COShip N9988T Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

As with most converter boxes some reception problems have been reported with this converter box. These problem can be cured by getting a quality digital TV antenna. Digital television isn't any different than analog TV in that an antenna is something that you should expect to use in order to get all channels. This different however is that the antenna is even more vital because with digital TV there is no 'inbetween' of a static filled an grainy picture. You either get it perfectly or you don't get it at all.

This converter box is sold out nearly everywhere and has been updated to the new COShip N9901T. The newer version comes with a lot better features and you wouldn't want this one anyway so no concerns here.

Product Details: When looking at this box we were once again some what biased to the fact that it was a smaller brand that we hadn't really heard much about and had very little experience with. And once again the trend continued that are bias was unfounded and another smaller company came through with a pretty good box. Its picture quality is very good and just a little bit below the top digital TV converter boxes. When looking at its picture quality we have put it in the "2nd tier" with other TV converter boxes that are a slight step below the best. It's still a big improvement over analog TV, it's just that there is better out there. There are minor flaws in the picture when watching TV in HD. The audio quality that it transmits is quite excellent. It rates out with the best in this regard and is one thing that it really has going for itself. As of today it sells for around $50 which means you can get it for $10 when using your government issues coupon gift card. This box is sold out at most retailers. If you are privy to it check out eBay and you might be able to find one.

It comes with an acceptable, if not pretty decent TV program guide. Its guide provides its viewers with the length of time the current show will be one, a lengthy description, and show title. It also provides the same info for the next show that is set to air. One unique feature that this converter box has is the rare auto aspect ratio. It has been rare to find one that come with function. The auto aspect ratio will set itself based on each channel you watch so that you don't have to manually set it. It also comes with the standard manual tuning function for channels or the option to hit the 'scan for all' button and have it done automatically for your. Finally, it comes with a basic closed captioning display. This converter box does not come analog pass-through.

This converter box is fairly good overall. It comes with a very good range of different likable features but is missing the most important one, analog pass-through. Although this box will get the job done we don't recommend it because of its missing pass-through feature.

Coship N9988T

Features & Specs -

V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide
English, French, and Spanish Language Support

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Remote Control
Coaxial Cable RF
Attached Power Cord

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