Access HD DTA1010D Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

This converter box does not include analog pass through so we are not recommending it. If you are interested in something from Access HD you should check out one of its updated versions. It can get confusing because they have decided to come out with about 6 other versions of their box, all that are almost identical. We aren't sure as to why but it certainly doesn't make the company look all that organized.

It is sold now sold out at all retailers and you will have to consider something else. This however is a good thing because you can find a lot better options for a similar price.

Product Details: Again, another bigger brand name and the same typical story here. It is sold out and it simply doesn't measure up. The picture is provides is very good and hear that of the top rated Channel Master CM-7000. This means its almost as good as when you pop in a DVD to watch it, definitely one of the clearest and most crisp pictures out there with excellent color as well. It's sound quality also meets our standards for putting it near the top. Crystal clear and satisfying to anyones ear. It's better than analog, way better. As of release it was set to be sold for $50-$55 and that what most retailers are selling it for. When using the coupon a price of $10-$15 is fairly good. However, there is always a but so read on.

A better than normal programming guide sets it apart as one of the better boxes in this regard. It provides excellent info for the show that is presently airing and the same for several hours of programming that has yet to air. Its also got the regular options for either manually or automatically scanning to tune your channels. An added bonus is its smart antenna port that allows for a better digital antenna that most. Unfortunately it does not come with a universal remote, auto aspect ratio, or analog pass-through. Three features that we feel would be nice to have included

It is a very good converter except for its lack of analog pass-through. If you don't need this feature its a good buy, if you do need this feature then it would be a very bad purchase that would actually cause you to lose channels that you want.
Access HD DTA1010D

Features & Specs

V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Remote Control
User Manual
Power Cord
RF Coaxial Cable

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  1. Our college purchased 8 of these Access HD boxes and found they are lacking decent sensitivity. They need at least -10 dBmV of signal before they will start to decode. I connected a Panasonic plasma TV with an ATSC tuner to our master antenna and it gave me a perfect picture with a signal level of 75 out of 100, whereas the Access HD converter showed a signal level of zero, and of course, would not produce a picture from the same antenna and station. I had the same sensitivity issue with all 8 of these converters. I give this product a 6 out of 10 for being just mediocre.


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