General Electric GE 23334 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

The GE 23334 is like most other converter boxes in that it is sold out and all retailers. No authorized retailers have it in stock anymore. You may be able to grab one if you check online auctions and are quick but it's unlikely. Converter boxes are become scarce as the transition approaches and more and more models are ending up sold out.

The box is an updated version of some previous boxes from GE. It is a little better than some of their other ones but is still lacking a few features.

Product Details: The picture and sound quality you get are both good enough to satisfy most people. They aren't top shelf but they are close. When watching with it its just a notch below DVD quality, which is hard to argue with consider it's free over-the-air TV. The drawback is that it is pretty expensive at $60-$70 when you consider it is missing some key features, as you will see below.

One things this TV converter boxes has going for itself is that it comes with one of the best overall program guides out of every single box we have looked at. It's not quite up to par with the Dish Network converter boxes, but it's pretty darn close. It provides users in advance of more than 24 hours while most others just go a few hours in advance. Buttons on the box are another nice feature that is becoming more common with newer version. It also has analog pass-through, an ever important feature that was missing with the previous versions from GE. Having this feature is the only way to not lose low power stations that aren't  yet required to make the transition. Finally it comes with the standard English, French, and Spanish closed captioning that we have seen with every single other box.

It unfortunately does not come with a universal remote control or smart antenna port.

Features & Specs

Government Certified Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB)
Full Spectrum 18 ATSC Format Compatible
Analog Pass-Through
75 ohm RF Video and Audio Out
Automatic Sleep Timer
Current and Future Program Guide
Closed Captioning - Configurable To Your Liking
Parental Controls Via V-Chip Technology

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter box
Remote Control
2 AAA Remote Control Batteries
Users Manual


  1. Do not buy this! I have this converter box and the batteries in the remote leaked acid all over inside thus ruining the remote. I didn't even use the cheap ones that came with it. Put brand new energizers in and the remote must have shorted itself out not even a week after purchasing.

  2. Ive had the same problem as the user above.


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