5 Most Common Types Of TV Wall Mounts

When doing research and trying to decide on a TV wall mount the first step is to decided which type will look and work the best in your home and with your plasma or LCD TV. Once you make a decision about which kind you want then you can begin to take a look at different TV wall mount reviews to see which ones are of the highest quality.

In general there are five different types of flat panel mounts. There are other types out there but for the sake of time we will touch on the five that make up the majority of all sales. If you are looking for some sort of alternative to a wall mount we highly recommend that you consider either a TV lift cabinet or a TV stand of some sort.

Fixed TV Wall Mounts
The first and most basic type is called the fixed TV wall mount. Fixed mounts function exactly as the name sounds. With this type your TV is fixed on the mount and it cannot be moved in anyway. The only way to move your TV is to move the whole wall mount, not an easy feat in itself. This type allows for the least amount of flexibility because you cannot adjust the angle, tilt, or direction. They are cheapest type on the market and are a great buy for the budget minded shopper. These types of mounts are great for any room where there is only one or two primary seating locations for viewing. Despite lacking flexibility if you can get your television in the right location you can still have a great viewing experience with this type. Fixed wall mounts can be had for as little as $30 or you can spend over $100 on a top of the line overprice one.

Tilt TV Wall Mounts
The second type is called the tilt TV wall mount. Tilt mounts again function just as the name sounds. With this type your TV is, for the most part in a fixed position. The only difference is that the piece your television is connected to can be moved in order to change the tilt or angle. You cannot move your television up and down or from side to side but being able to change the angle is a very nice feature. Changing the angle comes in handy when trying to get rid of a glare or if you sit at different levels often (in a chair sometimes and on the floor at other times). Being able to change the tilt allows you to be able to put the TV at the best angle for your current viewing position and thus enhance your viewing experience. Tilt TV wall mounts are a middle of the road product in regards to price and usually price out above fixed ones but below the other two kinds. They can be purchased for as little as $30-$40 but you can also spend several hundred dollars if you choose to go with a top of the line one.

Swivel TV Wall Mounts
The third type is called the Swivel TV wall mount. Swivel mounts come with the ability to change their tilt/angle in order to get the best possible view of your television. The added benefit of this type of mount is that it allows your TV to swivel (pivot or turn) to the left and to the right. The only draw back to this type is that your TV will sit somewhat far away from the wall when attached to its mount. Swivel TV wall mounts are considered to be a step above tilt ones and with that comes a higher price. They are generally consider to be the second most expensive and can be had for as little as $50-$60 and for as much as a few hundred dollars if you want to go for a best in industry one.

Articulating TV Wall Mounts
The fourth type we are going to be discussing today is called the articulating TV wall mount. Articulating mounts have all of the features of the formerly mentioned kinds. These features include the ability to swivel to the left or right and also the ability to change your televisions viewing angle. The added benefit of this type is that it also allow you to turn your TVs tilt to the left or to the right. If you were to think about this movement it is exactly the same as changing the tilt/angle but in a side to side motion as opposed to an up/down motion. This simply allows you to change the left to right viewing angle so that you can turn the TV if you are sitting on the far left or far right in a room. It is simply an added benefit that enhances the swivel motion and allows for greater viewing flexibility. Again, the only drawback of this type is the fact that when your TV is attached to it it ends up quite far away from the wall. They are one of the more expensive ones on the market and generally price out $75-$100 but can also be purchased for as much as a few hundred dollars.

Full Motion TV Wall Mounts
The fifth and final type we will be discussing today is known as a full motion TV wall mount. Full motion wall mounts are relatively new and provide the absolute most flexibility among TV wall mounts. With this type you can not only angle the tilt, and move the TV to the left and to the right but the swivel arm mechanism allows you to move the TV in a full 360 degree circle. This means you could potentially watch your TV from several different rooms if it happens to be in a position where a wall is not obstructing your view. The only draw back is how far your TV can end up away from the wall while using this type. Full motion wall mounts are generally the most expensive type on the market and can be found for $75-$150 but can also go for as much as several hundred dollars.

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