Access HD DTA1020U Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

As is the case with most converter box models the  Access HD DTA1020U has been discontinued and is now sold out at all retailers. If you want to try you can probably snag a used one on eBay but you'd probably be better off buying a brand new box and one that has a few more features than this one.

This is another box from Access HD that just baffles use. We are still trying to figure out why they have come out with 6-8 different models when some of them are virtually thee exact same thing.

Product Details: The quality of the picture you get with this is pretty good. Its crisp and clear and provides a more than satisfactory viewing experience. The sound is pretty crisp and sharp and well. With this you get a DVD type viewing experience while watch over-the-air television. Not a bad trade off for having to switch to digital by purchasing a converter box. Especially when you can get this one for $10-$20 after using the government issued coupon.

One good thing you get with this TV converter box is a universal remote control that can be programmed with remote codes to work both your box and television. On box buttons are another great feature which comes in handy when the remote gets misplaced. It's programming information is setup with a really nice guide that lets viewership see fairly detailed info for both future shows and the one that is currently airing. Closed captioning and be tailored to your like via the settings and you can also choose between English, Spanish, or French.

It does not come with Analog pass-through or the ability to work with a smart antenna.

Features & Specs

Parental Controls- V-Chip
Adjustable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
English, French, and Spanish Triple Language Support
Works with All 18 ATSC Formats
Composite Video Out
Stereo Audio Out
75 ohm RF Video/Audio Out (Coaxial Cable)
Sleep Timer

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries
User Manual

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