the device itself, which is quite a bit smaller than most, at slightly bigger than a USB flash drive. The company has refreshed their product several times, each time improving the devices processor and thus greatly improving voice quality. The most current most is the magicJack plus 2014, with the other versions being the original magicJack, and magicJack Plus. The cheap price does mean inferior customer service that is only available via online chat. At under $3 per month they are one of the cheapest full service providers in the industry.

Xfinity Digital Voice: Xfinity comes from Comcast, one of the largest cable and Internet providers in the United States and is now providing its customers with the change for triple play service through their private VoIP network. As a large company they provide reliable service and adequate customer support but they are certainly not the cheapest company out there. Prices range from $30 to $45 depending on which plan you chose. They do have a nice add on feature the allows for 300 minutes to a long list of international countries for just $14.95 per month. Yes, Xfinity is expensive, but for those that already subscribe to Comcasts Xfinity Internet and TV you get a nice discount when you bundle the three services together. Not to mention the convenience of once company and one bill for all three services. Comcast Business also offers some packages for companies that are looking for large scale business service.

Time Warner Home Phone: Time Warner Digital Phone is just like Xfinity in that it's calls stay on their private network and never reach the public airwaves. They are one of the nations largest cable and Internet providers and do a great job of offering bundled services to their customers at excellent prices. They are another massive company that general provides reliable service and adequate customer support. Right now you can get their service for just $10 per month for the first year and $20 thereafter. If you bundle services you can usually get it for even less. There service includes unlimited local and long distance calls along with a $3 and $20 add on features that allow for a certain number of international minutes.

Skype: Skype is not like the traditional companies listed above and people often do not think of them as a VoIP provider although they very much are. Skype is very widely known and is generally used as a free software application for instant messaging, skype-to-skype voice calls, and skype-to-skype video calling. The company makes its money by charging for calls to both cell phone and landlines. Many people pay as they go with a different per minute fee (as low as $0.01) but they now offer subscriptions. You can get an US, North American, or Worldwide unlimited plan for anywhere from $2.99 to $13.99 per month. Of course these calls are made through your computer, not through a regular phone. They also offer the ability to send messages to other peoples cell phones via their software application, these messages come through to others just as if they were text messages. Skype is an excellent service and one that we recommend to anyone who wants to get the cheapest deal out there but doesn't mind not having their calls not ring through a traditional phone.

Lingo: Lingo is an up and coming VoIP service provider that is slowly growing and capturing segments market. Lingo, like most providers offers fairly decent voice quality and excellent prices. The reliability and brand recognition of Lingo may not be quite as high as that of some of the other service providers but they make up for it by offering their service at a lower price. From time to time Lingo offers extremely low introductory prices for new customers and usually their rates are below competitors. Lingo has recently be rated as one of the better home phone providers in the industry and their brand has been gaining traction in the market. They offer U.S only plans for as low $9.95 per month all the way up to unlimited international plans for around $60. In between these package are many other options to suit different peoples needs.

VoIPo: VoIPo is another popular company, it is smaller and specializes in VoIP but customers seem to have pretty good things to say about it. They offer you the ability to pay for two years of service up front for just $149, and this includes an adapter so that you can use it with your current phone. This averages out to under $6.50 per month and is a great deal. The two year plan comes with unlimited calling within the United States and Canada. They have a pretty full feature set similar to the carriers above. They also provide business class service for those interested.

Phone Power: Phone Power is a quickly growing company that has received very good ratings from its customers. They again are smaller, but no matter here. You can get one year of service for Canadian and US calls for $199 and right now that advanced payment gives you a bonus 2nd year for FREE! If you want to pay monthly it's $14.95 for a two year contract. For month-to-month no contract plans it will cost $19.95. They also have a World International plan that runs at $24.95 per month. They do offer a full 30-day money back guarantee so if you aren't satisfied you can return everything and cancel your service at no charge. Another cool feature that they give you for no extra cost is a second phone line, the second line includes a second number so two people can use the service at one time.

RingCentral: Another small company, RingCentral is small on features. They offer service anywhere in the US including services for residential and business needs. They emphasize that their plan offers voice, fax, text, conferencing, and HD video meetings, all included for free. Prices range from $24.95 to 44.95 depending on how many lines and minutes you need. They appear to be more business focused but individuals can certainly get their service too. They also offer an app which allows you to make calls via your smartphone, whenever you are connected to the Internet.

ITP: Rated highly by a few sites out there, we don't know a lot about ITP but look forward to doing a complete review in the future. From a quick look around the Internet they have mixed reviews. A bunch of really good ones, and a handful of bad ones too. They offer a wide range of plans starting at $9.99 for basic residential and going all the way up to $48.99 for a Global Unlimited two line plan. You can also get a 'home office' plans for $49.99 if you run your business out of your house.

ViaTalk: ViaTalk was clearly not publicized or pushed by large VoIP reviews sites that we visited but their product looks pretty good to us. It's another company we don't know a ton about but are looking forward to doing a full review of. The offer both personal and business plans to meet all customer demands. For personal service you can get their VT unlimited plan for $15.75 per month or $189 if you pay for a full year in advance. The $189 advanced payment averages out to $15.75 per month but it comes with a bonus second year for free so you cut your price in half. Both plans offer a specified amount of free international minutes each month.

Voip.com: Voip.com prices are a little more expensive, but they are also a more well known brand that has been around for awhile and built up a good brand reputation. You can get plans starting at $14.95 with a 24 month agreement, 16.95 for a 12 month agreement, and $19.95 for a month-to-month plan. You can also pre-pay for a full year for $149.95 which is actually a good deal averaging out to $12.95 per month. They offer a full line of features comparable to the other companies above, free setup, and a 30-day money back guarantee. It also comes with a free second line and an hour of free international calls each month.

AT&T U-Verse Voice: Last but not least for top VoIP providers is U-Verse provided by ATT. Their branding was a little unclear with some calling is AT&T CallVantage but the site using the name we chose to call it by. The service costs just $20 for unlimited nationwide calling and is simple to install. The home based wireless unit automatically connects to any AT&T cell tower and then you wire it to your phone. This is one of the few providers we have found that you don't actually need to have Internet for. It is a unique competitive advantage that this cell company can offer their service in this manner. Although nowadays just about everyone has Internet so it may not matter. They also offer small business service and Enterprise plans for very large companies.

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